Many of us have heard of the term Reiki, an energy healing modality that has been gaining more popularity and is being offered in highly reputable medical facilities throughout the country. Reiki promotes healing on all levels by releasing blockages, reducing stress and pain and balancing subtle energy bodies. Reiki education is currently being offered in more than 800 hospitals as a means to accelerate healing and alleviate pain.

The lesser known fact about Reiki is that it not only works for physical ailments, but also is an effective healing tool in helping us build more satisfying relationships, replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones, identify and achieve personal goals and live a life with more awareness and abundance. In a nutshell, even if our annual physical results are immaculate, we can still benefit from Reiki greatly!

Sounds too good to be true? First, we need to understand how we both affect, and are being affected by the energy in and around us.

Our Vibration Determines Our Realities

Everything in the universe is made of energy.  As multidimensional beings comprised of a physical body (which is nothing more than a solid form shaped by tightly packed energy particles) and subtle energy bodies, whenever there is imbalance in our energy field, it results in dis-ease that can manifest as stress and illness, unhealthy habits, addictions, unhappy relationships and overall loss of purpose and motivation. It is nothing more than “out of tune” parts of us trying to function at less than optimal condition.

We’ve all had bad days when everything in and around us feels bleak. Energetically speaking, on those days, we are on a lower vibrational level which has the tendency to make us engage in thoughts, words and deeds on the same low vibration. This is the reason why a bad morning often doesn’t end there and has the potential to become a downward spiral that ruins an entire day. It is harmless when this occurs occasionally, however, if we continue to stay in that dense vibration for weeks, months and years, the distorted energy patterns will begin to settle into our energy field and can lead to more dysfunctional and stubborn energy patterns that wreck havoc on different levels in our lives.

We live in a universe where like energy attracts like. Health, joy, love and inner peace all vibrate at a much higher frequency than illness, grief, anger and suffering. The vibration of our inner experience thus dictates the creation of our individual realities by attracting relationships, opportunities and situations that match our own vibration into our lives. When our vibration is chronically low, it causes a ripple effect in both our own fields and the universe at large and continues to manifest the same unfavorable outcomes in our lives again and again. This is why sometimes we feel we keep attracting the same types of relationships and people.

Reiki Heals and Restores

Reiki is universal life force energy that surrounds and flows in all living organisms. It is a type of energy healing that restores balance by altering the frequencies within our system that are out of tune so natural healing can occur. It has the ability to open blocked channels, release distorted energy patterns and transmute lower vibration into higher frequency. It flows to those areas where there is disturbance in the energy, cleanses and reprograms the low vibration so our original high vibration is restored.

The reason why Reiki can sound like a “one size fits all” type of healing is because it has its own intelligence and delivers us a unique healing experience that is exactly what we need. For someone who is suffering from pain, it works by detoxing and balancing the part in that person’s energy field where pain originates. If one is physically healthy but wishes to heal the part that attracts dysfunctional relationships, Reiki works by gently allowing the emotions and patterns to surface so the person can process them while creating space for clarity and creative solutions.

To sum up, can Reiki make our prince or princess charming appear out of thin air, or grant us that promotion we’ve been eyeing? Not likely as Reiki is not the fairy godmother. However, what Reiki can do is to deliver us the exact healing we need on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to balance those distorted energy patterns within us and restore our vibration. As a result, we move to a place where we become more empowered to make decisions that are aligned with who we are so we may call forth desirable people and circumstances into our lives.