Hey There,

I am SO excited and honored that you chose me to be your life coach. It’s going to be an AMAZING journey with a lot of action. And this page will help you make sure you are ready to dive in when we start.

What to Expect

I invite you to view Coaching as a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short period of time. However, to refine and sustain the change takes time. The work I do with every client is the same work I do with myself on a moment-to-moment basis every single day.  I can assure you that the results are worth it a million times over!

Our Calls

For our sessions, please make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, being in a car driving during our calls is not a good idea. It is also important for you to have clear internet/phone connection and headsets of good quality so we can hear each other well. I will call you at the specified time, unless we make other arrangements.

There will be weekly or bi-weekly calls depending on your program. Calls are done through Skype.

For rescheduling or missed calls, and all the fun logistics, please refer to Client Agreement that will arrive in your inbox shortly.


In-between calls is when the change REALLY happens. Stay mindful and conscious, pay attention to your thoughts and allow yourself to focus more and more on what you truly desire.

Commitment + Trust

You signed up for this program for a reason. I ask that you please don’t waste it by letting old habits of procrastination, fear, or perfectionism creep in. Whatever fears and questions do come up, please write them down so you can present them during our next call and we will get through them together. After all, it is a co-creation process.

At any time when you have concerns, questions or doubts regarding the work we do, I ask you to be transparent with me so we can address whatever that may pop up right away. Remember, I am here to serve you and it is my mission to make every effort to assist you on your path.

At the end of our coaching relationship, some clients happily move on, some renew our coaching agreement and others stay on an optional month-to-month basis for maintenance.

Your Next Steps:

1. Please fill out the form below at your convenience to jump start our co-creation. It will help you really zero in on your goals and strengths, and identify what truly matters to you right now. Please answer as honestly as you can and no need to worry about anything being perfect.

2. Once we have our dates for the first month confirmed, you will receive the Coaching Agreement in your inbox.

Preparing for Co-creation

Full Name
If you had unlimited resources, what would you wake up Being, and Creating tomorrow?
What Would you Create?
Please include what you will be doing with yourself, with life, and what emotional states you will be in.
What Will You Be Doing?
What are your 3 best attributes/inner resources?
3 Best Attributes
What 3 questions do you want to ask yourself?
3 Questions
I am going to give you 3 super hero powers of any kind. What would they be and why? Dream big and go wild. Nothing is off limits.
3 Super Hero Powers
What wound is calling you to heal it?
Describe (as little or as much as you want to) your family, friends and support system.
3 Motivations
Name 3 approaches that motivate you. For some people, it is "once I know what steps I need to take, I need my space to figure it out." It is whatever works best for you.
Tell Me About Yourself
How do you identify yourself ("who am I")? How does that description resonate with you? What feelings does it bring you?
Who Am I?
How will you know how effective our coaching has been? What would you be doing differently? How would you be feeling differently?
Coaching Effectiveness
By the end of our coaching, you will have the option to receive an additional free coaching session (90-120 minutes in length) in exchange for a short video testimonial, would you be interested?
Free Coachng Session
Please provide me with some best days and times when we can schedule our calls for this month (next 30 days).
Best Time To Contact
Please give me some times and dates for the next 3 months for your remote Reiki energy healing sessions. Remember there are two per month.

It is best to schedule these sessions at times when you will be in bed sleeping. For example, some clients schedule for them for Sunday evenings on a biweekly basis at 12 pm their time. Please feel free to give me any dates and times that you feel are best for you, and do not worry about my time or time difference.

There is nothing for you to do other than being open to receiving. Some feel calming waves of energy, some feel nothing. There is no right or wrong. Please note once we confirm the dates in the next email, unless we reschedule, there will be no additional confirmation, and you will receive the energy healing at the specified times and dates. Please mark your calendar if needed.
Next 3 Months Times and Dates