Life is not reaching towards some goal, life itself is the goal. It is not evolving towards some ultimate; this very moment, here and now, life is ultimate. – Osho

A while ago, I was meeting up with my friend Carla who was on her way to a 3-month program at the Osho Meditation Center in India. She shared with me one of the powerful visions from her recent ayahuasca ceremony that I feel compelled to share with the world.

In her ceremony, Carla saw a vision of all participants, herself included as innocent school children sitting in an auditorium with name tags on their chests in front of a curtain. There was so much excitement in the air as they were informed once the curtain rose, they would be revealed the purpose of life.

Some clapped, some smiled and some squealed in delight. All waited with patience and great anticipation.

The curtain rose.

And there was absolutely nothing behind it.

At that precise moment, Carla received the download of the grand cosmic joke.

Life is a beautiful and purposeless dream, and while we are waiting to understand the meaning of life, we may be missing out on what’s really in front of us – living and enjoying this dream.

She let out a string of loud laughter in the middle of her ceremony. Creation certainly has a wicked sense of humor!

Whenever I share the concept that we have no agenda in life other than being alive because life is just an experience dreamed up by Consciousness, it is met with either enthusiasm or mild confusion and offense.

After all, we human beings love running around in a rush because we feel we are achieving something grand or racing to the fine finish line in some way, and the idea that there is no purpose in such a perplexing and complicated existence is simply unacceptable to the mind which usually leads to the next question,

“If life is a dream, why wake up?

To Awaken or Not to Awaken?

To try to define awakening is like trying to define consciousness. It means different things to different people, and there is no linear “one path fits all” type of thing. To me, it is the experience of coming to one’s True Self that is beyond the body and mind, and the very process is embedded in the journey of life itself.

There is often a misconception that awakening makes you better, that all the misfitting pieces in your life will miraculously fall into place, and all fears, discontentment and “negative emotions and circumstances” will dissipate. That is not the case.

There is nothing special or superior about the awakening experience, it is just another experience in the quantum field of infinite experiences.
Do you look at a five year old and seven year old, and believe one phase is more worthy than another? Of course not, you understand each phase is unique and precious. Can you say that apple is better than orange? You may have your preferences, but each offers itself to be savored in its own way.

I know plenty of “unawakened” individuals who are enjoying their roles in this dream, and living fulfilling lives.

There is absolutely no pressure in life for you to be anything other than who you already are because you, by nature are the definition of perfection. You are already perfect just by being here.

However, if it is your CHOICE to wake up, I hope this article and the free download “Awakening Guide, a 3-week Journey to Awakening to the Truth of Your Existence, and Living as a Liberated Conscious Creator” can offer some assistance.

I personally have experienced greater degrees of freedom in life after my awakening. While it is impossible to accurately describe what happens after one wakes up, and the experience itself offers layers of richness that no words can capture, the following is usually the first, and most common thing experienced by those who have taken the red pill.

Waking Up = Being the Conscious Creator of Your Destiny

Spiritual awakening symptoms

No one has to wake up in order to be a creator in his or her life, but awakening certainly makes consciously choosing and creating in all areas in life much more effortless and consistent.

It is easy to understand why this is the immediate response shared by many who have taken the path because living in the shadows of a traumatic past, suffering due to failed conventional medical treatments, being trapped in unsatisfying relationships and unfulfilling careers, experiencing constant negative self-talk, lack and victimhood, gun violence, substance abuse, and a general sense of being a purposeless and powerless drone played by “the system” are common themes of collective disempowerment on this planet.

In short, as all souls are born into a deep and unconscious matrix of social programming that is designed (by us) to keep us disconnected and disempowered, until you wake up, you will more or less run on the same “programs” that maintain the dream state.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we all chose to be here for this human experience ; however, it can greatly reduce your ability to tap into your true potential to construct a world where you are in charge of your destiny.

The awakening process invites you to peel off every single layer of powerlessness so you reclaim your power from life as a result of the gradual realization that everything in life is a projection of your own consciousness – or the vibration of your most predominant beliefs.
The moment you become aware that you can transform your outer reality by utilizing the tools you are born with – your beliefs, thoughts and focus to shift the frequency of your inner world that project onto the outer, you are stepping into your True Self that holds the infinite power of co-creation with Source Energy, and bridging the human and divine aspects within you to live as a liberated, conscious and authentic being.
From this space, you can create heaven on earth if you are inspired, and exercise your power of choice in every experience.


Many modern day visionaries such as Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Anita Moorjani, Bruce Lipton and the late Louise Hay are but some who have mastered conscious creation after an awakening.

In my personal life, I have had the honor to witness a ton of people shedding their fears and blossoming into empowered individuals who leave dead-end jobs to embrace their soul callings or dreams of traveling the world, healing themselves from lifelong addictions and chronic illnesses, transforming relationships with loved ones, building conscious communities, and contributing to higher causes on this planet.

But most importantly, none of these things could compare to the ultimate exhilaration and freedom that greets you every morning when you open your eyes knowing that nothing is outside of your reach because nothing is outside of you, and you are, eternally and lovingly supported by Source Energy – there has never been, and never will be any separation between you and divinity because you are It.

This ultimately means, with any experience whether it is walking on the beach and simply admiring the beauty of a seashell, or going through a challenging time period in life where the end of the tunnel seems so far out of reach, you have the power to choose to experience it with the same effortlessness and playfulness because you get to decide how you wish to experience anything knowing every moment of life itself is the ultimate playground and destination.

You truly are here to enjoy and embrace every experience life has to offer, and you are the director and participant of this exciting live stream of consciousness! The universe is incomplete without your authenticity and unique expression.

If you are unsatisfied with the status quo, and choose to awaken to the truth of your existence so you can embody your magnificent gifts and passions in this life, I am inviting you to download my free “Awakening Guide, a 3-week Journey to Awakening to the Truth of Your Existence, and Living as a Liberated Conscious Creator” as my gift to you for this glorious journey. This article is an excerpt of the article.

Know that though life is a glorious and purposeless dream, you have the ultimate power to give it purpose because you are a sovereign being of free will. What purpose are you choosing to give to your life?