Let's get to business. You are here because you have a dream. I am here because I can help you turn that uncertain dream into a blissful reality even when you feel the odds are not in your favor. 

My secrets? A step-by-step powerful plan of action leading to breakthrough results with innovative coaching, a repertoire of tangible body-mind tools to reconnect with your heart and soul's wisdom, and a fail-proof 5-step manifestation formula that activates your inner Genie to do your bidding 24/7 all with a splash of practical spirituality.









I am Juliet Tang. I am a Consciousness Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Mentor who has helped men and women around the world transform their lives by leaving unfulfilling relationships and jobs, overcoming decades of limitations and negative self-talk, and rediscovering and pursuing their true passions in life. 

My mission is to make spirituality practical and work for you so you can dream bigger and live better. 

Find out why I should be your coach TODAY. Or learn more about me here.

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Ways to Work With Me

Mastering Self Coaching - Skype

Awaken to and step into the person you are born to be. 

Mastering Life coaching - SKype

Show up and claim the life you are meant to live.

Reiki training - midtown, NYC

Reiki I Class: 08/05. Reiki II Class: 08/06. Reiki Advanced & Master Levels: 07/21-23.

It’s such a great feeling to actually be guided by someone in real life as opposed to reading about this information in books. As a result of coaching with Juliet, I realize that the dark times are truly gifts, and my current reality is only a reflection of the past and not the ultimate reality. Cherishing and caring for the power of the present is what creates the future. I am committed to not wait until the future to start choosing other beliefs over my old ones or wait until I feel like “I’m ready” to start sharing with the world what I already know.
— Vicky Golding, Switzerland

Teachings of Ayahuasa

I went in with the intention of mastering the game of deliberate manifestation, and mother aya showed me much more than that!

How to Answer Your Calling - 3 Ways to Remember Why Your Soul Chose This Life

You have a calling that only you can fulfill. Have you found it yet? 

How to Embrace and Live Your Mission in This Dream Called Life

What if your life mission has nothing to do with what you think it is? 

How to find enlightenment

The search for enlightenment, 5 crucial lessons...and why none of it actually matters

What is enlightenment? Is it a goal, a state of being, or a way of living? Find out the 5 lessons that came out of my search. 

i woke up, now what? post awakening thrive guide - 9 steps to embrace the path of light

A guide book on awakening for those who are courageous enough to walk the path of shedding the old limiting self.

I woke up and the world around me is still asleep. What to do?

How we can navigate those tricky areas that are a part of our awakening journeys.


What It Is Costing You to Not Speak Your Truths in Life, and How to Do It

How to get that ball of stuck words out of your throat.

Money and Spirituality - 5 Common Abundance Blocks & How to Transform Them

Are your money blocks preventing you from claiming your abundance?

Awakening - 7 Steps to Ease the Labor Pain of Rebirth

How to navigate the growing pains of awakening to our true essence.