Sodalite is a stone of various blue shades with mixed in white calcite. It can also contain shades of red, yellow and green. The stone can be found in brazil, Russia, North America, France, Greenland, India, Myanmar and Romania.

Sodalite is an excellent stone for both the third eye and throat chakras. It helps with tapping into our intuition and enhancing our communication. By placing it near computers and electronics, sodalite helps to clear electromagnetic pollution, making it a great stone for those who are affected by electromagnetic smog. In addition, it is a harmonious stone that strengthens trust and purpose for group work,

Physically, sodalite balances energy in the throat area. It also helps with metabolism, lymphatic system and immune system.

Emotionally, sodalite is a great stone for emotional balance. By assisting in releasing fear patterns of anxiety, stress, judgment, phobia and guilt, it helps us process our emotions and build self-esteem and trust.

Mentally, being a calming stone, it eases symptoms of insomnia. Being a third eye stone, it clears mental confusion to promote clarity in thinking, enhancement of intuition and development of new insights.

Spiritually, sodalite deepens our meditation experience by stimulating the third eye for us to access divine information from the source. It helps us generate creative solutions for our life circumstances.