9 Simple Ways to Cleanse Crystals

Crystals are super fun to work with as they are not only aesthetic pleasing, but also offer a wide range of healing properties. When they are not being used in healing work, they can be utilized as creative display, or given as gifts that are appreciated by every age group. Personally, I view crystals as another expression of the divine creation that’s been gifted to us by mother nature as a reminder that the universal life energy is present within every manifestation.

In terms of crystal selection, they can be ordered from online sources, or found in crystal shops which is a preferred method since you can then select from what is in front of you. There is really no right or wrong way of selecting a crystal other than external factors such as your budget, the size and healing properties of the crystal you are looking for, etc. If you are looking to use the crystal for a specific purpose, you can either do a bit of homework beforehand to see which crystals are best for that purpose, or ask someone at the store to help you pick the stone. Otherwise, go with your intuition. Usually the stone you are most attracted to/connected with is the one that is meant for you. If you are attracted to all of them (which many of us can relate), hold a few of them in your hands and let your gut do the talking. Some people will feel a sensation right away, others will feel nothing. Once again, there is no right or wrong. Either way, your intuition, or feeling will tell you exactly which ones should go home with you.

It is necessary to cleanse all crystals prior to programming them, and maintain a regular cleansing schedule because crystals are energy sponges; they absorb whatever energy is around them. If crystals are used for healing, it is especially important to cleanse them after each session. Cleansing does not have to be a complicated process. Always remember that intention is the most important thing while doing energy work. You want your energy to connect with the crystal you are working with. With whichever cleansing method I decide to use, I always visualize a white light surrounding the crystal and drawing out any impurity until it is “sparkly clean.” Some of the popular cleansing methods are:

·       Water

Most crystals can be cleansed under running water, or immersed in sea, rain or salt water. Some crystals such as selenite, sylvite, kyanite, halite, angelite, azurite, talc, and calcite should not be placed in water as they are water soluble. You can either hold the crystal under running water or leave it in a bowl of water for a few minutes to cleanse it.

·       Salt

Many crystals can be immersed in a bowl of salt for cleansing. Leave the crystals buried in the salt overnight, then discard the salt. I don’t usually use this method as salt can be quite harsh on a number of crystals, and there are more gentle ways to cleanse crystals.

·       Smudging

This is one of the safest ways to cleanse crystals and it was part of the Native American tradition. Any herb incense will do; sage, cedar and sandalwood are usually popular choices and some like to use an abalone shell to collect the ashes. Light the incense, open a window, hold the crystal in the smoke, and visualize the negative energy leaving the crystal and out of the window returning to the source transmuted and blessed.

·       Using Other Crystals

There are several crystals that are known to be “super cleansers,” meaning they can cleanse other crystals. Citrine is one of them. Selenite is another. Being a stone with high vibration, some argue that citrine never needs to be cleansed. However, I still prefer cleansing my citrines after use, especially if it has performed heavy duty healing. Carnelian and clear quartz clusters can also act as cleansing stones given they are regularly cleansed. A simple way to cleanse using another crystal is to place the crystal that needs to be cleansed either on top of, or in a box with the “cleanser.”Clusters of citrine and clear quartz work especially well for this purpose.

·       Sound

Bells, drums, piano, chants, tuning forks, sound is a fun way to cleanse the crystals. You can place the crystal near the sound source and mentally direct the sound frequency to the crystal for a nice sound bath. Some like to chant “om” while doing so. I love using my tuning forks, especially my crystal fork with crystal cleansing.

·       Reiki, Or Any Light

Being a Reiki practitioner, I sometimes simply hold the crystal in my dominant hand and treat it with Reiki for a few minutes. Since Reiki itself is an intelligent universal energy, there is not much that needs to be done but I like to visualize the crystal in an orb of glowing white light until it is radiating pure energy. You do not need Reiki training to use the light method. Choose a light of any color (gold, white, purple) that feels right to you, imagine the crystal bathing in that light and if there are any spots inside the crystal, watch the spots disappear in your mind’s eye. If you have difficulty visualizing, this method works just as well. Remember it is your intention that matters.

·       Breath

This is another simple one. Hold the crystal in your hand in front of your mouth, breathe in deeply, hold your intention of cleansing the crystal, and blow the breath out onto the stone. You can repeat it a few times.

·       Earth

Bury the crystal in earth allows the crystal to return to its source to “recuperate.” Make sure to mark the spot where you buried the crystal so you’ll remember where to find it a few days later. It works best in a backyard (as long as animals won’t dig it up) but can be done in a flower pot.

·       Sun/Moonlight

If you have access to a yard, a patio, or even a window that can be reached by either sunlight or moonlight, this is an effortless way to cleanse the crystal. Place the crystals in sunlight or moonlight for a day, or a few days and it is done! Be cautious while placing certain crystals (amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, celestite, opal, fluorite, moonstone, aquamarine, rose quartz, turquoise) in sunlight as the color will fade. Moonlight is the safer method out of the two.

Now that you have cleansed your crystals, I will explain how to incorporate these amazing gems in your life in my article How to Program Crystals for Healing.