11 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

1. Change your perspective on formal education. Think twice before college. Think three times before going into debt for the next few years of your life with a Master’s (or beyond) degree. Make sure this is what YOU want, not what you’re expected to do because you are a good and obedient daughter/student/citizen. 

2. Salary, employee’s benefits, pension, paid holidays…safety = enslavement. Safety is an illusion in this world. Your greatest growth lies in taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. 

3. Don’t be a follower. Go for your dreams. Death of a dream is the death of your soul. 

4. Try different things. Start businesses. Fail. Learn from your mistakes. Keep going. 

5. Read a ton of books. Learn. Invest in coaches and mentors. Invest in those visionary mentors who are conscious, successful, and light years ahead of you. 

6. Explore plant medicine/psychedelics, not to trip but to go into the depth of your consciousness, and understand the truth of this reality and Creation.

7. Decondition yourself from all unconscious disempowerment/victimhood programming. Upgrade your relationships with yourself, boundaries, speaking your truth, money, and leadership. RECLAIM your power in every way.

8. Know how important, unique and celebrated you are. Your worth is INFINITE and cannot be measured by standardized tests, degrees, status, money, social connections, etc. 

9. Own your gifts. Claim your purpose. Help others. Inspire. Form powerful alliances with other conscious creators and leaders. Change the world. 

10. The ONLY PERMISSION you will EVER need in this life is that from yourself. 

11. This is ALL happening in your head, so the quality of your consciousness determines the quality of your life.

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