The aura is a part of the human energy field. All living organisms are surrounded by an aura. The human body consists of the physical (the densest layer) in addition to different subtle light bodies in a hierarchy determined by frequency (from lowest to highest): the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Each has a different frequency, consciousness and color though the color varies depending on the person’s overall well-being and spiritual development.

When the system is harmonized, the colors are pure and vibrant. However, muddy spots can occur when imbalance is present. Each subtle body corresponds to the related chakras and functions similarly. The aura can expand, or contract as a direct result of the person’s recent experiences and current overall state. Joy, bliss and balanced health allow the aura to expand while grief, anger or illness make it contract. Energy healing practitioners often scan the layers of the aura for vitality before sessions.

All energetic imprints including emotions, thoughts, memories, and past life experiences are stored in these subtle bodies, and illnesses start in the aura before the symptoms show in the physical body. Specifically, any type of energetic imbalance that occurs in the highest layer (spiritual), if unresolved, trickles down to the lower layers (mental, astral, and etheric) and eventually manifests in the physical. For that reason, the most powerful healing effects produced are usually those that take place on the layers with higher frequencies.

Those with heightened clairvoyant ability can see the aura surrounding a person’s body. With a bit of practice, anyone can see the first layer that is closest to the physical body. Another simple and fun way to capture the aura is through aura photography. In addition, dowsing, or aura rods are also used to detect the energy field.

In reality, we all sense the aura though most of us may not be aware of it. Have you ever walked on a street feeling positive, and that positivity quickly fades or changes into something less than desirable as someone walks by you? How about entering a crowded room for a few minutes and leaving exhausted and anxious for no reason? We call it “vibes.” When we pick up someone’s vibes, whether positive or negative, we are sensing their aura. Please note that negative vibes does not necessarily mean the person has evil intentions. He/she can merely be having a bad day.

The Etheric Body:

The etheric body is the closest layer to the physical body, and contains the energetic blueprint for the construction of the physical body. Its color is light blue to gray, and its corresponding chakras are the root and the sacral chakras. It extends about an inch from the body. The etheric body is directly responsible for proper functioning in the physical body as it directs cellular growth information and guidance to the physical body through the meridians. Studies have shown that weeks, months or even years before illnesses manifest in the physical body, there is already energetic disruption in the etheric body.

The Astral/Emotional Body:

The astral body is the next layer, and it is in charge of our emotional expression. It extends about a foot or two from the body, and its frequency is higher than the frequency of the etheric body. When we are in loving company, our astral bodies can stretch beyond two feet. Its colors are like those of the rainbow, and its corresponding chakras are the solar plexus and heart chakras. Energetic imbalances in the astral body directly influence our emotional states, and our feelings, moods, and desires can also affect the balance of the astral body.

The Mental Body:

The mental body’s frequency is even higher than the astral, and it is responsible for the intellect. Its color is yellow, and its corresponding chakras are the throat, and third eye chakras. It extends about three feet from the body. A properly functioning mental body enables clear thinking and communication. Our belief systems, thoughts, ideas, and intentions, they can all affect this layer of the aura.

The Spiritual/Casual Body:

The spiritual, or casual body vibrates at the highest frequency, and it connects us to the divine source. Its color is often bright white or violet, and its corresponding chakra are the crown and third eye chakras. It extends about five feet from the body though it can certainly extend much further in people with a spiritual practice. Stored in this layer is every purpose, cause, experience and memory the soul has encountered in all incarnations. The casual body is eternal rather than transient; it is the being rather than the doing. Healing on this level produces the most profound results.