Remote and In-person Life Coaching and Healing Programs

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Interested in working together? Here's how I roll

  • Your life is a projection of who and where you are at this present moment. In order to shift the outer (physical health, financial situation, relationships, etc), you must first work on your inner. 
  • The only reason why something you desire isn't showing up yet is because there is a vibrational gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. In all programs, I work with your vibration and help you bridge the gap - the bridging is 99% of the work. 
  • The first coaching program is designed to shift you (the cause), the second coaching program is to uplevel your life (the effect). The in-person healing intensive is a combination of coaching and hands-on energy healing for well-being and inner-alignment. 
  • I only work with tools and processes that have worked for many others. The work I do with you is the same work I have done with myself everyday for many years. 
  • In all programs, I help you identify and understand what you truly want, why you want it, and what you can do to get there. There is work, yes, but I promise, the results are worth it a million times over. 

It's your life and your creation. Only you can show up and claim it. 

Remote - Mastering Self & Transformation Coaching Program

This program helps you identify and transform the emotional energy behind your current limiting beliefs about yourself and the world so you can release the fears that are holding you back, create a plan of action to make necessary changes and move forward, and blossom into the person you are born to be. 

Clients who work with this program are able to transform negative self-talk and challenging relationships, shift careers, develop a nourishing self-care practice, experience more joy, love, energy and lightness in life, deepen self-awareness, and de-clutter their emotional and mental house to make room for their dreams. 

Remote - Mastering Life and Manifestation Coaching Program

Creating heaven on earth and manifesting every desire in life is not a vague dream, but merely another reality for those who can tap into their ultimate power of conscious creation. To do this, the journey invites you to go beyond what your mind has created so far and dive into the infinite space of co-creating with Source.

Clients who work with this program are able to use their thoughts and vibration to tap into any quantum space for conscious creation, experience loving oneness with Source Energy, disentangle their energies from collective disempowerment, step into their power of free will to carry out their divine vision, and welcome a life of clarity, fulfillment and purpose. 

Reiki healing NYC

In-person - Integrative Healing and Vision Mapping 3-week Program

This program offered in NYC enjoys the best of both worlds of powerful alchemy that is necessary to transform your life on every level - the conscious work to help you shed unwanted energy, reprogram a limiting mindset and manifest your vision, as well as the hands-on healing to address unconscious physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.

The focus of this program is to bridge the unconscious and conscious, as well as process and integrate shadow aspects of the psyche that are manifesting as illnesses and unfavorable life circumstances. 

Clients work with this program are able to to improve well-being, experience more energy, clarity and vitality, cleanse emotional and mental clutter, and tap into their authenticity and power.

In-person - 1:1 Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Certification Training

As powerful as all Reiki classes are, often times, students are taught to just trust the energy is working without given additional information on the how and why. This training in NYC is born as a result of my integrative approach and a decade of teaching experience - in order to address any blockage, it is often more effective to activate healing on all levels and truly understand how dis-ease in life is created. 

Students who choose this training are those who want individual and maximum attention, wish to get into, or expand their healing/coaching practices, and are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of energy healing, chakras, how to use words and thoughts to heal, and conscious creation that go beyond a regular Reiki curriculum. I offer Reiki I and II, and Advanced and Master Training.

More from others...

My time with Juliet really gave me so much insight and food for thought on the lingering questions on my mind. She was wonderfully caring and intuitive. It really opened up new ways for me to channel my own energy in a productive way and regain my own hope instead of feeling stuck. For me, the experience was immensely invaluable!
I feel encouraged to continue the journey, doing what I know to do in the “now” and not worry so much about making mistakes or how things might turn out. I am processing/integrating my emotions rather than judging them or thinking “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”
Juliet’s sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks.
Juliet is extremely kind and compassionate, a natural healer who has a passion for helping others. She goes above and beyond.