Are you ready to embody your inner creator and experience unlimited joy, expansion, love and abundance in life, relationships and business?

Each coaching | mentoring session is an alchemy of ancient spiritual wisdom, divine universal laws of creation, channeled guidance and a ton of practical and proven techniques derived from cognitive psychology, coaching, conscious manifestation tools, and energy medicine to empower you to bridge human and divine, create breakthrough results in any area in life, and call in what sets your soul on fire.

Some common results are:
  • Master consciously creating every desire from your heart in the areas of purpose, relationships, business and/or spiritual expression and expansion
  • Cultivate authentic relationships with yourself and others, and call in your soul tribe
  • Become a magnet for abundance, success, love and joy
  • Awaken to your voice, potential, and soul gifts
  • Remember why your soul chose this tantalizing journey called life, and how to make the most of it
  • Uncover secrets and hidden keys to your own healing and expansion
  • Experience greater Oneness, intuition and presence
  • Release limitations you’ve inherited from others
  • Reprogram unconscious patterns that have disempowered you in the past
  • Activate the magic of harnessing the power behind all forces in life to co-create with Source



If there is an area in your life you’d like creative insights and intuitive guidance on, or a goal that requires quick steps and tools to be made manifest, this 90-minute session is a combination of intuitive card reading, coaching | mentoring, and remote energy clearing. It invites you to tap into the wisdom of your True Essence, uncover unconscious layers that are contributing to the current situation, and step into the path of your soul’s purpose. This session is also a preview of my 3-month coaching program. Clients describe it as working with a healer, intuitive, coach/therapist and spiritual teacher in one.

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Wherever you are on the journey, whatever it is that you desire to create whether it is to answer your calling, transform relationships, uplevel your business and impact, or expand your consciousness, it is essential for the 7 Pillars of Conscious Creation to work seamlessly for you to achieve miraculous results. Joy, fulfillment, abundance and expansion are the genuine byproducts of you becoming YOU, and are common results of this coaching process. If you are ready and committed to saying yes to the life you are born to live, join me in this powerful co-creation.

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This training is a result of my integrative approach combined with healing and coaching, and goes beyond a regular Reiki training. Some of the additional topics that are covered in this training are what energy healing truly is (the what, how and why), how dis-ease is really created, the intimate connection between mind, emotion and body, as well as the seven major chakras and what their roles are in creating dis-ease/well-being, our life decisions, motivations and day-to-day choices. It is suitable for women who are looking to get into the healing profession, or wanting to heal themselves and loved ones. Levels I, II, III and Master.

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