This program is for you if you can imagine yourself…

✔  Loving waking up in the morning to a life that excites, fulfills and supports you emotionally, financially and spiritually.

✔  Feeling infinitely worthy, inspired and empowered to Be, Do and Create what your soul dreams of while experiencing more energy, clarity and focus for activities you love.

✔  Transforming your relationships with self, others and the universe; attracting more love and people on the same wavelength into your life.

✔  Being at ease with using your thoughts and energy combined with concrete, actionable steps to create any desired outcome in personal growth, health, love or career.

✔  Understanding who you are, where you are in life, why you are here, and what you can do to move to the next stage of your evolution.

✔  Experiencing more inner peace, intuition, well-being, joy and abundance which are natural byproducts of doing this work.

Where You Are

You are looking to design your destiny rather than living the life “everybody else” is living. You are driven, motivated and have created results in some areas in life, but you crave for more fulfillment in other areas whether it is love and personal relationships, connections with self and Source, or fulfilling your higher purpose.

You have a vision for your future though you may not know how to get there, and would like a highly tailored 1:1 process where I will walk with you step by step to bridge dreams and reality.

You may be considering working with ayahuasca, or are looking to integrate the gifts she offers from your ceremonies.

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The moment we begin this co-creation journey, it becomes a highly individualized process unfolding under a shared vision. Results can be drastic or subtle, but magic and miracles are guaranteed to be your new norm.

We will focus any area/s in your life that you’d like to transform using the Conscious Creation Process. Some of the things (for a detailed explanation of each pillar, please refer here) we will be working on are:

Pillar 1. Claim and Activate Your Vision

  • Identify what truly matters to you and clarify your vision, desires, and goals
  • Unlock your purpose, potential, and genius
  • Activate, and claim all your desires that align with your highest good (both in the material and immaterial realms) with my unique activation process

Pillar 2. Create Your Unique Roadmap

  • Establish a plan of “real-world” action with breakthrough results, tangible steps and actionable tools and processes
  • Understand the layers behind people, events and experiences in your life, and integrate their lessons and messages
  • Acknowledge the signposts, synchronicity and resources that are unique for you to bridge dreams and reality

Pillar 3. Reprogram the Mind

  • Uncover unconscious patterns, disempowering beliefs and self-sabotaging habits
  • Install empowering and aligned habits
  • Transform the current mindset so you can think greater than your environment and current emotions

Pillar 4. Realign Your Frequency

  • Heal past wounds by integrating the shadow self with the conscious self
  • Release the frequency behind lifelong limitations, past lives and soul contracts using advanced past life regression and energy alignment techniques
  • Implement a simple self-care plan to raise frequency on all levels

Pillar 5. Surrender to Source for Co-creation

  • Understand what it means to surrender the ego for effortless creation, inner peace and presence
  • Learn to speak the “divine language” to always be in communion with Source for co-creation
  • Partner up with your most powerful partner in crime – Source Energy to support you in every endeavor

Pillar 6. Take Inspired Actions

  • Cultivate, or enhance your most dominant faculty/faculties of intuition (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance)
  • Train your mind to always receive, and act upon the cues and inspirations given by Source
  • Tap into your infinite creativity to make the actions more fun, effortless and playful for you

Pillar 7. Know How to Receive

  • Work through residual layers of self-worth (they always come up)
  • Balance the divine masculine and feminine energies for creation and receivership
  • Celebrate your success and use the momentum for the next part of your creation journey

I Am Interested

Why Hire Me?

You are a holistic 3-part being. In order for you to transform any aspect of your life and receive exactly what you desire rather than play phone tag with the universe, it is essential to work with all three parts of you at the same time.

My integrative and intuitive approach was born out of extensive training and experience in both the physical and intangible (without the woo woo) in addition to my decade-long teaching and counseling background. As a guide and sacred space holder, I can help you become aware of your blind spots, dissolve false ego layers, overcome your current mindset, release the core issues that lie deep in the unconscious mind that caused pain in the past, shift your frequency and harness the power of clear and consistent manifestation techniques so you can transform all those areas that are holding you back, and savor the life you are born to live.

Who benefits the most from this program?

  • You understand in order for you to receive what you desire in life, it is essential for you to go in, and work on yourself first.
  • You are committed to yourself and your growth, and can take responsibility for your decisions, actions, and results.
  • You can be transparent in a confidential and non-judgmental space.
  • You are open to different techniques, approaches, and modalities to make magic happen in your life, and are ready to invest in yourself and your journey knowing the tools you learn will last you a lifetime.

How does it work?

The program is 3-month long. If we decide to work together, you will receive a Welcome Packet and agreement that help you zero in on our goals and activate the process.

During our chemistry call, we will discuss whether to meet weekly or biweekly for 90 minutes per session. You will have the option to sign up for a free additional follow-up session (90 minutes) at the end of our coaching program.

9 check-in emails for support (excluding scheduling emails).

6 remote Reiki energy healing sessions and 3 customized meditations.

Additional energy-shifting exercises, simple mind hacks and manifestation steps derived from NLP, quantum healing and hypnosis will also be shared in between sessions as needed for extra support.

Investment: Your transformation for the 3-month program starts at $1897

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