Online Life Coaching Programs and In-person Training

It’s been truly life changing for me. I worked through a huge block with my father. I’m working on shifting out of my career and really changing my life. As a result of coaching with Juliet, I am more aware of myself in terms of what I need to do to nurture myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.
My time with Juliet really gave me so much insight and food for thought on the lingering questions on my mind. She was wonderfully caring and intuitive. It opened up new ways for me to channel my own energy in a productive way and regain my own hope instead of feeling stuck. For me, the experience was immensely invaluable!

Life Coaching

I won’t lie to you, life coaching is hard work. So why do it?

Because you cannot afford to live another six months, one year, or ten years without saying YES to everything you desire to receive in life. 

Because convincing yourself to settle in unsatisfying circumstances and playing small just doesn't cut it anymore. 

Because choosing to stay put means you will always be wondering whether there is more to your life and potential. There absolutely IS! 

You are taught from birth to conform to a set of disempowering social values so you can forget your magic. As a result, you compromise your authenticity and power to squeeze into a tiny dark box that dims your light.

It's past time for you to break free from all that, and call in the fulfillment, joy, conscious success and abundance that are rightfully yours.

The world has nothing to gain from you playing small. 

You can continue to live the life you've been living, or you can show up and savor the life you are born to live.

The CHOICE has been, and will always be yours.

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Your next few steps

Intrigued? Click on the program of your interest, read the description and use the form within the program page to apply.

Take a deep breath. The universe knows everything you desire, and it is waiting for you to choose and take action

 Three months from now, you'll thank yourself for having taken this courageous and life-transforming step TODAY.

Mastering Self and Transformation Coaching Program

This online coaching program is for those who are fairly new in this awakening journey. 

Included: 6 or 9 Skype sessions, or VIP half day intensive series, email support, welcome packet, remote energy healing sessions, customized guided meditations, and full access to free course. 

Some common results are:

✔  Laser sharp clarity on who you are, why you are here, what you are looking for in life and what actionable steps you can take to get there.

✔ Create a solid foundation on which you can shift careers, create prosperity, call in loving relationships, and attract the right people and opportunities. 

✔ Develop a nourishing self-care practice to look and feel your best, experience more confidence, energy and well-being so you can thrive in your relationships, business, and life. 

And much more!

Mastering Life and Manifestation Coaching Program

This online coaching program is for those who have been doing "the work" for a while.

Included: 6 or 9 Skype sessions, or VIP half day intensive series, email support, welcome packet, remote energy healing sessions, customized guided meditations, and full access to free course. 

Some common results are:

✔  Up-level your power of conscious creation to manifest whatever your heart dreams of, and master utilizing all forces in your life to work for you.

✔  Receive more (joy, abundance, health, etc) from all areas in life, and live your purpose and calling to make an impact in the world.

✔  Design a life that fully aligns with your vision, experience and act on endless inspiration, and become the true creator of your higher destiny to unleash your full potential. 

And much more! 


Single 90-minute Coaching and Mentoring Session

This single session is for those who are looking for direction and movement, need quick tools and steps to dissolve an obstacle or manifest a desire, and/or are curious to "try on" coaching with me. 

Included: one tailored-to-your-needs 90-minute Skype session, one optional intuitive energy reading and one 60-minute remote energy clearing session.

Some common results are:

✔  Instant insights and shift in an area that feels stuck.

✔  Clarity on what you truly matters to you, what's holding you back and how to create movement.

✔  Fine-tune your manifestation power to call in what you desire. 

And much more!

In-person - 1:1 Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I, II, III or Master Certification Training

Often times, traditional Reiki training teaches students to just trust the energy is working without giving additional information on the how and why. 

This training is a result of my integrative approach combined with healing and coaching, and goes beyond a regular Reiki training. It is suitable for those looking to get into the healing profession, or wanting to heal themselves and loved ones. You get:

 ✔  Individual and maximum 1:1 attention.

✔  An in-depth understanding of energy healing, chakras, how to use words and thoughts to heal, and conscious manifestation techniques that are not covered in traditional Reiki trainings.

✔  Additional healing resources and individually selected crystals for your healing needs.

And much more!

I feel encouraged to continue the journey, doing what I know to do in the “now” and not worry so much about making mistakes or how things might turn out. I am processing/integrating my emotions rather than judging them or thinking “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”
Juliet is a fantastic person. She has her own unique approach and is very thorough and excellent at what she does. She is also very educated and can manage the ‘real world’ in tandem with the intangible realms in a natural and practical fashion. Her sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks.