What are the benefits of taking Reiki I and II together?

I have taken different Reiki levels from two lineages, and I have witnessed the advantages of both ways of teaching. For some, Reiki II is taught 6 months after Reiki I. The following are the benefits of taking both levels together.

  1. Having worked with many who came from different lineages, I found the main component that affects the amount of Reiki energy that comes through has to do with their own soul development rather than how the classes were taught. The more we are conscious of the role of our ego and can ask the ego to stay out of the way, the more energy is channeled into the recipient. However, it is important for beginner Reiki practitioners to keep practicing Reiki on self and others so they may develop their own intuition around it. 
  2. When the students learn Reiki I & II together, their ability to channel Reiki as well as their own healing abilities are greatly increased.
  3. Takata Sensei, the Reiki master who brought Reiki from Japan to the West in 1937 set a strict fee for all Reiki levels. By combining Reiki I and II together as well as charging a lower fee, more can receive the benefits of Reiki.
  4. William Rand, the author of An Evidence Based History of Reiki stated that teaching Reiki I and II together is more traditional than what many have been told. Both Hayashi Seisei and Takata Sensei (important figures in Reiki history) practiced it. 

What about the length of the Reiki Master Level?

There was no documentation of Takata Sensei's master training except for Bethel Phaigh, and she reported receiving both Level II and Master within a few days.