Reclaiming My Power From Big Pharma - A Journey of Healing Depression, PTSD, Ambien Addiction and Beyond

If doctors' visits and prescription medications are making you sicker, it is time for you to take your power back from the medical industry and heal yourself.

10 Ways to Raise Our Vibration

Our vibration determines what we create in all areas in our lives including our health, finances and relationships. As vibrational beings, it is important for us to take care of our energy.


Post US 2016 Election - An Urgent Call For Healing the Individual & the Collective

We are standing in an open field facing an infinite number of possibilities right now, and what we decide to be from this moment on has the potential to shape our future. We are in this together. The choice is, and has always been ours.

The Amazing Power of Hypnosis

Our brain is hardwired like a disc. We can reprogram it once we gain access to the storage space, and delete the data that is no longer needed so more space is created for new data that inspires desired thoughts and behaviors.