Crystal Cleanse Meditation

A simple technique to cleanse the chakras is by employing visualization techniques using colors and/or crystals. There are many meditations that can be found online. Alternatively, you can also remember, or record the following steps and create your own cleansing experience. There is no right or wrong method, only the method that works best for you.

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. It can be your sacred space where you keep candles, crystals, and other meditation tools. You can play some soothing music in the background. Depending on your spiritual background, you can invite your guides and angels to join you, though you do not have to.

Start by breathing deeply and slowly into your abdomen. When you exhale, keep your lips closed so the air only comes out of your nostrils. Do the deep breathing a few times to slow everything down, then resume normal breathing. If you have thoughts about the past, or future, gently acknowledge, and watch them fade. This is your time, and you are in the present moment. The present is all we have.

Imagine a beautiful light coming from the core of the earth and entering your root chakra (located at the perineum). You can choose the color of the light and visualize it traveling from the crystals deep inside the earth into your body. Once it is in the root chakra, it becomes a deep red like the color of a pomegranate. You can smell its sweet scent, and see it bathing your lower body in glowing red. You feel secure, and grounded. If there are any dark spots in the area surrounding the base of your spine, know that the red light is so powerful that it can dissolve anything until only the red remains. You can repeat the mantra “I am.” Enjoy the red light for as long as you need to.

When you are ready, that light now travels upward to your sacral chakra which is just below the navel. Now the light becomes bright orange like the glistening sunset. You can smell the scent of an orange, and allow both the color and scent to expand in your lower abdomen. You are a being of joy and creativity. If there are feelings that are no longer serving your highest good, watch the orange light gently dissolve them. You can repeat the mantra “I create.”

The light continues to travel upward to your solar plexus in the center of your stomach. It is now pure yellow, and has the aroma of a lemon. You feel it radiating in your stomach as it is empowering you to be the person you truly are. You are confident, assertive, and positive. If you have perception or beliefs about yourself that no longer serve you, they will melt in the yellow light. The mantra is “I trust.”

Now the light is going into your heart chakra which is the center of your chest. You are visualizing a lush forest full of green trees, and you can smell the refreshing eucalyptus scent in the air. You are full of unconditional love and compassion both for yourself and others. Your heart is open , it is dancing in joy, and you feel connected to yourself and others. The mantra is “I love.”

The light then goes to your throat chakra. The light changes to blue like the vast ocean, and brings you fresh ocean breeze with moist air. You feel inspired with ideas and cannot wait to express them to the world, for they speak of who you truly are. Allow the ocean to wash away anything that should not be there, thoughts and ideas that are stuck or no longer work for you, and know that you are safe to express yourself. The mantra is “I communicate.”

The light travels upward to your third eye located between your brows. You see violet light, and you are lying in the middle of a lavender field. Your nostrils are filled with the soothing lavender scent and it is opening up your third eye. You know you can always trust your intuition, and you can clearly see the vision of the life you want to create. You feel connected to the divine universal wisdom and know that you can allow it to guide you any time you need it. The mantra is “I envision.”

Finally, all of the colors combine and travel to the top of your head which is your crown chakra. It is now emitting brilliant white light like the birth of a star. It is blazing and expanding and connecting you to the whole universe. You feel awakened and connected to the source of all there is. It opens a channel in your crown that also allows the universal healing light to enter. You feel one with the stars, the moon and the cosmos. You know there is no separation, for you are the light, and the light is in you. Your mantra is “I connect.”

Your chakras are now cleansed, energized, and enlarged. You no longer see the separation of the chakras and colors, but rather, they have become one glowing light and they are radiating in every direction as powerful as the sun. You can bathe in that light for as long as you need to. Know that the light is always in you and around you; it is both a shield, and a source of nourishment and healing. Your soul is eternal, and you can never be harmed. You are light. You are love.