Everyone experiences Reiki differently and no one needs to feel anything for Reiki to work. After one or several Reiki treatments, some may feel nothing, and some may feel deep relaxation. For others, a healing process can occur that includes experiencing mild physical discomfort to intense emotions. 

Why does a healing process occur?

A healing process is exactly like a detox process when we go through a cleanse and it happens on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most of us have experienced trauma of some sort in life. Even after years of having recovered from those experiences, toxins, or energy patterns of dis-ease can still stay in the body and cause parts of us to function in less than ideal condition. During the healing process, the toxins are flushed out of the system that may or may not cause noticeable symptoms.

When an energy pattern becomes “out of tune”, it eventually manifests physically, emotionally and mentally as dis-ease. Distorted energy patterns can be stored anywhere in the body and not necessarily at the exact location of discomfort or ailment. For instance, those who experience chronic anxiety and stress often have pain in the stomach region. Likewise, those who have been taught to fear communication of their own needs frequently have dis-ease in the throat area. Often times, when certain organs have been weakened, they cause other organs to take on the responsibility of compensating for them so the body can continue to function.

We are multidimensional beings. In addition to the “human” component which is physical and visible, the “being” component involves our energy body (aura and chakras) that may not be visible to all of us, yet plays an integral part in our functioning. Any one part has an impact on the whole. When healing occurs, our entire being goes through an adjustment period so the toxins can be released, hence we may experience temporary discomfort in different ways.  

What are some of the symptoms?

Symptoms vary from individual to individual as no one has had the same life experiences as another. Some may not feel anything. Know that everything takes time, and it is all a process. 

Physically, the symptoms reported include mild flu symptoms, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and aches. Mentally and emotionally, there can be periods of agitation, annoyance, anger, depression, confusion, or anything we usually deem negative. Sometimes our problems may even appear worse before they stabilize, other times we will find sudden loss of interest in things, relationship fall outs, change of sleep patterns, a need to change diet/exercise routines, etc. These feelings may or may not seem related to why we sought healing to begin with, though they are, on a deeper level, always connected.

For example, if we have always struggled with problems at work, we may begin changing relationships with our families and friends without consciously intending so. Eventually we may come to the realization that underneath the issues at work, there are deeper issues that involve boundaries, fearing judgment from others, and low self-worth. Healing never occurs on one level, and there are always deeper causes that contribute to the physical manifestations of the misalignment in our lives.

How Do I Cope With It?

Resist Not

We are so used to battling against anything we are told is “bad.” So it is natural for us to wish to resist whatever occurs during the process (even if we feel nothing, we still resist by convincing ourselves we should feel something because “everyone else” does). Understanding the fact that we may have spent a large portion of our lives labeling and judging natural emotions and suppressing/repressing our issues is the first step of healing. The energy pattern of what we attempt to resist in life, whether it is the anger from the times when our parents did not meet our needs or pain from childhood bullying cannot be swept under the rug. It sooner or later comes out in ways that can be detrimental to our well-being.

As Reiki introduces high vibrational healing energy into the body, it is not uncommon for us to experience a worsening of symptoms before we start feeling better. We may notice changes in the we interact with others and feel uncertain why we are not seeing improvement right away. Know that healing is taking place on a deep level, and like all detoxes, the healing process takes time. Allowing what is to come up, observe it without judgement and stay present with it are some of the best ways to embrace the healing.

Compare Not

We often read reviews from those who have experienced miraculous healing or transformation in one day and wonder why we are still stuck in the same relationship or job weeks or months later. Or worse, we begin to think there is something wrong with us, that we are not special enough, or Reiki just doesn’t work for us.

The truth about any transformation is that rather than looking at it as a collection of revelations, experiences or “wow” moments, it is an internal shift that must occur within the individual that takes time and readiness. Transformation is neither an idea nor a moment. It is a state of being that is ever evolving towards greater consciousness.

I myself have experienced both ends of the spectrum. For the longest time it seemed as if I simply did not respond to the any healing session I had, and I went from healer to healer expecting a miracle. It took me years to understand that my healing completely depended on my readiness and ability to take ownership of my own journey to create the shift. 

I also had miraculous transformations that seemingly have taken place overnight, yet if I were to count all the years of prep work and self-healing that led me to that moment when the missing piece of puzzle fell into place, I would say that it was a gradual process where sometimes I accelerated, and sometimes I regressed. And every time when I thought I have completed healing and reached transformation, more healing and transformation takes place. I can only describe it as a journey that has no destination as the journey IS the destination.

I wish to emphasize on the fact that we do not need to experience any healing symptoms for the healing to work. Often times, it bypasses our consciousness and goes straight to the places that need healing. This is the time to once again honor ourselves and honor our journeys. No two journeys are alike, and by comparing ourselves to others, we are only depriving ourselves of our own magnificent healing power and uniqueness. Know that whatever is taking place is helping us press the reset button so we may choose to live healthier with more joy and consciousness.

Neglect Not

Self-love is the most powerful healing tool of all as it is the lack thereof that has caused all the issues to begin with! Our bodies are not our enemies, neither are they machines that can run tirelessly and flawlessly without proper rest, nutrients and a ton of love. Illnesses are their cries for help that we have not treated them with enough love and care which goes beyond a healthy lifestyle. Every time when we have self-deprecating thoughts or emotions, we are not practicing self-love.

Use this time to listen to them, acknowledge the emotions, and do whatever makes us feel good about ourselves. I find it helpful to journal whatever comes up even if it may not make much sense at the time. Not only it offers us a way to release and keep track of all that’s happening to us, but also when we look back months later, we often find we have made huge leaps even when we think we have made no improvements.

This is the time to let go of judgments, especially those we have for ourselves. With our permission, whatever guidance that has led us in search of healing will continue to guide us to forgive, surrender, trust, laugh and love so we can heal and evolve.