Mastering Self & Transformation Program

Affirmations and spiritual books are great, but without taking care of what got you here the first place - your current beliefs about yourself and the world, it is going to be impossible to upgrade your life.


Do you recognize these thoughts?

  • It is what it is and I should just learn to live with it. I must try to stay positive and hope things will change on their own.
  • I am not rich/smart/special/young/popular enough to have great things. Disappointments are part of life and I am meant to struggle.
  • Rich/successful people are greedy. My goal is to help others and not myself.
  • I shouldn't pamper myself and I need to push myself harder because things don't come easily for me. 
  • I am afraid I will fail and I am scared of not knowing what the future will be like if I try something new.
  • I know what I want to do but I have no idea how to get there.
  • No one understands what I am going through and I am meant to be alone.
  • If I make one wrong step, the life I have now will fall apart and others may judge me. I better play safe and stay put.

Wouldn't you rather be...

Radiating enthusiasm and authenticity in life, loving and accepting yourself, feeling confident to do the things you have always wanted, and owning your voice and fully expressing your creativity.

Belonging to and enjoying a community that inspires and supports you, making friends with your past, welcoming success and prosperity into your life, and embracing all the deliciousness life has to offer.

Experiencing every moment with clarity, utilizing your intuition to make aligned choices, transforming negative thoughts and emotions, and using your unique gifts to make an impact in the world.

I won't lie to you. Our beliefs either make us or break us. And if you are here, it is possible that you have inherited a ton of "break" beliefs from parents, society, even past lifetimes that you have never questioned. Without consciously changing them, they will ALWAYS dominate your every thought and decision. No magical affirmation or self-help book can pull them out of your head and you will live with that naggy voice of "I am not _____ (insert your biggest struggle) enough."

The hard truth is, we have never been taught the beliefs that are meant to support and empower us in life, and make us feel good about ourselves. 

I was in your shoes for decades - because I held onto the beliefs that said "I suck and I am powerless."

As a result, I was in NOT ONE, but TWO abusive relationships, almost got myself killed multiple times and suffered from PTSD for 14 years.

Needless to say, my relationship with myself was a hot mess which caused a ripple effect and took the energy away from my creativity, my health, and my finances.

To make it worse, I was educated, creative and smart. I had a therapist, a gigantic collection of self-help books and a bag of spiritual tools. 

After decades of soul-searching and an awakening, I busted the following 3 myths I never questioned, did MORE work on myself, and turned my life completely around.

These are the 3 myths that keep many trapped. You can be the most talented, educated and creative person but...


Myth # 1: I just have to hustle to make things happen.

Truth: If you see yourself as broken, powerless, and not worthy or deserving, you WILL experience all these things in life MAGNIFIED no matter how hard you work. Your relationship with yourself determines how life treats you.

Myth # 2: I must do my best to stay positive and hope things will turn around.

Truth: You cannot create anything (love, money, health, etc) that your unconscious mind does not believe you are capable of receiving. FYI, your unconscious mind dominates over 90% of your mental capacity and is the seat of all your past experiences and conditioning. That is why forcing yourself to be positive can actually backfire and create more negativity. 

Myth # 3: This is who I am. Old habits never die.

Truth: All old and broken habits can be kicked to the curb thanks to neuroplasticity. ANY limiting pattern from "I will fail" to "I have to struggle in life" CAN BE TRANSFORMED which results in a life that works in your favor. 

We will take care of all these things in this program, and much more. You may just meet your True Powerful Self. Once you master these things, they are yours for life.


What Can You Expect from this Coaching Program?

We will work with a combination of coaching techniques, consciousness tools and quantum healing techniques to:

1. Identify what your “ideal self” looks like, and create a plan of action with tangible goals and steps to get you there.

2. Release decades of old and broken stories around yourself, your finances and your relationships which translates to more joy, more money and awesome relationships.

3. Ditch the awful negative self-talk and strengthen your faith in your abilities so you can feel safe, confident and supported to make aligned decisions to get to where you want to go.

4. Embrace your inner power and find your authentic voice – you need it to create anything in life.

5. Allow yourself to receive in life in every way.

6. Learn to manage your energy so you can stay centered and present.

Why Hire Me?

I will show up 100% for you at each session, and dedicate my time, efforts and energy to you, exclusively. 

You will get my No-BS coaching mixed with a great sense of humor, and customized tools that are just right for you.

As an intuitive and trained hypnotist, I can tap into your vibration, your energy centers and your past lives if necessary to uncover unsuspecting shadow patterns. We can even safely regress you to past trauma in childhood or other lifetimes to heal you from the inside out depending on your comfort level.

I will not create results for you, but I will show you the way, give you every tool you need to get there, believe in you, and hold you accountable for YOUR transformation.  

Or, the way I see it, it is about giving yourself permission to...

Stayed centered in your power, being a leader and channel for your greater purpose, and helping and inspiring others. 

Living with the freedom to treat yourself to the full-time nanny, your dream home, vacation, creative project, animal sanctuary, etc.

Having more sleep, sex, and fun, better health and relationships with less worries, stress, self-sabotaging thoughts and tears. 

Feeling confident in your own skin, your bathing suit, your reflection in the mirror, your voice, your truths, and the larger stage called life. 

I struggled with victim mentality, low self-worth, feelings of lack, and a tendency to see the worst before the positive so these were the themes that came up consistently in our sessions...I used to be not motivated enough to do things on my own but after working with Juliet, I feel inspired and empowered to continue the self work on my own. I can choose to stay in the now and love myself as I do the work of soul rememberance. Go see Juliet, you will be in good hands and truly blessed.
— Dana Mondesire, NYC

Interested In Working Together? Follow These Simple Steps

Step 1. Read the 3 types of support I offer below. Click on the contact button to get in touch and feel free to ask me any questions. For the 90-day program, I will email you a brief consultation form to learn more about your goals. By submitting the contact form, you agree to our Terms of Use

Step 2: If I feel we will be an awesome fit, we will schedule for a complementary, no-obligation consultation call (15 - 20 minutes in length). Please note the 75-minute single session does not have a consult. 

Step 3. We get on the call! I will learn more about you and you get to ask me any questions you have.

Step 4. If both of us decide to work together, I will email you the exact steps to get started. 

Program Outline: I provide 3 types of support

30-day Program: It is ideal for those who are looking to ignite sparks and initiate shifts. If you choose this program, the coaching agreement is 1 month. You will receive:

  • A coaching agreement that states all expectations and guidelines so we can navigate the journey with ease.
  • 3 private sessions with me (each session is between 75-90 minutes in length) where we will dive deep into all the nuances that are standing between your current self and your ideal self. 
  • Each session is a combo of innovative coaching and mentoring. Meditations, past life healing as well as intuitive insights may be incorporated as needed. 
  • 2 emails for support.
  • Please fill out the form below to qualify for a 15-minute consultation.  

Your Investment: $1989

90-day Program: It is ideal for those who are looking to experience deep soul transformation. If you choose this program, the coaching agreement is 3 months. You will receive:

  • Pre-coaching welcome package - to help you outline your biggest fears and dreams to jump start this journey, and an agreement that states all expectations and steps clearly. 
  • 6 private biweekly sessions with me (each session is between 75-90 minutes in length) where we will dive deep into all the nuances that are standing between your current self and your ideal self. 
  • Your first session automatically includes an optional intuitive energy assessment so we may uncover even more "stuff" that is not serving you. 
  • Each session is a combo of coaching, mentoring and occasional remote energy clearing. Meditations, past life healing as well as intuitive insights may be incorporated as needed. 
  • 1 weekly email for support that can be from "my cat hates me" to "I just handed in my 2-week notice with a bang."
  • Concrete action steps where you will transform your unconscious mind to become your best friend.

Bonus: Free and unlimited access to my "Member Only" Library where you can download additional step-by-step manifestation techniques, practical and simple mind hacks and belief-busting tools derived from NLP, quantum healing and trance work (valued at $497).

Bonus: Three 60-minute remote Reiki energy healing sessions to cleanse your energy centers, detox and heal old patterns, ground you, and boost your energy (valued at $597).

Your Investment: $3899

One Time 75-minute session:  It is ideal for those who are looking for quick insights, tools and resolutions in one area. You will receive:

  • One 75-minute Skype call where we will dive into one agenda you are currently facing.
  • You will have a plan of action ready to go by the end of the call, and resources on how to reprogram your old patterns. 
  • I will incorporate coaching, mentoring, trance work and intuitive energy reading into the session as needed. 
  • If after the call, you decide to enroll in the 90-day coaching program, this amount you paid is subtracted from the total payment. 
  • There is no phone consultation for this session. If you have any questions, please contact me below.

Your Investment: $499

Some final notes on the why's and how's of this program

  • I invite you to view coaching as A PREMIUM INVESTMENT FOR A LIFETIME'S WORTH OF TOOLS AND TRANSFORMATION. Once you learn how to master your mind and energy, you are set for life and can apply it in any area that needs upgrades. 
  • This program is designed to work with you on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to get you the results you want, and to save you the time and money wasted on scrambling for resources you'd much rather spend elsewhere.
  • I am selective with whom I work with. And that is because I love you and value your time and money, and my energy. The complementary consultation is a good time for both of us to decide whether this will be a synergetic co-creation; it is not my style to take on clients for the sake of having clients. 
  • This program is especially for you if you are ready, willing, open and committed to experience deep inner healing and transformation. 
  • All coaching compensation is collected prior to the first session and there are no refunds. I know things will never be the same for you again. You don't have to be miserable or stuck in life because there is SO MUCH to look forward to.