Imagine standing in front of a mirror. While there is a part of us that is visible, there is so much that we cannot see yet we know is there. Our energy anatomy is just as complex as our physical anatomy and is the main contributor to our health. We embody both the visible (the physical body), and the invisible (the subtle energy system which includes the aura and the chakras) of different frequencies. The physical is just the densest layer of our existence with the lowest frequency.

All matter in this universe is energy though it may be termed differently. Energy manifests in everything from the glowing sunlight to the glistening water. Our dreams, aspirations, thoughts, intentions, ideas, and emotions are all individual manifestations of the energy inside ourselves; and can both affect, and be affected by energy. Whether we experience health, joy and lightness or disease, anger and despair in life depends on the state of balance within our energy fields.

We are each born with a fresh energetic blueprint like a new car out of the factory ready to take on this journey called life. Along the way, we hit potholes, run over glass, get into accidents, and before we know it, the wear and tear is affecting our whole being. The energy imprints of these “accidents” are stored within our energy fields, and if they are not released promptly, they slowly start to affect our physical, mental and emotional health and can result in serious or chronic illnesses.

The good news is our bodies have their own intuitive and intelligent ways of communicating with us when something is out of alignment, and the communication will not stop until the causes, or energetic imprints of those symptoms are removed. We do not need to be in pain to know when something is off. If we are in a constant state of anxiety, if we lose sleep night after night and wake up dreading the day, those are clear signals that something in us is no longer working for us. This is our body’s way of saying “there is imbalance in the energy field and something needs to change before it gets worse!”

Ultimately, to heal means to change. All types of energy healing aim to restore balance by altering the frequencies within the human energy field that are “out of tune” so natural healing can occur. Reiki is an energy healing method that was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui during the 1920’s in Japan. Similar to sound, and crystal healing, Reiki is a band of energy frequencies that normalizes and optimizes the body’s functions.

In Japanese, the Kanji for Reiki has two ideograms. Rei means “the Higher Power” and Ki “life force energy.” Such universal energy guides all living organisms and keeps them alive and healthy. Illnesses occur when there is disturbance in the energy. During a Reiki session, the practitioner is merely a conduit in which the Reiki energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client. Because it is channeled directly from the higher source to the client, it is safe on all living beings including children and animals. Reiki’s intuitive nature has the ability to go to where the body needs it the most by dissolving and transmuting the negative programming of energy patterns.  On the surface, Reiki brings about calmness and relaxation to the person receiving it. Underneath, Reiki currents through the organs and tissues, clearing away the disrupted patterns, detoxing everything it touches, and restoring them to their original frequencies.

In modern society, many have the tendency to seek a “quick fix” by isolating illnesses to specific areas of the body and treating only those affected areas. As a result we are often “curing” the symptoms rather than the causes. In the world of energy medicine, we view the body as a whole rather than parts. A stomachache may be the result of many years of different organs operating at less than optimal health. Or, it may be the manifestation of disharmony created by stress and trauma related to certain life events.

The guiding principal of Ms. Hawayo Takata (the Reiki Master who helped introducing Reiki to the West) was to treat both the cause and the effect through the full body treatment. By giving Reiki to the whole body, it flows into our energy field, and opens up the restricted channels to allow the stagnant energy to move more freely and smoothly. One of Reiki’s most amazing ability is that it can flow to the stubborn mental, emotional and even spiritual clutter and release that toxic energy that is working against us. As a result, it harmonizes and strengthens the entire system while removes the causes of the symptoms as well as the discomfort in affected areas.

Once that energy is cleared, our thoughts and behavioral patterns will change to enable us to make better decisions in our lives, and those physical symptoms will resolve as a result of removing the causes. Consequently, awareness of ourselves and the world deepens, our hearts open to love and bliss, and our lives move toward joy and harmony.

Reiki works well in conjunction with other modalities and therapies. If our bodies have endured the damage for months, years, or even decades, they will need the time, patience and consistency to heal. As always, any healing modality used, be it conventional or holistic is only as powerful as the person’s intention and commitment to change as well as his/her chosen lifestyle and healing journey. No two healing journeys are alike.

Always listen to our bodies as they have ways of communicating to us when something, whether physical or emotional, is out of alignment with our soul’s purpose. By establishing a pathway within ourselves, we are essentially calling on our higher selves to initiate the sacred healing process.