Mastering Life & Manifestation Program

Theories and vision boards are a good start, but without working with the key component of who you are - your energy, that dream will always remain a dream.

Do you recognize these thoughts?

  • I know I have a bigger purpose and I am a creative person, but I am not sure what the purpose is or how to manifest it.
  • I had my awakening with ayahuasca and it was super insightful! But how do I integrate all the "downloads" so I can better my life?
  • I have been doing "self-work" for years and have read all these books, yet I am still having trouble putting everything I know to work.
  • I may be able to create some good things for myself, but I am not meant to have it all in life.
  • I can't tell the difference between the voices from my ego/mind and that of higher guidance.
  • I am struggling to connect to that deeper awareness/Oneness place or maintain inner peace. 
  • I know I am a spiritual being living a human life but what the heck does that mean exactly and what does it have to do with my life?

Wouldn't you rather be...

Mastering the art of creating success in every area of your life, manifesting every heart's desire on command, and knowing if you can imagine it, you can create it.

Living as a liberated and empowered creator, building a life aligned with your dreams, and being fully "awakened" from limitations and past conditioning. 

Having all the insights and "keys" to understand life's puzzles, having full faith in every decision you make, and experiencing deepened intuition and Oneness.

You may be wondering why even after all the work you have done to heal past wounds, transform yourself and cultivate mindfulness, you are still not living from that "eternal bliss" space. Some of your desires may have come to fruition, but you are frustrated that no matter how much you work on yourself emotionally and spiritually, your current life is not aligned with your vision and bigger purpose.

I know no one has told you that we are actually born with every single "energy tool" we need to build a dream life.

Even though I was always "spiritual," I still struggled with creating my dream life.

After my awakening years ago, I had a vague dream and endless strategies on "using your thoughts to create reality" but no preferred reality materialized.

I invested in vision boards and support groups along with expensive courses to work on my mindset. Things still did not shift the way I wanted them to. 

Through time, I realized what was missing in my manifestation formula and slowly implemented those pieces. Read my three tips below

You can have a fabulous shrink and a decade of meditation experience, but are still not living the life you want to live because...


Tip # 1: You have not learned to harness the power of your imagination which is one of the most powerful keys in creation. When used properly, it unlocks ANY DOOR to any possibility. 

Tip # 2: Your have no idea you already have a Genie in the lamp who has been doing your bidding all along. The tricky thing is the Genie will also give you everything you do NOT want. That is because the Genie does not respond to what you think you want or need, it responds ONLY to your energy. The key is to utilize the forces in your life to co-create with you, rather than against you! 

Tip # 3: You are Source Energy, yes, YOU (and me too)! That means you ARE power, love, inspiration, creativity, and all the goodness in this universe. It is not just a possibility that you can embody all that and live your life purpose; in fact, it is WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO ON THIS PLANET. If you had no purpose in this life, you would not be here! Knowing this, it is only a matter of making the right choices so your purpose can reveal itself. 

Everything you need to accomplish all those goals is included in this program, so you are making an investment for life. Not too shabby, is it?


What Can You Expect from This Coaching Program?

We will work with a combination of coaching techniques, and the 5-step manifestation formula that is a combination of modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom to:

1. Identify what truly matters to you in life, what your passions are, and create a plan of action with miraculous intentions, tangible goals and breakthrough results.

2. Let go of your GUILT, FEAR and JUDGEMENT around joy, abundance, success and life purpose (don't be surprised, most of us have them).

3. Understand how to be a magnet for everything you desire, and work with the 5-step manifestation formula to manifest a life aligned with your vision.

4. Get out of your head, and clear out old patterns and blocks you may or may not know.

5. Be able to embody, and live life from the perspective of the liberated and powerful higher self. 

6. Establish unstoppable faith in yourself, the process and Source - your best partner in crime in co-creation, and make decisions with intuition and alignment.

Why Hire Me?

I will show up 100% for you at each session, and dedicate my time, efforts and energy to you, exclusively.

You will get my No-BS coaching mixed with a great sense of humor, and customized tools that are just right for you.

As an intuitive and trained hypnotist, I can tap into your vibration, your energy centers and your past lives if necessary to uncover unsuspecting shadow patterns. We can even safely regress you to past trauma in childhood or other lifetimes to heal you from the inside out depending on your comfort level.

I will not create results for you, but I will show you the way and give you every tool you need to get there.  

I will be your mirror, your partner, your guide and your cheerleader. I will also hold you accountable every step of the way so YOUR LIFE can transform. 

Yes, it is about spirituality and Oneness. But at the end of the day, it is also about you...

Receiving more in all areas in life and being confident in working your magic to consciously manifest all your goals whether it is love or abundance.

Loving the work you do that you get excited talking about it with family and friends, being a divine channel for your life mission and inspiring others along the way.

Having more adventures, meeting like-minded people along the way, building communities aligned with your vision, and making an impact with your creative projects.

I don’t have enough good things to say about Juliet. After a particularly difficult time in my life, I visited her. She took the time to ask questions and fully understand what I wanted and needed. I felt like I was more than just another client, and that she actually cared about my well-being. Life coaching with Juliet continued the progress that I was making. I am still doing the work everyday but I would’t be anywhere close to feeling like myself again if it wasn’t for her.
— Sherri Hospedales, NYC

Interested In Working Together? Follow These Simple Steps

Step 1. Read the 3 types of support I offer below. Click on the contact button to get in touch and feel free to ask me any questions.

Step 2: If I feel we will be an awesome fit, we will schedule for a complementary, no-obligation consultation call that is approximately 15 minutes in length. Please note the 90-minute single session does not have a consult. 

Step 3. We get on the call! I will learn more about you and you get to ask me any questions you have. For common questions and answers for my programs, please also refer to FAQ.

Step 4. If both of us decide to work together, I will email you the exact steps to get started. 

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Program Outline: I provide 3 types of support

30-day Program: It is ideal for those who are looking to ignite sparks and initiate shifts. If you choose this program, the coaching agreement is 1 month. You will receive:

  • A coaching agreement that states all expectations and guidelines so we can navigate this journey with ease.
  • 3 private sessions with me (each session is between 75-90 minutes in length) where we will dive deep into all the nuances that are standing between your current self and your ideal self. 
  • Each session is a combo of innovative coaching and mentoring. Meditations, past life healing as well as intuitive insights may be incorporated as needed. 
  • 3 emails for support.
  • Please fill out the form below to qualify for a 15-minute consultation.  

Your Investment: $1989

    90-day Program: It is ideal for those who are looking to experience deep soul transformation. If you choose this program, the coaching agreement is 3 months. You will receive:

    • Pre-coaching welcome package - to help you outline your biggest fears and dreams to jump start this journey, and an agreement that states all expectations and steps clearly. 
    • 6 private (60-75 minutes) biweekly sessions with me where we will dive deep into all the nuances that are standing between your current life and your dream life. 
    • Your first session automatically includes an optional intuitive energy assessment so we may uncover even more "stuff" that is not serving you. 
    • Each session is a combo of coaching, mentoring and occasional remote energy clearing. Meditations, past life healing as well as intuitive insights may be incorporated as needed. 
    • 6 emails for support (excluding scheduling emails) that can be from "my inner Gene isn't working" to "the coolest synchronicity just happened in my life."
    • Weekly action steps where you will get to align your energy with your highest vision.

    Bonus: Free and unlimited access to my "Member Only" Library where you can download additional step-by-step manifestation techniques, practical and simple mind hacks and belief-busting tools derived from NLP, quantum healing and trance work (valued at $497).

    Bonus: Three 60-minute remote Reiki energy healing sessions to cleanse your energy centers, detox and heal old patterns, ground you, and boost your energy. (valued at $597).

    Your Investment: $2999

    One Time 90-minute session: – It is offered at a lower rate for those who are curious to try coaching to get an authentic feel of what it is like to work with me. You will receive:

    • One 90-minute Skype call where we will dive into one agenda on your journey of awakening and transformation.
    • You will gain a deeper understanding of your current energy, blockages, as well as fears and gifts that may be hidden to you. 
    • We will clarify your vision and discuss concrete steps for you to move forward. 
    • I will incorporate coaching/mentoring, trance work, intuitive energy reading and tools/resources into the session as needed. 
    • If after the call, you decide to enroll in the 90-day coaching program, this amount you paid is subtracted from the total payment.  
    • Though there is no phone consultation for this session, please use the form below to contact me and ask any questions you may have for the 90-minute session and I'll be happy to answer them.

    Your Investment: $499

    friendly disclaimer

    • I invite you to view coaching as A PREMIUM INVESTMENT FOR A LIFETIME'S WORTH OF TOOLS AND TRANSFORMATION. Once you learn how to master your mind and energy, you are set for life and can apply it in any area that needs upgrades. 
    • This program is designed to work with you on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to get you the results you want, and to save you the time and money wasted on scrambling for resources you'd much rather spend elsewhere.
    • I am selective with whom I work with. And that is because I love you and value your time and money. The complementary consultation is a good time for both of us to decide whether this will be a synergetic co-creation, and I only want you to commit to this if you believe you can benefit from my coaching. 
    • This program is especially for you if you are ready, willing, open and committed to create space for the most exciting life you could possibly imagine.
    • All coaching compensation is collected prior to the first session and there are no refunds. I know things will never be the same for you again. You don't have to be miserable or stuck in life because there is SO MUCH to look forward to. 
    • More questions? Please refer to our FAQ