Ayahuasca – The Shadow Goddess and Game Master of Love

Ayahuasca is a magnified and intensified version of life – she is here to show you who you are, and what you have been holding onto that is no longer serving you. She has no agenda other than accurately reflecting back to you everything that is seen, and unseen about you. You get to decide what you do with that; this is your evolution and free will.

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7 Reasons Why Psilocybin Mushroom and Plant Medicine Can Heal Humanity and Transform the World

We live in a world where natural plants given by mother earth are demonized and labeled dangerous and illegal because they cannot be patented while deadly chemicals produced in labs are treated as mainstream and safe in order to fill the pockets of a few.

It is past time for us to challenge these collective beliefs that imprison us, and plant medicine can show us the way.

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After Ayahuasca, 5 Life Changing Transformations

As the world is waking up, more are searching for holistic methods to heal trauma, release painful past and reconnect with their heart and soul’s wisdom, and ayahuasca is one of these modalities. Working with something such as plant medicine can shift who we are at the core and assist us in making bold and soul-aligned choices to achieve greater freedom and joy in life.

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I Woke Up, Now What? Post Awakening Thrive Guide – 9 Steps to Embrace the Path of Light

Awakening involves the realization that we have been living within perceived and programmed limitations as well as the decision to embody the higher, or the true self – the part of us that is infinite universal consciousness that has the ability to Be, Do and Have anything we can dream of. It is a process of re-identifying who we are as we are slowly tapping into our true essence, the part of us that is beyond the body and mind. 

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Reclaiming My Power From Big Pharma – A Journey of Healing Depression, PTSD, Ambien Addiction and Beyond

Our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and actions all carry powerful vibrations that can either boost our health or weaken it. As harmless as disempowering beliefs such as “I am doomed to fail in life” or “I’ll never be healthy” may seem, their energy patterns participate in the expression in life and creation of distortion in our energy fields which eventually lead to dis-ease that can range from anxiety and depression to chronic ailments. 

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Overcoming the “I’m Not Good Enough” Voice

Every moment is a moment of choice and creation, every moment is an opportunity for us to decide and declare to the world who we desire to be. If we happen to slip, it is perfectly ok. The next moment is always available upon us just like the next breath for us to choose again. If it takes choosing differently every minute of every hour for us to live a conscious life, so be it. 

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