Month: May 2016

Can Reiki Help Me If I Am Not Sick?

The lesser known fact about Reiki is that it not only works for physical ailments, but also is an effective healing tool in helping us build more satisfying relationships, replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones, identify and achieve personal goals and live a life with more awareness. 

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How to Use Crystals to Meditate

Whether you are new to meditation, or already have an established meditation practice, crystals can help to deepen your connection with yourself and the universe. Crystal meditation can be as simple as holding a crystal in the hand, or creating geometric layout of crystals around the person to magnify the energy.

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3 Steps to Embrace the Healing Process

Everyone experiences Reiki differently and no one needs to feel anything for Reiki to work. After one or several Reiki treatments, some may feel nothing, and some may feel deep relaxation. For others, a healing process can occur that includes experiencing mild physical discomfort to intense release of emotions.

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