Even though the concept of energy healing is nothing new as the Ayurvedic practitioners and Shamans have been living the harmonious way of life for thousands of years, there seems to be a lot of misconception and seemingly mystified explanation. As ever-evolving beings, it is essential for us to approach everything with an open mind and curiosity. 

Energy healing is an ancient art that has existed for thousands of years across the globe, and has been practiced by various indigenous cultures. Perhaps one of the reasons why it is not a widely acknowledged concept is because Western medicine has been heavily influenced by the Newtonian worldview of seeing human beings as nothing more than biological machines. Our current world of allopathic medicine is derived from this approach and treats solely the chemical and structural of the body.  By accepting the physical body as the only form of existence and reality, Western medicine paints an incomplete picture of healing as it focuses on only one of the dimensions – the concrete, visible and known.

As successful as surgeries and drugs can be when it comes to treating multiple conditions, they have their limitations and drawbacks. First, the side effects and risks can sometimes impede the healing effects which then lead to new health concerns such as drug resistance. Second, there are a growing number of illnesses that do not respond to traditional treatment methods. And third, this model of healing completely overlooks the more gentle and cost-effective holistic options that can be integrated into modern day healthcare not only to complement traditional therapy, but perhaps one day may advance our understanding of human health and consciousness beyond the physical.  

As we are just starting to comprehend and acknowledge the non-material beyond the material, a new page in the field of healing is being opened that is an extension of our current medical knowledge of human health and well-being.

As explained in Einstein’s famous formula E = mc2  , all matter is energy. Matter and energy are essentially one and the same as they both originate from the same energetic substance that makes up the universe. They only differ in their expressions of density as determined by their vibration, or frequency. The slower the vibration, the more dense, or physical the matter. The faster the vibration, the lighter, and more subtle it becomes. Our universe is a dynamic system of dual expressions of matter and energy in which we are all interconnected as we interact with each other and with our surroundings. Any disturbance in one area can affect other areas within the same system. Likewise, every living organism mirrors the universe as we are beings of energy. 

The physical body is merely the densest layer that is visible to the human eye penetrated and surrounded by a complex network of interactive energy pathways and bodies that are ever-changing as a result of responding to internal and external stimuli. In order for complete healing to occur, it is then necessary to not only mend the physical mechanisms, but also to heal all aspects of the human energy field.

The notion of the human energy field and its healing methods has been embraced by many traditions though the word energy is termed differently depending on the culture. In Hindu philosophy, “Prana” is Sanskrit for life force energy. In Chinese, it is known as “Chi.” The Japanese call this all encompassing energy Ki. And some of us may be familiar with the term “orgone” introduced by Wilhelm Reich. Regardless of its name, the concept indicates a primal universal life energy that fuels all living organisms with vital force and well-being. In order for any living being to maintain optimal functioning, there needs to be balance and harmony in the energy field. When the equilibrium is disturbed, parts within the whole system suffer the health consequences until new balance is introduced. Energy healing is thus a way to restore balance to the energy system when something is out of alignment.

The subtle energetic anatomy is just as, if not more complex than the physical anatomy. The human energy field is composed of aura, chakras, meridians and nadis. All pathways and subtle bodies within the energy field surround and interpenetrate the physical body, governing its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In addition, they are all intricately connected and communicate information with each other while the physical body depends on the guidance of the energy bodies.

Since we are made of energy, we can both affect, and be affected by energy. Our cellular and hormonal functioning is coordinated by the subtle energy system, yet the energy system is equally affected by the internal factors such as our thought patterns and moods, as well as the external including our diet and life style choices. Based on whether it is a positive or negative influence, our energy field then directs cellular patterns of growth which manifest on the physical level as either health, or disease.

All layers of the energy field have different frequencies that coexist, and are extensions of the physical body and expressions of our characters. Our thoughts, words and beliefs, each carrying a different vibration, are held within these layers. Such energetic imprints determine our health and interactions with the world around us by attracting and creating patterns and experiences based on the different vibrations they carry.

When the energetic imprint carries a higher frequency charge, be it a joyous thought, or a loving feeling, that energy fuels our energy field and strengths our organs which increases the likelihood for us to produce more positivity and confidence in life. Likewise, whenever it is of lower frequency, its vibration can form weaknesses and blockages in our energy field, and eventually pathology around our organs. Initially, the buildup of stagnant energy leads to general uneasiness, or states of anxiety and depression. We end up making poor choices in life, our self-confidence suffers, our motivations diminish, and those elements further distort the balance in our energy field. If such energy is not released promptly and is allowed to stay in our energy field, it can cause malfunctioning of the organs which leads to illnesses with the manifestation of various symptoms in the physical body.

Note that the beliefs and feelings do not need to be conscious for them to have an effect in the energy field. Throughout our lifetimes (both current and past), we have been exposed to, and have internalized beliefs from others that we continue to carry as our own on the unconscious level. For as long as they remain unconscious, we are allowing them to program and formulate patterns in our energy field and dictating our overall health. By the time physical ailments occur and we are attacking the symptoms with conventional treatment methods, we are only treating the symptoms on a cellular level, rather than the root causes on the subtle-energy level. By only alleviating the symptoms, it is equivalent to repairing a house that needs work by painting a new layer of paint over the surface.

This is when energy healing comes into play. Energy healing works by altering the frequencies of the subtle light bodies in order for functional energetic patterns and equilibrium to be reestablished in both the subtle bodies and the physical body. All forms of vibrational healing such as Reiki, sound and crystal healing, flower essence, crystal healing, polarity therapy, bioenergy healing, etc, when administered correctly, work directly with the human energy field to release the negatively charged energy and restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

For true and long lasting healing effects to take place, it is important for us to not only make conscious and healthy decisions in life to take care of our mind and body, but also to approach our well-being from the standpoint of human beings as multidimensional organisms with complex energy bodies and integrating energy healing into our existing health system. 


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