I woke up and the world around me is still asleep. what to do?

More and more of us are awakening to our true spiritual nature every day. In addition to some of the common and uncommon “awakening symptoms,” teary struggles and glorious “aha” moments we experience, our interactions with the world can get even trickier when we are surrounded by those who are still deep asleep.


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In order to wake up, we must trust enough to take the red pill. That leap of faith is a trade-off with the divine intelligence in the universe. To remember and claim the greatest gift we each have - the gift of our ability to consciously create, we must first give something in return, and that is our very doubt in that creative power. The journey of awakening is nothing but a process of giving back everything that is not us so we can travel with the lightness of who we really are.

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Awakening involves the realization that we have been living within perceived and programmed limitations as well as the decision to embody the higher, or the true self – the part of us that is infinite universal consciousness that has the ability to Be, Do and Have anything we can dream of. It is a process of re-identifying who we are as we are slowly tapping into our true essence, the part of us that is beyond the body and mind. 


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The mind loves to categorize, judge, speculate, worry, project, complain, compare and compete. The mind convinces us its voice is the absolute authority because it has the label “commander-in-chief” written across its forehead. The mind wants us to believe we are that voice and there is no separation between our thoughts and our essence.

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Most of us desire abundance in life (please note, abundance applies to everything and not just money), however, our programmed beliefs are often standing between us and what we desire. If you are not fully living the life of your dreams and receiving what you desire from the Universe, find out if you are currently holding onto these abundance blocks and how to transform them.


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Remember, life is never about anyone else but you. With every negative experience or person, there is always a gift (and it could be something that isn't revealed until years or decades later) buried underneath that presents you with an opportunity to create a grander version of yourself.

How to Live From the Divine Ordinary

The extraordinary manifests in these ordinary moments. As there is no separation between our true selves and source, every moment of everyday is a sign that we are living the extraordinary. It is our choice whether we want to accept every living moment as a miracle, or view it as part of the mundane.