Once the crystals are cleansed, they are ready to assist you in your endeavors! Once again, your intention is the biggest factor that helps the crystal to manifest your energy, so be clear with what you ask for. I have heard many say they are not good with visualization or intuitive work, please know that it does not make any difference whether you can hold a clear mental image in your head, or can/cannot feel the energy of a crystal in your palm. The crystal will do the work just the same for as long as you can have a coherent thoughtform that clearly states your intention. As per Law of Attraction (energy, or atoms of similar nature attract to vibrate in unison), it is the energy behind the intention that drives it to be carried out to the universe in order for energy on the same vibrational plane to be returned to you. If you can feel the emotion behind the intention you are setting, you can work with crystals.

Program the Crystal

Make sure that you are in a positive and relaxed state when you are programming the crystal. Since it is your current emotion that is really doing the manifesting work , and the crystal acts as a magnifier of your frequency, if you are feeling angry, tense, or depressed, by merely stating a positive intention while holding the crystal will not bring the results you are looking for. If you are feeling uneasy, perhaps meditate until you are calmer, or wait until the feelings subside before you program the crystal.

Hold the cleansed crystal in your hand. Some people prefer to use their dominant hand, others like to hold the crystal between both palms as if in prayer in front of the heart center, do what feels right for you. If you are not intimidated by visualization, you can visualize a white light (or light of any color) surrounding the crystal. Alternatively, you can also hold the crystal in the sun or moon. If you wish, you may ask for guidance from your higher self or guides. State the intention either in your mind, or out loud in a clear fashion, and feel the crystal growing warmer from the energy from your hand/s. Some like to blow their breath onto the crystal while holding the intention.

When I program, I tend to stay away from words such as “want” or “need” because it creates a type of energy that will attract situations in which there is a lot of “wanting” and “needing.” In order words, these statements will bring me what I lack, rather than what I want to achieve. When I do manifestation work, I like to simply feel the emotion of already having the results I am looking for while programming the crystal (yes, it takes some faith). After feeling the emotions for a minute or two (and you can visualize all the details or none), I will make a statement such as “I program this crystal to (state the purpose)” or “I am (state the purpose). For instance, if I want to get over a cold, I will hold a carnelian in my hands in front of my heart and rejoice in the emotions of feeling healthy and vibrant. My statement can be as simple as “I am energized and healthy. Every part of my body is harmonizing and optimizing.” I like to program my crystals several times a week to make sure the message really gets out there.

Once the crystal is programmed, you can either carry it or leave it somewhere that is visible to you. Make sure you are not sharing the crystal with others as it can easily absorb energy that is not yours. Also, each crystal should only be programmed with one intention rather than several.