Hey! I am Juliet Tang, life coach, spiritual mentor, and lover of plant medicine, painting and coconuts. I assist driven and soulful men and women around the world awaken to their power and purpose on earth, own their unique brilliance and dreams, and activate more freedom, abundance, and joy in their lives. 

Deep down inside, you are a yogi, meditator, healer, plant medicine explorer or awakened entrepreneur looking to shift careers to answer your soul calling, transform personal relationships and call in love, manifest abundance and freedom to do anything your heart desires, expand your consciousness to experience more inner-peace and creativity, or be of service and make an impact in the world in ways that honor yourself, others, and the planet.

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What are you yearning to create in life? 








Whatever it is that you desire to create and receive, my role as a coach and mentor will walk you through the conscious creation process so you can align your energy and thoughts with designing a life that reflects your truth, power and highest potential. 

My unique coaching approach combines over a decade of teaching and counseling work, intuitive remote energy medicine, past life regression, mindfulness techniques, as well as proven tools and processes to help you dismantle the unconscious and limiting programming that is in the way, and provide powerful clarity, customized support, actionable steps and breakthrough results for you to blend dreams and reality. 

If you are ready and committed to initiate a profound soul transformation, say yes to your dreams, and embody your genius and your birthright to an empowering and liberating life that supports and inspires you on all levels, WORK WITH ME.

How I Can Help

The coaching process invites you to consciously choose to align yourself with your truth and power so you can create a life where miracles, abundance, well-being, joy and love are the new norm.

With my step-by-step 3-week e-book, you will become aware of your deep-seated limiting patterns, learn to rewire your unconscious programming, and tap into your infinite power of conscious creation.

Hear from those who have made the bold choice to step into their transformation...

I have been able to heal my beliefs on unconscious and conscious levels. The techniques Juliet shares can be applied to many area in your life, and you see results immediately! I feel very inspired to start my own practice and leave my fear and shadows aside, which was a trust issue that I had in the past.
I was curious if coaching over the phone would have as great of an impact as in-person sessions (it definitely does). Juliet is insightful and understanding, there is no judgement - she holds the space for me to explore, open, and offers steps for me to move forward.
I used to be not motivated enough to do things on my own but after working with Juliet, I feel inspired and empowered to continue the self work on my own. I can choose to stay in the now and love myself as I do the work of soul rememberance. Go see Juliet, you will be in good hands and truly blessed.
Choosing to do the training definitely opened up a path to allow source energy to flow through and increase the connection. I had many insights during and definitely days after and appreciated all the extra helpful insights on addressing blockages.
My dad had chronic illness and really started to respond to Reiki treatment after a few sessions, not only in his health but mostly in his attitude in life. Juliet is truly intuitive, knowing exactly what he needed next, and that she is extremely genuine and passionate in her desire to help you.

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