We all want joy, fulfillment, love and abundance, but what are some of the biggest blockers that prevent us from experiencing all that goodness?

The first deadly habit is when you place more emphasis on an idealized future of “what could be,” and bypassing being in the Now because you view the Now as an imperfect part of the journey that must be rushed through. Most of us are guilty of this so please don’t beat yourself up if this sounds like you.

As a result of living with the illusion that the future holds your salvation, you are actually not showing up in the present which leads to more self-condemning thoughts, anxiety and dissatisfaction. In addition, you are also less motivated to invest your energy and resources into something you believe will lead to worthwhile results but will take time and effort to accomplish for the simple reason that your mind unconsciously wants a different Now than what it is showing up to be.

Have you ever felt you are living a lesser version of life because you believe your future will deliver greater promises?
What about those times when you paid for a gym membership or a promising course with a ton of enthusiasm only to find yourself going from excuse to excuse three weeks in as to why you don’t have time for it?

I know I once had an unlimited yoga membership at my local yoga studio for an entire year because I wanted better health and more mental clarity, but barely made it to class for more than twice a month.

Would it be sweet to have it all right at this moment without the hard work? Hell yeah! I am not saying it can’t happen, but for the most part, whatever we manifest be it weight loss or prosperity takes time, and there are some very good reasons for it.

Let’s pretend you’ve been pouring muddy water which symbolizes the energy of your limiting beliefs and fear-based actions into a bucket (your life) for the past five, ten, or twenty + years, and you finally came to the realization you now need to begin to drip clean water (energy of empowering beliefs and decisions) into the same bucket. Do you expect the water to purify itself immediately?

It’s the same with inviting any goodness into your life. If you continue to drip clean water into the bucket by committing to aligned decisions and actions, what will happen is eventually, whatever is left inside the bucket will be cleansed and transformed. However, the process of transmuting the muddy into the pure cannot be rushed or bypassed, for it is equally important, and it is all you have NOW.

The antidote to impatience is presence. It means to allow yourself to be in the journey rather than condemning the journey because no matter what your vision of your future is and how enticing it looks to you, it is no more or less valuable than the journey itself.

If you struggle with being in the Now, you are not alone. Having gone through that myself, I am sharing with you 7 simple and effortless strategies to stay present in 7 Ways to Access Inner Peace Now – What Life In New York Has Taught Me that you can use any time of the day to bring yourself back to this moment, and experience greater peace, gratitude and more manifestations in life.

Remember, your doorway that leads to any success in life can only be found in the moment of NOW.