3 Reasons Why Reiki Won’t Work and How to Overcome Them

Reiki is one of the most amazing gifts I have received in my life. Yet for a while, it was as if it did nothing for me until I realized I was battling against the healing by trying to manipulate how and where it “should” work in my life.

For over a decade, my life reflected exactly how I felt internally: stagnant, conflicted and depressing. I blamed others for my unhappiness, and I tried every healing modality under the sun from psychotherapy to meditation classes believing the next person I went to would have the miraculous formula to fix my life. I thought to myself if I saw one more healer, I would perhaps receive a revelation or a miracle so I could land a job I would love or meet a partner who wouldn’t neglect my needs. I mapped out certain “problem areas” in my life, attacked them as if they were enemies approaching my front door ready to strike and diligently looked for external solutions to solve my problems. Needless to say, I was not very successful.

It was not until I decided to surrender and allow the light of Reiki to gently flow into my being that the healing process finally started.

Impatience and Looking for a Quick Fix

For the most part, when we seek alternative means of healing, it is either because we have suffered from certain imbalances that failed to respond to conventional medicine, or we are searching for a new way to approach and resolve issues we are facing. It is safe to say that whatever has been troubling us is something that has been going on for a while.

As magical as energy healing is, receiving Reiki isn’t equivalent to having a fairy godmother who can wave a magic wand and make all problems disappear in one session. No medicine or therapist on earth can do that, nor do we want them to as that will take away our own power to learn and evolve.

True healing takes time and commitment. It is similar to the process of getting our bodies to be fit and healthy. We may go to a personal trainer several times and have intense workouts where we learn proper training techniques. How fast we start feeling good about ourselves depends on factors such as our fitness level prior to the sessions, our diet, rest, stress level and workout schedule. The more we are committed to the process and the more effort we put in, the more likely we will start to feel satisfied with the results. It is an ongoing process in which we must maintain a certain lifestyle and continuous training to stay healthy. Along the way, we may once in a while have cheat days or move two steps back after one step forward; it is all part of the process.

Healing is a journey of transformation. When we set the firm intention to heal, we are broadcasting to the universe we are willing to shift whether it is our behavior or beliefs. All shift is INTERNAL though we are blessed with those who can assist us on this journey and an infinite number of tools that can make it easier or even fun. It is a process that cannot be rushed and there is no one definitive script that outlines exactly what it is like, for we are each unique in our experiences and evolution.

A simple intention can be “I allow myself to go through the transformation knowing I am perfect where I am yet I continue to evolve.”

Setting the Wrong Intentions

Reiki cannot make an ideal partner appear out of thin air, nor can Reiki get rid of the jerk boss, or make anyone as enlightened as the Dalai Lama overnight, or work as a diet pill to help someone lose a large amount of weight in two weeks. Buried in each experience whether it has brought us joy or grief are tremendous opportunities for us to reflect and grow. Reiki will not erase the “negative” from our lives until the lessons are experienced and learned.

Can Reiki help? Absolutely, but it is important for us to understand how Reiki works before we set our intentions and expectations.

Reiki always works for our highest good. Whenever we have an imbalance/issue in life, there are always underlying causes that contribute to the imbalance. While allopathic medicine helps us manage the symptoms, Reiki goes to the root causes which is why it usually takes time and its effects are subtle. Underneath the issue of relationships or weight loss, there may be significant lessons of self-love that we have not mastered. If we are fixated on attracting the ideal partner or losing the pounds before summer hits without wanting to address our own issues of fear, judgment and self-loathing, Reiki will not bring us what we are looking for because what we are asking is not for our highest good.

The good news is, as my teacher William Rand states, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner state.” We are all gifted with free will. When we decide to shine a light on what’s inside of ourselves, our external reality always shifts in response to our internal shift. How empowering is that! We shift not because we are broken and need to be fixed, but because we are powerful beings who have been programmed to think and respond to life in certain ways that don’t work for us anymore, and we are choosing to liberate ourselves from those stories we told about ourselves and the world around us so we can consciously create new stories and experiences we desire!

A simple intention can be “I am guided by the infinite love and wisdom in the universe knowing all will be revealed to me for my highest good.”

Not Ready to Face Ourselves

Reiki respects free will. For as long as we resist the idea of shining a light in certain rooms inside of ourselves because they are too painful or too shameful, Reiki will not force its will upon us.

We all have parts (our shadow selves) that we do not allow to see the light of day because at an early age, we have been conditioned to label them bad. Most of us learn to live with repressed emotions (emotion is energy-in-motion) so we can be accepted by people around us. Sometimes what we bury in our subconscious is so powerful that we project them onto the world at large so we can judge other people for the pain we try to deny in ourselves. Science has proven that repressed emotions are detrimental to our health and lead to chronic illnesses.

If we are not open to the idea to sit with our emotions that we deem destructive or negative, we are essentially resisting the opportunity to start the healing process. Reiki has the amazing ability to allow emotions to surface so they can be processed and integrated, but if we try to continue to control them and judge them, Reiki will always respect our choice and will not go on to “fix” areas in our lives because those areas are nothing more than manifestations of the repressed energies we have held onto deep down inside.

A simple intention can be “I can look within myself and into my past knowing I am safe, and I integrate and love every part of my being.”

Reiki has its own intelligence and always works for our highest good. It only goes to work with our conscious permission and intention to transform. When we allow ourselves to see, feel and know whatever there is for us to see, feel and know without resisting, the loving energy of Reiki can transmute and release distorted energy patterns and help our bodies get rid of toxins and years of programming on all levels so we can approach life from a place of more lightness and balance.