I am Juliet Tang. I am here to show you how to illuminate your highest potential, and create the fulfillment and impact you desire in your life and business. 

Juliet is a business mentor and consciousness activator.

She brings years of high end multi-million dollar NYC real estate sales experience, as well as her extensive trainings in business and online marketing (working with multiple 7-figure mentors who are mentees of Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Scott Oldford, David Neagle, etc.) into helping her clients scale their online businesses.

Juliet has invested over $100K in her personal learning, professional trainings, and mentorship with global entrepreneurs, thought leaders and metaphysical teachers in the past few years. 

What makes her work unique is her background in energy healing, shamanic medicine, hypnosis, past life regression, archetypal embodiment practices, as well as her femininie/embodiment-based approach to business and leadership.

As a grounded intuitive and high level strategist, part of her genius is in SEEING the unique brilliance, gifts and soul’s path in her clients in addition to their expertise, as well as helping them transform what is currently blocking them from creating the life and business they desire - whether it is unconscious money stories, self-sabotaging habits, or loopholes in their business model and online marketing strategies.

Her unique Vision Embodiment System is a combination of business and online marketing strategies, quantum methods, embodiment practices, and consciousness expansion techniques.

Juliet’s has dedicated over 18 years in personal development with an MA in education, and BA in psychology. 

Her work has been featured extensively on different platforms such as Law of Attraction Magazine, Kelly Brogan's Vital Mind Reset, The Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, Wake Up World, etc. 

Abraham Maslow said,

"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life."

I couldn’t agree more. 

For conscious entrepreneurs, without income, there is no impact.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed and supported coaches and experts who WANT MORE.

These transformational leaders are passionate about their callings. They feel they’ve been put on earth for a grander purpose – to not only create the lifestyles that allow them to thrive on every level, but also contribute to the healing of our world.

But...they are not making bank. They reach is limited. They're barely getting by, let alone amplify their impact.

As an entrepreneur, I know just how powerful of a tool money is, as it is involved in almost every experience in our lives directly or indirectly. 

I never want a visionary to say to me, “I can’t make that choice my heart yearns to make because I don’t have the money.”

The truth is, I was that woman.

I was that woman who quit her 9-5 with little savings in her bank account except for a higher calling, gave it all to make it work because she knew she was here to change lives. 

But no matter how many healing sessions I went to, online programs I studied, or personal development books I read, it just wasn't happening.

The panic sank in when I hit 18k in debt.

By then, I was already trained in multiple schools of coaching methods, in addition to hypnosis, vibrational medicine, etc. I was also working intimately with plant medicine, channeling teachings from my shamanic journeys.

The irony was, I felt there was so much brilliance within me, yet none translated to physical wealth.

I was working long exhausting hours while secretly comparing myself to other successful coaches online, wondering what it was that I was missing.

The months and years I spent in my dark night of the soul birthed a new awareness in me – wealth stems from within.

It is a consciousness we must first awaken to, and embody before we can physically create it in our lives.

That level of inner mastery, combined with business strategies, allowed me to go very quickly to 0 to $30K months.

This realization also led to the creation of my methodology – The Vision Embodiment System™, a proven methodology I use to empower entrepreneurs to quantum leap in income.

What I am most passionate about this work is, while my clients are upleveling their businesses and income doing the work they love, they are simultaneously emerging as illuminated powerhouses our world desperately needs. 

To me, the true gold is seeing my clients stepping into their bigness, and carrying out the impact they are destined to have on this planet.

Our income is a powerful amplifier.

It mirrors back to us our current sense of identity, values, and beliefs about our self-worth.

I’ve seen this again and again, when entrepreneurs reclaim their wholeness, worth and genius, and give themselves permission to fully stand in their power and place this world, their income uplevels as a result of that. 

It is my mission to help you unleash your highest potential personally, professionally, spiritually, and financially.

What am I obsessed about?

Co-creation with conscious individuals and communities, nature, hot yoga, beauty and luxury, gluten free and vegan desserts, psilocybin, traveling to Central and South America, kickboxing, swimming in the ocean, and golden retrievers.


  • My Unique Brilliance is I evoke the highest version of Who We Be.
  • I am an expert in igniting powerful transformation in clients' vision and business.
  • I am a stand for conscious entrepreneurs amplifying their impact through unleashing their brilliance. 
  • I powerfully innovate conscious entrepreneurs to become wealthy in mission, bank, and legacy.

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