I had many insights during and definitely days after the training. I believing choosing to do the training opened up a path to allow source energy to flow through and increase the connection. I especially appreciate all the extra helpful insights and resources of doing the work to address blocks. It has definitely been an amazing step to continue in my path where the possibilities are endless.
— Mireya C, NY
Juliet is such a beautiful soul. An angel, I met her at time when I needed her the most. The first time we spoke over the phone, she read my truth to me with an intuitive chakra and past life reading that answered one of my biggest questions surrounding my suffering: why have I always felt unworthy of receiving? It was not a coincidence that we met, that’s for sure. Her coaching wonderfully incorporates the teachings of Neale Donald Walsch, her spiritual mentor. Thank you so much Juliet, I am so grateful for you.
— Dana M, NY
I have been able to change and adjust how I perceive my shadows and heal my beliefs, this has allowed me to become more aware of my thoughts and actions. The techniques can be applied to many areas your life, and you see results immediately! Juliet is an incredible teacher.
— Daniela M, NY
She structured each session beautifully so they built on top of one another in both lessons and healing. She led me through many beautiful meditations and mantras. She also gives great, high vibe advice and is a genuine listener. For me, I came in knowing I needed to work on gaining power and energy in my lower chakras, which she helped with immensely through Reiki. The most important thing I got out of her sessions was a more open heart towards myself. We really worked on self-love and acceptance. Her sage advice and healing hands only added to my increase in trusting the universe and trusting/accepting myself.
— Alden G, NH
Not only is Juliet truly intuitive and knowledgeable in her work, she has so much compassion for healing. She is a born healer and I am so grateful for meeting her. She knew exactly what my dad needed next, and she was extremely genuine and passionate in her desire to help. My dad really started to respond to Reiki treatment after few sessions not only in his health but mostly in his attitude in life.
— SooJ, L, NJ
Juliet was such a pleasure to work with. She made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process. Her energy is very light and I can tell she truly cares and is very genuine. I like the fact that she sits with you and engages in discussion before the actual healing process. This allows you the opportunity to look within and break down beliefs that do not serve you. I highly recommend her if you need removal of energy blocks and help to get back into alignment with your true self.
— Jenny B, NY
I highly recommend Reiki with Juliet - she goes above and beyond. She is extremely kind and compassioante, a natural healer who has a passion for Reiki and helping others. I felt peaceful throughout the session, at times like I was in an altered space. After the session, I was in a really good, calm, but energized state. I also felt a lot of clarity, which was nice.
— Pearl W, NY
I now know that the journey is about fully accepting and experiencing your emotions and learning how to process the negative feelings, and I appreciate learning about the difference in vibration between venting to someone as a victim in a situation as opposed to making time to be alone and working through your emotions.

I feel encouraged to continue the journey, doing what I know to do in the “now” and not worry so much about making mistakes or how things might turn out. I really want to catch myself when I start playing the victim and nip that crap in the bud. I am processing/integrating my emotions rather than judging them or thinking “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”

Take the time. Do the work. The plumbing is fine, the pipes just need clogging!
— Michelle H
I wanted to re-activate my 3rd eye while healing/aligning my other chakras which Juliet focused on. The experience was immediate - I saw visions that showed me what was to come, and confirmations of what my current life purpose is and more importantly, I saw my spirit who I’ve ignored for a while, sadly, and she was there reminding me that she was ever present, and waiting for to reconnect with her.
— Bianca L, NY
Juliet is very knowledgeable, as we discussed spiritual and practical tools I can use daily towards my goals. I felt a difference after our first meeting and I am extremely satisfied with my experience.
— Virgil C, NJ