This session is a great fit if you long to…

✔  Initiate a powerful shift in an area in your life that feels stagnant by receiving higher guidance, clarity, direction, and steps.

✔  Incorporate creative insights and practical steps to move forward by identifying what potential direction you can move in that is aligned with your higher self, and what tools, resources and practices are right for the next step of your journey.

✔  Heal, or transform an aspect of your life by understanding the layers of unconscious patterns that may have contributed to your current situation, and how to release those patterns.

✔  Raise your frequency and awareness, and learn tips on managing and harnessing your energy to manifest desirable circumstances and people in life.

✔  Prepare for, or integrate a plant medicine ceremony.

✔  Try on coaching with me.

You may have tried therapy, yoga, meditation and healing sessions.

What you will receive:

The session is a combination of intuitive reading and coaching to explore the energy around the questions you face in life.

My role is to channel messages from your higher self, empower you with practical mind/body tools to reclaim your power from life, help you uncover the unconscious patterns contributing to the issue and share techniques and guidance so you can take charge of your life, release stuck energy, and move forward.

Though we will most likely explore possible aligned paths, this is not a predictive reading because the moment you change your thoughts and decisions, you change your destiny. You truly are in charge of your life!


Your Investment: $379 

“I really enjoyed my time with Juliet, she is so friendly, helpful and kind. She has a wealth of knowledge and takes her time explaining it all so that you feel very comfortable opening up and sharing with her. I really enjoyed our 90-minute session, and I will absolutely be back for more, once I let all of this sink in! If you have a chance to work with Juliet, I highly recommend her.”

— Gaylene G, Holistic Coach