This is probably the biggest joy/ abundance/love/well-being/anything good killer.

How you view yourself determines how life treats you, and low self-worth is a global epidemic that is deeply rooted in the collective disempowerment.

Every client I have worked with from single moms to CEOs have all bought into the global lie of “I am not worthy” one way or another to some degree. Some have manifested incredible wealth yet suffer from relationship insecurities while others cannot stand the idea of eating alone in a restaurant without feeling everyone in that restaurant is judging them.

It doesn’t matter what you are wanting in life – a dream house, a soulmate, more inner-peace, a healthy bank account, a tribe that supports you and a calling that fulfills you, if you unconsciously believe you do not deserve them or life will not deliver them to you because you are just not good enough, sadly your life will remain void of your desires.

My decades of crippling low self-worth resulted in frequent doctors’ visits, dysfunctional relationships, an unsatisfying career and a ton of “I wanted to say no but I had to say yes” situations in life. For the longest time, my happiness meter was at all time low until I mastered the naggy mean voices in my head one by one.

You may ask, “How can I feel worthy if I am not skinny, successful, married/dating or popular?”

My tip is, for as long as you allow anything external to determine your worth, you will never find your intrinsic worth and the awesomeness you are looking for will remain evasive for the simple reason that your true worth – the infinite value of who you are cannot be measured by any degree, job, relationship or number on your bank account. The only way you can see your own worth and magnificence is to shed the layers of how others may see you in their minds.

Ask yourself these questions:
“Who am I at the core, the certificates that hang on the wall, the name of my business, the role/s I play in life, or something much larger?”
“Do I truly believe I am only what the social worthiness program tells me to be?”
“Am I creating my own reality, or am I allowing the collective reality to create for me?”

It is time to give yourself permission to see yourself as Source Energy sees you – perfect, and always evolving.

Anything awesome in life you can imagine is already yours, and this is not just a cliche line I use lightly. Your desire is literally the Universe’s command, and it will go above and beyond to fulfill your wishes, but you must learn to get out of your own way first by peeling away the layers of internalized limitations and embracing the belief that you are worthy of receiving EVERY DREAM YOU HAVE.

You can start NOW.