1. What are the results of this type of coaching?

Some common "side effects" are, but not limited to: freedom from lifelong negative and limiting patterns, improved relationships with self and others, increased confidence and inner-peace, attracting people and opportunities that vibe on a higher level, shifting unsatisfactory careers to fulfilling soul callings, more abundance in all areas in life, lasting joy and presence, deepened intuition and connection with divine, and stronger boundaries which means sharper focus, more mental clarity and energy.

More specific results can be found on each program page.


2. What is coaching? What is it like to be coached by you?

In a nutshell, every coaching session is a conversation between us where we co-create the life you have only been dreaming of. I see it as a powerful energy transfer where alchemy takes place. I will not only help you see the light of the tunnel, but also guide you through the tunnel and provide you with the tools so you can bathe in the light. Within the sacred space and shared vision, I can help you uncover and transform blind spots, emotional triggers, and unconscious limiting patterns. Together, we will identify what truly matters to you, and create tangible goals with concrete steps so you can walk this journey with confidence.

Clients have described my coaching as "powerful," "life changing," "practical," "deep and honest," "refreshing," and "transcendental."

As a coach and person, I am into laughters, humor, a "don't take myself or life too seriously" attitude, and a straightforward but non-judgmental approach because well, let's face it, you probably have judged yourself enough in your life and we are here to reprogram that.

You can learn more about me and my journey here.


3. What makes your coaching different?

The foci of my coaching are awakening and conscious creation, and I work directly with your energy to create space for internal shifts - energy is the building block of you, everything in your life, and the entire universe. As within, so without.

I do not believe in gurus who create large numbers of followers, only guides who help others remember their own infinite power. I am the guide.

Though tools such as intuitive reading, chakra clearing and/or past life regression are often incorporated in a constructive and empowering way, my focus in the coaching relationship is on YOU (where you are and where you want to be) and the practical results you are seeking from moving through blocks in life than spending a ton of time on vague spiritual theories, and/or concepts such as entities, UFOs, etc.


4. What type of people do you usually work with?

Those who are committed to take charge of their lives, dive deeper into their mind-body connection as well as reality creation using their consciousness, and are yearning to break free from the status quo of collective social programming to live as a fulfilled, empowered and liberated conscious being.

In short, those who are compelled to wake up from the Matrix, and create a fantastic life along the way!


5. What's the best way to reach you?

If you are looking to work with me, you can contact me from the page of the program you are interested in. I offer remote coaching and in-person coaching/healing programs from 90 minutes to 90 days, and some in between. 

If you want to get to know my style, like my Facebook page or Instagram, or read some of my articles. 

If you have a comment on one of my articles, go to my Blog and you can comment on each article directly. I always read and respond to each comment. I also publish all my articles on my Facebook page. 


6. I need help preparing for/integrating my ayahuasca experience. Can you help?


The majority clients I have worked with have done plant medicine. Please refer to the program of your interest, select the level of support you are looking for and I always tailor each session to meet the individual's needs depending on where he/she is in life.


7. How do I know if I am ready?

Many confuse readiness with decision, this is my take:

There is no such thing as "being ready" if you leave it to chance. A personal story is I once waited ten years to be ready to quit a job I couldn't stand. In the end, I took a leap of faith and quit with no backup plans, and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life though I don't usually coach people to do that.

The moment you DECIDE you are ready, you will show up ready because all of us know if we want something really badly, nothing can stop us and we will find the time, resources and opportunities to make it happen.

If there is even one thing in your life that is not serving you, it is life's message to you that you are READY for change so you can expand. Whether you take the steps to initiate the change is your DECISION.


8. Is what you do spiritual advising?  Do you work with specific guides? Are there religious elements?

No. I am a life coach, hypnotist and energy therapist who helps you embody your true power by guiding and mentoring; predicting your future and telling you what to do with your life can actually disempower you which is the opposite of what I am looking to accomplish. There are often assignments in between sessions to help you reinforce the change. 

I work with Source Energy directly and do not follow any religion. I am a firm believer that we are here to discover and own our truths in order to create lives that honor and fulfill who we are.


9. How will I know if these modalities will work for me?

As unique as you are and there is no one like you in this universe, you are a manifestation of the One Energy which means you respond to mind/body medicine and operate within the same set of universal spiritual laws. The techniques I use are derived from vibrational medicine, clinical hypnosis, NLP, cognitive psychology and time-tested spiritual practices though I never follow a one-size-fits-all formula.

If you put them to work and commit to yourself, they will work for you. It is something I see again and again EVERY DAY.