Interested in working together? Here's how I roll

Contrary to the many ads you see on Facebook, I am not here to give you quick fixes so you can manifest 10k in three days, or build your dream life in one week because let's face it, if they worked, you wouldn't be here. 

Here's why:

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  • We operate within the same set of universal laws in which our reality is but a projection of who we are at this present moment. In order to change the outer, we must first work on your inner. You can polish the screen all you want, but for as long as you are projecting a low-budget film shot on a broken camera, the odds of the screen showing an epic award-winning movie are very slim. 

  • If meditations, visualizations, affirmations and gratitude lists have failed to deliver what you have been searching, it is because there is a vibrational gap between who you are in the present moment, and what you are looking to accomplish. In all programs, I work with your vibration (energy) directly and help you bridge who you are, and who you want to be so that you can truly manifest what you desire in life - the bridging is 99% of the work. 

  • Once you are no longer reacting to the same unconscious programming, conscious manifestation is simply effortless because you are born a creator with every single tool you need and I can help you fine-tune the craft. You just have been creating unconsciously your entire life.

  • The first coaching program is designed to shift you (the cause), the second coaching program is to uplevel your life (the effect).

Captivated? I work 1:1 with clients from NYC and around the world. Take a look at the programs offered below.

Not sure if you can benefit from my coaching? Read this page to see if we will be a good match.


Remote Coaching Programs - coaching length can be 90 minutes, 30 days or 90 days


Mastering Self & Transformation Coaching Program

Learn to shed decade-long limitations, improve your well-being and relationships, heal past wounds, manage your energy boundaries, clarify your vision and establish tangible steps for you to move forward.

You are fairly new to the journey of awakening, and are looking to liberate yourself from everything that has been holding you back. 

Clients who work with this program are able to transform negative self-talk and challenging relationships, shift careers, develop a nourishing self-care practice, enjoy constant joy, love and fulfillment in life, and de-clutter their emotional house to make room for their dreams. 

Mastering Life and Manifestation Coaching Program

Learn to master manifesting more (love, joy, abundance, etc), deepen your self-awareness, embody the perspective of your higher self, and embrace your life mission.

You have been working on shedding old beliefs and self-empowerment for a while, and/or you have experienced an awakening during ayahuasca and are looking to integrate the gifts to continue your expansion.

Clients who work with this program are able to uncover and transform remaining hidden and unconscious disempowering patterns, fully step into their power of choice to consciously create, manifest their life vision and welcome a life of clarity, fulfillment and purpose. 


In person intensives and workshops - Midtown, NYC


Integrative Healing and Vision Mapping 3-week Program

This in-person intensive is a combination of Reiki, vibrational medicine, life coaching and trance work for physical healing, mental clarity, and self empowerment.

It is also ideal for those who are interested in one of the coaching programs but want to get a lot of work done in a short period of time, are willing to travel to NYC and prefer to work in person. 

Clients who work with this program enjoy the additional component of hands-on healing to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages to release trapped emotions, improve well-being, and tap into their purpose and authenticity. 

Private 1:1 Reiki Certification Training - All Levels

Learn Reiki + additional techniques on energy healing and conscious creation for Levels I, II, Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki III & Master Teacher.

Students who choose this training are those who feel more comfortable in a 1:1 setting with a more accommodating schedule, want individual and maximum attention, wish to get into or expand their healing/coaching practices, and are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of energy healing, chakras and their role on our health and decisions in life, and how to use consciousness to create and manifest all goals that go beyond a regular Reiki curriculum.