Hey, I'm Juliet. I help women create success like women, while prioritizing their femininity and romantic life.



Experience more love or call in the one. Heal your relationship with men, father, and God. Ease into your femininity, radiance, and devotional nature. 


Customized business support based on the devotional union-based feminine business template. More money, and less hustle. 

No one can deny that the feminine creative power is a mysterious force in nature, yet many creative and driven women are burned out from trying to hustle and fit into a success formula that is designed for men. 

Underneath the glamour of "let's show up as a capable, independent and strong woman," there's often a fragmented feminine blueprint, resulting in burnout, stress, and relationship disharmony.

I was there - a driven and exhausted business coach for women entrepreneurs, until I healed my relationship with the men, father, God, and masculine, and eased into my feminine nature. 

Trading our health and love life for success is too high of a price too many women are paying. There is an easier way. 


"I was doubting myself and my abilities. Working with Juliet has allowed me to complete trust in my union with my inner masculine, also deep trust in being provided for by God. Also I had the opportunity to heal ancestral trauma from my paternal line which was huge for me.

I just had a major uplevel in my business, launched a new program that is from my heart and genius. I received 4 new clients since I started."

Alyse Bacine / Leading Expert in Breathwork 

"I have been able to heal and move past certain painful personal issues that had been keeping me stuck for years.

There was a full resolution, healing, and a sense of direction that had been missing from my life for years in spite of many years of working to heal them. I have been able to release grief, shame, resentment and regret and settle into a sense of contented trust and support."

Joanna Krop / Creator of Teacher Wellness Code

"This work has helped me truly get clear on my penetrating message that has helped me get clear on my mission. And has helped magnetize clients, of a totally different caliber. 

I am cultivating deeper penetration into my clients’ hearts. It’s already impacted my income, and I am creating more money easily."

Monique Deanne-Cronin Mosher/ Psychic Life Coach

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