I support high performing men and women leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to ease into a new way of love, legacy, and leadership, through a journey of the heart and masculine + feminine polarity integration. 

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As the world outside of us is navigating its way back to truth and God after eons of distortion and separation, your personal journey has brought you to this point - from great, to EXTRAORDINARY.

You've been through the trials and tribulations. You've created the success you always wanted, but something is missing. 

You yearn to go deeper - deeper into experiencing greater love and intimacy in your relationship. Deeper into your legacy so that your work becomes blissful and adventurous. And deeper into God-led personal leadership that is only possible, when you are internally guided each step of the way by the Father.

You are ready to restore spiritual wholeness, and operate from your heart's devotion.

I've been there. I'd love to show you the way...


LOVE - Deeper Love, Intimacy and Passion

The relationship between your inner masculine and feminine polarities determines the love and intimacy you experience outside of you - this is the royal union of the King and Queen within.

In our collaboration, we will create the space for you to heal the relationship between your masculine and feminine energies, and walk your inner king and queen into a sacred union so that you experience more love, passion, balance, and inner peace within. 

LEGACY - Natural Flow of Bliss and Creative Genius

While you can hustle 14 hours a day to force results, the easiest way to operate from your zone of genius, is to create from childlike innocence and bliss - as the son or daughter of God. This goes light years beyond "inner child healing."

Imagine turning work into play, and always having effortless clarity and precision to take your next bold step. The result is a calmer nervous system, more energy, creativity and productivity, and more fun and adventure in your life's work.

LEAD - Leadership Rooted in Truth and God

The world has us believe that relying on personal will power and determination alone is enough for us to be an effective leader. Yet...the most aligned leadership stems from you living in God's truth, where your work is a living testimony of His glory. 

You are called to break through stubborn mental barriers, transmute old childhood wounds and trauma, restore your connection with God, and lead from the heart. 


I'm Juliet Tang - masculine and feminine polarity mentor for visionaries who are navigating BEYOND "I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and creator of my own reality."

My works exists so that you can love, play and lead as a high level leader, while navigating between the natural and supernatural.

Liberating yourself from the deep layers of matrix programming to blast through lifelong mental and emotional challenges, transmuting the wounds in your heart to deep love and passion from the inner union of your masculine and feminine polarities, and infusing more playfulness and creativity into your life's work so that you operate from flow, is the space I am inviting you to step into. 

In Love and Devotion,


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"Juliet is my miracle. She is a shaman, healer, and beautiful soul.

Our work together has helped me reach a higher level of consciousness, reconnect with God, heal my relationship, bring in investors for my projects, etc. 

But most importantly, Juliet has helped me open my heart in a way that no one has done. I am experiencing more love and peace. I am bringing fresh energy and creativity into all my projects.

Working with her has changed my life."

Rodrigo Niño / Founder of the Assemblage

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