5 Things I did to Go from 0 to Multiple 5-Fig Months

1. I stopped giving a damn about what people think or say about me. 
I stopped asking for permission to show up and take up space.
I say what I came here to say.
Too often, I see brilliant visionaries and leaders shrinking from delivering their message and taking a stand due to fear of judgement.
This greatly impacts your online marketing and positioning, because…
Your cashflow is directly tied to how much you are broadcasting from your zone of genius. Unapologetically.
2. I dialed in my audience and results with laser clarity so I can focus on using my expertise to support the right clients, and not try to be everything for everyone.
I realized my methodology works best for experienced coaches and experts who are already generating some monthly income, and are looking to scale fast by elevating their offers, prices, and sales.
Clarity in audience, their pain, and what results we deliver are crucial elements that 10 out of 10 of my clients need help with, so they can quickly level up to $10K – $30K months.
3. I shifted the focus of my business to what my ideal audience really need and what their pain is, and created high level offers that help them bridge the gap. 
All my clients require support in this area. This is the difference between a $500 offer, and a $5K offer.
4. I raised my standards, and what I tolerate and not tolerate in myself and clients. 
Excuses? Procrastination? Lack mentality?  Working with those who want results but don’t want to do the work or invest?
All my clients learn to raise their standards, and operate from clarity of who they are for, who they are not for, and what price points they are accepting.
5. Building genuine relationships and community by co-creating.
I am yet to meet a 6/7/8 figure earner who’s built a profitable business on their own, or by sending a FB biz page to get likes from people they friend without any effort to connect.
While it’s a romantic notion to believe just passion and self-expression alone are enough to reach 6-figures and beyond.
A successful business exists so we can use our expertise to help others live better lives. And, our marketing and offers MUST reflect that.
This is service.
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