Hey! I am Juliet - Spiritual life coach, Reiki master and student of plant medicine. I help men and women around the world awaken to their power and purpose on earth, and work with their energy and thoughts to create their hearts' desires. 

I know I have seven seconds to catch your attention, so here is the recipe of what I offer served straight up. Shaken, not stirred.

Everything you can imagine can be created.








But contrary to the popular belief, it is not done by force feeding yourself "love and light" and "power of positive thinking." All those beautiful concepts have their purposes, and you will naturally get there, but they don't always work until you have done "the work."

My coaching involves using proven tools and processes to assist you in peeling off layered conditioned limitations ("the work") to activate your ultimate birthright as a conscious being who can Be, Do and Create any dream than promising quick fixes. For this reason, I only work with clients who truly desire to reclaim their power, honor their worth, and show up in life. 

While your Facebook feed may be bombarded with the one more tip you are missing on attracting 7-figures, a soulmate, and working six hours a week from your Paris hotel room, I am here to help you bridge the gap without making you feel "they" know something you don't. Your higher mind knows everything. It is just a matter of aligning your human mind with this and from the infinite space, you can choose to call forth a fulfilling career, love, abundance, freedom, and whatever you desire.

If you are looking for overnight magic spells to help you escape from, instead of go inward to shift an unsatisfactory circumstance, I am not the right coach for you.

If you are ready and committed to embrace a soul transformation, bridge where you are and where you want to be, and expand your consciousness to awaken and unleash the inner creator within a powerful and sacred space, WORK WITH ME.

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How I can help

Remote - Mastering Self & Transformation Coaching Program

Ideal for those who are fairly new in their awakening journeys, and are looking to navigate the unfamiliar territory of waking up to their true power, reclaim their worth in life, clarify their vision, and move forward from "stuck" areas in life. 

Remote - Mastering Life & Manifestation Coaching Program

Perfect for those who have been on the awakening journey for a while, and are looking to further expand their consciousness while bridging earth and heaven, exercising free will in all areas in life, and embodying the conscious creator within. 

In-person - Integrative Healing and Vision Mapping Program

This 3-week intensive in Midtown, NYC is a combination of coaching, trance work and energy healing. It is ideal for those who want a lot of work done within a short period of time, and are looking for alignment and expansion on all levels. 

In-person - 1:1 Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Certification Training - All Levels

Perfect for those who are looking to become a certified Reiki I, II practitioner or Master, and mind-body medicine healing techniques derived from NLP, cognitive psychology and quantum life coaching that go beyond Reiki. All levels are offered. 

Read from those who have made the bold choice to step into their transformation...

It’s been truly life changing for me. I worked through a huge block with my father. It will take time to heal but it was a big release. I am more aware of myself in terms of what I need to do to nurture myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a result of our coaching, I am working on shifting out of my career and really changing my powerful inner negative beliefs.
I have been able to heal my beliefs on unconscious and conscious levels. The techniques Juliet shares can be applied to many area in your life, and you see results immediately! I feel very inspired to start my own practice and leave my fear and shadows aside, which was a trust issue that I had in the past.
I used to be not motivated enough to do things on my own but after working with Juliet, I feel inspired and empowered to continue the self work on my own. I can choose to stay in the now and love myself as I do the work of soul rememberance. Go see Juliet, you will be in good hands and truly blessed.
My dad had chronic illness and really started to respond to Reiki treatment after a few sessions, not only in his health but mostly in his attitude in life. Juliet is truly intuitive, knowing exactly what he needed next, and that she is extremely genuine and passionate in her desire to help you.
Choosing to do the training definitely opened up a path to allow source energy to flow through and increase the connection. I had many insights during and definitely days after and appreciated all the extra helpful insights on addressing blockages.

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