FAQ and Contact

Some common questions and answers

1. Can you help me find my dream career, get super fit, plan my world travel and live my purpose in one session?

Sorry kiddo, I am not a fairy godmother. :) If I were, we'd all be living in Utopia where there is no world hunger, disease and a president who tweets insults all day. While one session can be greatly insightful, for the most, change takes time. 

My coaching is most suitable for those who are motivated to hold themselves accountable, and are eager to shift their existing perspectives and work on making necessary changes in their lives.

The results you create for yourself (matter) will match the amount of effort (energy) you put in on a consistent basis because you are a powerful alchemist. For those who are dedicated, committed, and SHOW UP for the sessions and for themselves, their lives are nothing short of miraculous. 

Within the sacred space and under a shared vision, I am your guide and companion for this journey so you can take back your power, transform old programming, remember your own magic, and create the life you desire. I bring in insights, tools and dedication with sparks of humor and at times deep revelations about who you are. 

2. Is what you do spiritual advising?

No. I am a life coach, hypnotist and energy therapist who helps you embody your true power by guiding and mentoring using a combo of techniques; predicting your future and telling you what to do with your life can actually disempower you which is the opposite of what I am looking to accomplish. There are often assignments in between sessions to help you reinforce the change. 

3. What is coaching? What is it like to be coached by you? How do I know if I am ready?

In a nutshell, every coaching session is a conversation between us where we co-create the life you have only been dreaming of. I see it as a powerful energy transfer. I will not only help you see the light of the tunnel, but also guide you through the tunnel so you can bathe in the light. 

Clients have described my coaching as "powerful," "life changing," "deep and honest," "refreshing," and "transcendental."

Many confuse readiness with decision, this is my take:

There is no such thing as "being ready" if you leave it to chance. The moment you DECIDE you are ready, you will show up ready because all of us know if we want something really badly, nothing can stop us and we will find the time, resources and opportunities to make it happen. If there is even one thing in your life that is not serving you, it is life's message to you that you are READY for change so you can expand. Whether you take the steps to initiate the change is your DECISION.

4. Do you work with specific guides?

Not in the traditional sense. I work with Source Energy directly, but I am often guided by plant medicine, ayahuasca in particular. 

5. How will I know if these tools will work for me?

As unique as you are and there is no one like you in this universe, you are a manifestation of the One Energy which means you respond to mind/body medicine and operate within the same set of universal spiritual laws. The techniques I use are derived from vibrational medicine, clinical hypnosis, NLP, cognitive psychology and time-tested spiritual practices though I never follow a one-size-fits-all formula.

If you put them to work and commit to yourself, they will work for you. It is something I see again and again EVERY DAY. 

6. What's the best way to reach you?

If you are looking to work with me, you can email me from the page of the program you are interested in and ask me any questions. 

If you want to say hi, like my Facebook page or drop me a line there. I'll send blessings back. 

If you have a comment on one of my articles, go to my Blog and you can comment on each article directly. I always read and respond to each comment. I also publish all my articles on my Facebook page. 

7. How do I hire you?

Go to Work With Me, and find the program that resonates best with what you are looking for. 

For coaching, I offer 90-minute, 30-day or 90-day options for each program (there are two). For in-person, I offer a 3-week intensive or private 1:1 Reiki/Energy healing training. 

For business/non-coaching related inquiries, please use the form below to contact me. Please note I do not answer coaching/healing-related questions here.