A Brief Overview of Crystals

Crystals have been appreciated and valued throughout human history. Many people have them in their homes as sparkling decorations without knowing the powerful healing properties these little beauties can provide. In the healing arts, crystals are an invaluable tool for working with the physical and subtle light bodies and they have been an integral part of homeopathic healing since the ancient times. Working with the inner structure of perfection and balance of each crystal, healers from ancient cultures were able to use them to focus light and sound energy to return the body back to a harmonized state. The use of crystal talisman dates back to the Stone Age. In ancient Egypt, amulets were popular as the Egyptians wore them for protection and ceremonies. Lapis Lazuli was highly cherished because the color blue was associated with Sky Goddess Isis, and the crystal symbolized creation and rebirth. It was even crushed and used as makeup under the eyes mostly by royalty.

There is a wealth of information on crystal formation on the internet and in book stores. In short, crystals are solids made of minerals formed in earth that channel, store, transmit and transmute energy. There are three types of rock formation. Igneous rocks are formed from cooling magma. Sedimentary rocks are layers of small rocks accumulated and consolidated together, and metamorphic rocks are rocks that have gone through change such as temperature or pressure. During the formation process, many factors such as specific earth location as well as radiation contribute to the unique “signature” that go into each crystal.

How Do Crystals Heal?

There are two scientifically proven effects of crystals that can aide the body in its healing process. The piezoelectric effect allows crystals to emit voltage when pressure is applied. The pyroelectric effect means when there is temperature change, crystals generate electrical charge.

The human energy field shares many similarities with crystals in which our subtle light bodies of different frequencies transmute higher energy and use it to support cellular functioning on the physical plane. Crystal healing is another energy healing modality that creates a resonating effect that allows energy transference between the crystals and the body. All crystals sing their unique healing songs of different frequencies. With the application of pressure, heat, sound, or intention (which is made of waves of energy), the songs are released through modes of oscillation and can be used for amplification, balancing, focusing, transmuting energy, relaxation, energizing, etc. By utilizing this nature’s gift, we can gently harmonize our physical and subtle bodies through vibration which is the essence of energy healing, or vibrational medicine.

Crystal Structure and Chakras

The structure of each crystal is determined by its lattice system, which is composed of groups of orderly and symmetrically arranged atoms that form precise and repeating patterns. We use lattice to classify crystals and their healing properties. There are seven lattice systems: triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal, hexagonal, cubic, and trigonal.

All seven crystal systems have specific frequencies that correspond to the energies of our seven major chakras. By working with specific crystals, we are allowing the frequencies from the crystals to alter and balance our own frequencies that may be out of range, thus achieving the subtle healing effects we need.


Some of the triclinic crystals are sunstone, labradorite, rhondonite, turquoise, and sunstone. These stones help to balance where there is imbalance. They work especially well for personality issues that arise from belief systems and attitudes. The frequency of these crystals corresponds to that of the crown chakra.


Monoclinic crystals include selenite, malachite, jade, moonstone, amazonite, etc. They are in a never ending process of expansion and contraction, thus work best with areas where we need growth and clarity. These stones can help with clearing away obstructions and granting us deeper insight. They are excellent stones to work with the third eye chakra.


Orthorhombic crystals include topaz, celestite, peridot, etc. Crystals in this system are all encompassing and help us to gain perspective on problems and clear believe patterns and thoughtforms. In addition, they are protective stones. They work well for the throat chakra.


Tetragonal crystals include apophylite, zircon, and wulfenite. They function by both giving positive energy, and receive/absorb/transmute negative vibrations. They work with the heart chakra which is the center of giving and receiving.


Hexagonal crystals include aquamarine, emerald, apatite, etc. They assist with energy balancing, boosting vitality, and information exchange. They also assist with the spiritual aspect of our existence by enhancing our meditation experience, psychic abilities, and intuition. Hexagonal crystals are associated with the solar plexus though they work well for all chakras.


Diamond, gold, copper, pyrite, fluorite, they are all part of the cubic crystal family. They are used to ground us to the earth plane, to deal with mundane problems, and to increase stability. Sacral chakra resonates with these crystals.


Bloodstone, sapphire, carnelian, amethyst, agate and so on are all part of the trigonal system. They are givers of energy and work best with areas in the body that are depleted of energy. On a subtle energy level, they are always in a spinning motion and are useful in balancing energy of the body and the brain. They correspond to the root chakra and prepare the body for spiritual work.


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