Hey Soul Traveler! I am Juliet - Spiritual life coach and mentor, Reiki Master and student of plant medicine. I coach men and women around the world to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, and work with their energy and thoughts to create their hearts' desires and receive more in life. 

I help you bridge who/where you are and who/where you want to be with powerful and practical techniques so you can begin embracing your dream TODAY rather than waiting aimlessly for life to deliver it to you. 

Everything you can imagine can be created.








The only reason why you feel stuck in life is because you have taken on disempowering beliefs from others as part of your conditioning.

In short, you have been living in an illusion of unconscious social programming based on someone else's truths.

My mission is to help you break free from ego and collective limitations so you can live a life aligned with your vision. 

With my 11+ years of experience working with the human mind as a social worker turned teacher, as well as my training in quantum life coaching combined with recovery and wellness coaching, hypnosis and energy medicine, my approach is personal, intuitive and at times catalystic. 

As a result of working with me, my clients have transformed their lives by leaving unfulfilling relationships and jobs, healing decades of fears and negative self-talk, and embodying their true power, voice and higher destiny.

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It’s been truly life changing for me. I worked through a huge block with my father. It will take time to heal but it was a big release. I am more aware of myself in terms of what I need to do to nurture myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a result of our coaching, I am working on shifting out of my career and really changing my powerful inner negative beliefs.
I used to be not motivated enough to do things on my own but after working with Juliet, I feel inspired and empowered to continue the self work on my own. I can choose to stay in the now and love myself as I do the work of soul rememberance. Go see Juliet, you will be in good hands and truly blessed.
Choosing to do the training definitely opened up a path to allow source energy to flow through and increase the connection. I had many insights during and definitely days after and appreciated all the extra helpful insights on addressing blockages.
Juliet is well versed on many healing and esoteric subjects. Her sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks.
I feel encouraged to continue the journey, doing what I know to do in the “now” and not worry so much about making mistakes or how things might turn out. I am processing/integrating my emotions rather than judging them or thinking “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”
Juliet is extremely kind and compassionate, a natural healer who has a passion for helping others. She goes above and beyond.

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