3 Reasons Why What You Manifest Isn’t Showing Up, and What to Do About It

You know you are a Creatrix.

You have desires. There are big goals you want to hit and powerful visions you want to bring into this world.

Except, after all the self-work, the visualizations and the gratitude lists, what you desire just isn’t showing up.

Or, you are getting crickets.

Here are three common reasons why your results are hit or miss, and what to do about it.

  1. Go for the Vision

There’s certainly nothing wrong with goals.

However, just working with goals alone doesn’t provide enough emotional charge to carry us through challenges that will inevitably arise in this journey.

If you find yourself losing momentum on your goals, it could be that it’s time for you to go for the bigger fish – your vision.

  • A vision is not a milestone outside of us we are chasing after.
  • A vision is generated from a higher and more deeply connected place within.
  • A vision speaks to who we are, resonates on a soul level, and is the WHY we are doing what we choose to do.
  • A vision initiates a powerful internal journey for us to step into the persons we are destined to become, and embody our highest level.

One way you can generate a deeply meaningful vision is to bypass all the mental noise, and connect with your heart.

Take a few deep and expansive breaths, tune into your heart space, then ask,

  • “What do I truly desire (in life, business, income, relationship, health, etc)?”
  • “If I could create anything, and others’ opinions and money don’t matter at all, what do I really want?
  • “WHY is this important to me?”

A vision feels elevating, purposeful, and exciting; with a hint of fear of “can I really do this” mixed in. 

If it triggers a little uncertainty, know that a vision is meant for you to step outside of your comfort zone, embrace your sacred destiny, and say yes to the innate wisdom, gifts and talents that already exist within.

Truth bomb: if it doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.

  1. Cut the Overwhelm with a System of Intention

We’ve all experienced this.

We return from a Vipassana retreat or ayahuasca journey feeling reborn and ready to take on the world, then find ourselves gradually getting sucked back into old patterns, resulting in confusion and overwhelm.

In order to manifest anything you don’t currently have in your physical reality, you are required to shift to a different way of being by creating a lasting internal change to think, speak, feel, and act from a higher level of consciousness.

However, as human beings with monkey minds that are constantly repeating stories from the past, it’s easy for us to get stuck in yesterday’s rut.

Having a system in place allows you to stay connected with your vision, start each day with an intention, and have the positive habits to bring you back into alignment whenever you get sucked into old patterns (my clients receive a done-for-you customized daily system that help them upgrade their entire inner operating system in order to quantum leap).

There is no right or wrong way to create this system, and it can be something as simple as starting each day with an intention.

I begin and end each day with a meditation, in addition to sacred journaling and mantras.

The purpose of creating a system is for you to always be aware of where you are internally, and what you are broadcasting to the universe.

Pick and choose the habits that work for you, and remember they must feel good to you, and are sustainable so you can do this daily.

  1. Don’t Hustle, flow

We’ve been conditioned to hustle and plow our way through obstacles.

The energy of hustling is very different from being in the flow of life. You need the latter to consistently create what you desire with ease and grace without feeling like you are running on a hamster wheel.

It’s no secret that having a positive mindset is not enough, you must couple self-belief with aligned action to bridge vision and reality.

Action is absolutely crucial in manifestation work, as just working with spiritual tools while neglecting the physical does not create results, a mistake many spiritual entrepreneurs make.

However, taking action isn’t equivalent to blind doing. Manifesting like a Creatrix invites you to step into your highest level frequency, become aware of the opportunities in your life, and take aligned actions.

When you clarify and commit to your vision, you are also simultaneously activating your most powerful partner in crime – the universe (Divine, God, Spirit, etc.), to co-create with you.

The universe then orchestrates itself around your vision by sending you inspirations like “hire this mentor to help you,” or, “here’s an opportunity coming your way.”

Ultimately, all manifestations are co-creations between us and the universe. Our end of the bargain is to stay open, allow the guidance to come through, and say yes to and act on it. We meet the universe halfway by taking aligned actions.

An aligned action can feel exciting, but most likely, it trigger old fears and a ton of resistance because it is outside of your comfort zone.

Most people mistaken resistance for “this isn’t the right action,” and talk themselves out of taking that crucial action that is the ONLY way to lead to the physical manifestation. – this is why having aligned support from someone who’s already walked this path is crucial.

Is it time for you to remember how to access your deepest power, own your impact, and turn on your magic?

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