You know you create your own reality.

Yes and no. As much as you can work on your mindset, if you do not take the time to unplug from the collective beliefs and stay very conscious, the potent energy behind universal beliefs of what most people accept as the ultimate truths will find ways to sneak into your consciousness and influence your decisions.

The energy of the collective is a very powerful thing, and this was one of the reasons why Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States.
This is also partly the reason for world hunger, the Federal Reserve, Big Pharma, as well as the other forces that are currently dictating many lives on this planet.

On the surface, we may seem completely separate and everything is a part of our external reality. In truth, everything in this universe is connected in a matrix of energy, and the energy of our every thought, emotion, idea, belief, aspiration and action is always contributing to the collective.

If enough people on this planet invest energy into the belief of “there is not enough to go around,” this is the reality we create.

If the majority of the world population chooses separation over unity, as a whole, this is what we experience externally.

If the entire world woke up tomorrow and practiced nothing but love, gratitude and compassion, every life on this planet would change.

Do you have the power to disentangle your individual consciousness from the collective unconscious disempowering beliefs such as lack, low self-worth, and struggle?


Your reality is made up by your perception, as well as your decision of any given experience; meaning if instead of reacting, you take the time to choose what this experience means to YOU as well as how you want to respond to it despite what others are doing, you are then exercising your conscious power of choosing and creating your own reality which can only be experienced by you.

Years ago, I was enrolled in a program that promised everything and delivered nothing. For over a year, I was agonizing over the poor communication, the subpar quality of the material delivered, as well as the lack of work ethics demonstrated by the head of the program.

One day, I had the sudden realization that the only reason why the drama continued was because I identified myself as a helpless victim since everyone else in the program felt the same way.

When I gave the situation a new meaning and purpose, and decided it served as a reminder that I had the power to choose to experience this from the standpoint of an empowered creator, everything in my life including the program shifted within two months and the end result was even better than what I could ever imagine.

Life does not happen to you. It happens because of you.

If you allow the darkness to hurt you, you will experience suffering and despair.

If you see the light of consciousness in the darkness and use it to cut through the chains that are binding you, you will experience liberation.

Think Nelson Mandela, Viktor Frankl, Stephen Hawkin, and countless others who not only gave their own meanings to the crushing circumstances they were facing, but also transmuted any darkness into light.

Repeat after me,
“Nothing in my life has meaning save for the meaning I give it. The moment I CHOOSE to give something MY own meaning, the collective loses its power over me.

To disentangle your energy from the collective disempowerment, you must awaken to your truths and own your authenticity.