Who Am I?

I was you – the drone who bought into the concept of the American Dream who was living anything but the dream.

Like many, I inherited a ton of trashy beliefs from "I suck" to "money is hard to come by" when I grew up, and my life reflected those beliefs VERY accurately for years and decades.

I couldn't be more stuck - I held onto a job I loathed for a decade, dated men who were abusive, and relied on heavy sleeping pills and occasional Xanax for 14 years (bad combo). I was the living dead.

I did try. My attempts ranged from having a spiritual practice to seeing a number of healers and ten years of therapy. None were life changing.

I hit rock bottom and made myself a home there.

I was not living, I was dying a purposeless, soul-less existence.

Without knowing what awaited me, I took a giant leap of faith, and decided...

I quit two jobs in three months without any backup plan, and told the whole world to screw off so I could cry in my apartment.

What I did not anticipate was a sudden awakening occurred as a result of that leap of faith. Floods of unconscious limiting beliefs I held onto since the beginning of time began surfacing at an alarming rate and drowning me in intense fears of the unknown. They wanted to be released but I did not know how.

Then I met my coach.

During my often agonizing and frightening awakening process, my coach was a heaven sent and my rock. She taught me to silence the “I am powerless” voice once and for all. She guided me through all the speed bumps of my transformation, and challenged me to transform the stories I told about myself and the world.

With her guidance, I flushed the remaining pills along with all my fears in the toilet, turned my overall health around, followed my calling and met new friends for life. The elusive thought of waking up every morning glowing with gratitude is now a reality. 

Having traveled through the dark valley of ego death to face the dawn of awakening, and finally emerging as the Conscious Creator, I want to be that coach for you as well.

Today? I am thriving! I use the same tools to help individuals from all walks of life from business executives to single moms to leave unfulfilling jobs and relationships, restore their self-image and confidence, attract amazing opportunities and people, create abundance for themselves, and manifest their life missions.

I learned that we all have a unique place in this universe because each of us has chosen a divine mission for this life. But in order to live the lives that are meant for us, we must first have the courage to challenge and send our shabby belief system about ourselves and life to the deep abyss where it belongs. 

My rock bottom was the springboard I needed to a life of inspiration, freedom and joy. It all began because I trusted enough to make a choice to jump and invest in my dreams.

What are you putting up with that is blocking you from the life you are meant to live? 

What choice will you make today? 

Remember, only you can fulfill what you came here to be, do and create. The universe is incomplete without you.

Now, if this sort of thing is of interest to you, you can find my credentials below.

Education and Training

Fun Facts About Me:

  • My spiritual journey began at an extremely young age - yes, I was that quiet oddball who sat in the corner reading about reincarnation when other kids were playing tag.
  • I wrote and illustrated my first story at age five about a narcissistic celebrity without knowing anything about the coming of the Kardashians.
  • I am an oil painter. You can see some of my work here.
  • I cannot get enough of fur babies, especially golden retrievers, nature, kombucha and fresh coconut water.
  • I love ayahuasca even though she is one tough teacher. I know one day humanity will return to nature cures and plant medicine will complement, if not replace Western medicine.
  • When I finally got unplugged from the Matrix, I realized why the Matrix Trilogy created such a craze. Aside from the cool effects, it must have, however briefly, reminded us of our true essence.