4 Essentials on Creating a Successful Coaching Business I Wish I knew

If you’re a service entrepreneur – coach, mentor, practitioner, or transformational leader, chances are, you care about finding the quickest and most aligned way to achieve success.

It doesn’t matter what your definition of success is: reaching 6 or 7 figures, creating a conscious community of innovators, or enjoying a freedom laptop lifestyle. It is whatever you deem to be worthy and fulfilling to you.

As a mentor for women service entrepreneurs with the focus on business, wealth, and feminine leadership, I am someone who has made just about every “mistake” in my business.

I put quotation marks around the word mistake as I do not believe in errors or failures. Learning the hard way has proven to be tremendously powerful when I am helping clients identify and transform lifelong blind spots that are sabotaging their income and growth.

However, I know how frustrating it is to be a driven and passionate woman service entrepreneur who KNOWS she is here to birth big things in this world, but can’t seem to find a way. I was that woman.

These are the 4 essentials I would have told my past self.

  1. MASTER Wealth Identity

No one can build a successful coaching (or any) business without mastering wealth consciousness.

A business without money isn’t a business, it’s an expensive and draining hobby.

Money touches just about everything in this life. Almost everything in this life involves a financial transaction directly or indirectly. Yet money is one of the most misunderstood energies in our world.

Most people have been living their entire lives with a tremendous amount of negative, limiting, or fearful conditioning around money.

  • “Money is the root of all evils.”
  • “Only greedy jerks want more money. I am spiritual, therefore I shouldn’t ask for money.”
  • “Making money is hard.”
  • “It’s all about internal richness.”

Sound familiar?

AND…just because we receive that coaching, healing, yoga teacher, or NLP certification doesn’t automatically erase all the negative conditioning until we actively reprogram our mindset, consciousness, and frequency around the collective unconscious money drama.

The first step in making consistent income in your coaching business is to master your wealth consciousness, and for most women, healing and upgrading their relationship with money. This is one of the key elements in Brilliance and Bank, my 8-week 1:1 coaching with women entrepreneurs.

The truth is, your currently income has everything to do this – your sense of identity about who you are and what money is in the context of your business.

If you haven’t genuinely built a positive and empowering relationship with money, chances are, the money is either not consistently coming in, or you’ve hit an income ceiling.

Money is the type of energy that will get your attention, one way or another.

Over the years with every service entrepreneur I’ve mentored, it boils down to this:

An income upgrade always calls for an identity upgrade.

  1. Leverage Your Most Important Asset

It took me quite some time to shift from a middleclass mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset.

The middleclass mindset says: I am trading time for money.

The business model based on that mindset is the traditional pay per session model. It most likely looks like this:

Low fees, an overfilled calendar, uncommitted clients, and an overwhelmed coach who has no time for herself or family, and isn’t making ends meet.

This isn’t to make this business model or the middleclass mindset bad or wrong.

But, there are two problems when it comes to not understanding just how priceless your time is:

  1. Not investing in the necessary support to help you minimize years of trial and error, and get to where you need to go faster. Essentially, you are losing revenue, LOTS of it.
  2. Undercharging and over-delivering. You’re exhausted, you don’t have money to do the things you want to do, you may even secretly resent your clients because you seem to be attracting those who don’t value your expertise and time, or the ones who demand discounts and free advice, all the while hating your business for being a giant black hole that keeps sucking energy out of you.

The lack of understanding of the value of your time is tied to the lack of understanding of what money truly is.

When you do not understand the relationship between the two, you are actually missing out on the most important gift you are here to deliver to your clients.

It isn’t your expertise.

Your most important gift to your clients is this – helping them collapse timelines so they don’t have to spend years of their time trying this and that aimlessly, and living in struggle and frustration!

Of course, if you’re still stuck in that mindset called “I’d rather hold onto my savings and figure it all out on my own no matter how long it’ll take me because I am not willing to invest in help,” it is unlikely your clients are actually receiving the essence of your soul level work…for the simple reason that what we coach to our clients must be CONGRUENT with who we are being.

The good news is, all of these are easily fixable.

When I made these internal and external shifts, I literally went from 0 to 18K in 30 days, with 10k being cash. And client results shot up the roof.

  1. Understand the 80/20 Rule to Success

If you’re like me, you probably have at least a dozen of trainings and certifications under your belt.

I’ll also admit that in the past, I went out of my way to be an expert in everything mostly out of the need to mask my own insecurities, but I am grateful I have them even if it meant I took the much longer route.

During the first two years of my business, I’d tweak my site copy and program descriptions every two days in an attempt to get them to be “perfect.” I also hunted after that magical system (funnel, upsell, downsell, etc.) that’d miraculous bring my business to 6 figures.

It’s funny to look back and see the hundreds of hours I wasted on polishing up the external because I was under the naïve belief that if I had no clients, it meant I didn’t have a good enough website so if I changed the font from 12 to 14, I’d run a profitable business!

Eventually, I was forced to face what I denied for years – the number of the certifications and the polished photos meant very little when it comes to the number on my bank account – meaning, I couldn’t convert my talents or frequently-changed-webcopy-for-no-reason into sales or income.

As if the universe wanted to humor me more, there was one year when my site was down for a month. But since I was already mastering the internal at the time, I quadrupled my income that month from having one page with a blurry photo, and three lines of description!

These are the internal mechanisms which constitute 80% of success:

  • An activated success mindset.
  • An upgraded wealth identity and money relationship.
  • A consciousness rooted in wholeness.
  • A brand that is aligned with your unique  expression and gifts, that delivers your highest level work (rather than what “everyone else is doing”).
  • An understanding of the energetics of creation and co-creation with Source.
  • A willingness to step into your leadership.
  • A solid spiritual foundation and system where it is safe for you to quantum leap.

You’ve probably heard me say this:

Your business is the vision, and you are the container.

You must become a large enough container to hold this vision (without unconsciously freaking out which leads to actions that sabotage your own success) in order for it to be realized in physical form, and not just sit in your head thinking “how nice it’d be when I can finally…”

  1. Let Go of “I Can Do It Alone” and “I Already Know This.”

Years ago, one of my mentors said to me (and my triggers at the time),

“If you could do it alone, if you knew this, you would have had results already. Since the results aren’t here, then you don’t know.”

Of course, prior to that, I convinced myself I knew plenty.

After all, I was trained in four different schools of coaching, in addition to hypnosis, past life regression, spiritual awakening (I was personally coached by several prominant spiritual teachers in this world, one of them being Neale Donald Walsh – author of the famous Conversations with God series), quantum healing (as a Reiki master teacher and chakra expert), manifestation teachings, mind and body integration methods, etc.

Plus, I have a Masters in education and psychology!

I also downloaded all the free PDFs and webinars from just about every successful mentor I followed. I had a folder of freebies and courses the size of an elephant.

I wanted to prove them wrong. I wanted to be that ONE self-made case.

20k in debt and endless tears later, I realized this,

  • No one is self-made.
  • Talents and “more time spent on trying different things while hoping to hit the magic formula” don’t convert to dollars. Certification programs and one more healing journey don’t prepare you for “real life” entrepreneurship.
  • Most entrepreneurs have no idea what challenges they’d be facing and how to overcome them, until they face them. Although most of us unconsciously choose to learn the hard way because we keep thinking we are exception to the rule, it doesn’t have to be so!
  • I “wasted” far more money (approximately $800k in revenue) in trying to figure everything out on my own during those frustrating years, not to mention the time, energy, stress, self-doubt, tears, and frequent meltdowns, burnouts, and “almost-quits.” I was an inch away from getting a job.
  • The commitment I make in investing in higher-level mentors IS the commitment I make for my business and vision.

Bottom line?

Dreams are free, but success isn’t. It is an energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial investment that is meant to take you outside of your comfort zone.

Whether you are aware of this or not, your highest business vision is DESIGNED to push you to leap beyond what you believed to be possible – tis the soul contract you are here to fulfill.

In doing so, and in creating that business where an overflow of money is consistently pouring in and your soulmate clients are deeply committed to their transformation, while you are enjoying the finer things in life, baking and traveling with your family, and just waking up feeling grateful to be living a life of freedom on your terms…

  • You embody your highest original frequency – wholeness. As a healer and spiritual teacher for years in the past, healing isn’t to fix any of your problems; that’s a happy byproduct. The definition of healing is returning to wholeness (the truth of who you are), and wholeness encompasses wealth frequency.
  • You awaken to just how benevolent and miraculous the universe really is – everything and everyone that shows up in your reality is mirroring back to you who you are being so you can continue to course-correct and upgrade yourself.
  • You learn to surrender deeper – beyond your fears and perceived limitations, and into your highest possibilities.
  • You become self-expressed and self-actualized in who you came to be, which is the actual purpose of this existence – full, unapologetic, unfiltered, bold, and illuminated self-expression and self-actualization in the process of physically creating your highest vision (that’s the spiritual teacher in me speaking).

I also know this to be true:

The universe always provides for those who have the courage to show up.

In fact, the universe divinely orchestrates every moving piece (people, events, encounters, etc.) around your most committed vision and frequency.

You only need to say yes, and command this vision to birthed through you so you can become its vessel.


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