Life Coaching Programs - Skype/Phone Only

Mastering self & transformation program

 Time to release the past and be the person you are born to be.

If you are fairly new to the journey of awakening to your true powerful self, this coaching program will help you shed decade-long limitations, find your place in the world, improve your well-being and relationships, heal past wounds, clarify your vision and establish tangible steps for you to move forward.

Mastering life & manifestation program

Time to step into your power and create the life you are meant to live.

If you have been on the path of awakening and self-empowerment for a while, and are looking to master manifesting more (love, joy, money, goals, etc), expand your consciousness, embody the perspective of your higher self, enhance your intuition, embrace all the gifts from life and carry out your life mission on this planet, this program is for you.