I am Juliet Tang. I am here to show you how to illuminate your highest potential, and create the fulfillment and impact you desire in your life and business. 

Hi Queen! I am so glad you found your way here! 

You are absolutely in the right place, if you are an ambitious and high performing woman entrepreneur - a coach, mentor, or consultant, who has decided her medicine is exactly what the world needs right now.

You aren't new to creating results.

You know how to achieve those big juicy goals you set for yourself.

Somewhere down the line, you realized operating from your usual "go go go" mode just isn't cutting it for you anymore, when it comes to having a life and business that turn you on.

You feel limited. Dried up in your creativity. And frustrated. 

I'm here to show you the feminine way of business, marketing, money, and leadership - that amplifies your magic and bank account.

You game? 

Feminine magicians require a different business framework, when it comes to growing and scaling.

Over the years, I've heard these over and over when it comes to women's offers and message:

  • "I'm afraid I'll sound like an imposter, so I won't even bother posting that."
  • "I have so many creative ideas and don't know how to implement all of them."
  • "How can I work with...if I myself haven't even...?"

And these are the women who have already purchased the manifestation courses, hired the drill sergeant coaches, and done the 50-60 hour weeks.

The truth is, the common entrepreneurial business framework doesn't honor the feminine energetics, creative desire, and body.

For one, the "mind over body model" doesn't work well for many core feminine beings, as our body WANTS to receive more with ease, once it learns to release the distortions and open up its channels.

Also, the feminine body operates from a different hormone cycle, with its highs and lows, which means pushing ourselves to work harder is counterintuitive.

How I support visionary women to get to $10, $20K, or $30K months:

Part of the magic of magnetizing ideal clients and easeful cashflow has to do with energetics. As in, the level of frequency we are opearting from. Some refer to this as self-mastery. 

The other part, is the aligned framework and strategies we choose to work with. The right structure supports, rather than limits the expansion of our business and soul-level desires. 

When our desire to birth a creation (high end offer, collaborative project, etc.) is anchored by the aligned masculine framework and strategies, we exude a drunken essence like fine wine and weave our magic.

This is when we become magnetic in our offer, message, and sales. 

THIS...requires sacred inner union. 

AND...unity is my game.  

For a very long time, I was stuck in the hustling space hunting after one more hack or formula to get to my next level.

While I was able to create results for myself, I was also exhausted and experienced constant burnouts. I secretly resented my business (which obviously repelled more money and higher level clients from coming in). 

At a certainly point, I realized...something needed to change.

I decided to revamp everything, bringing in my years of experience in energy medicine, shamanic work, psychology, feminine/masculine dynamics, and embodiment practices into business, marketing, and sales.

My offer and marketing began to feel pleasurable and intuitive, rather than dried up. 

When we allow high level strategies and frameworks to amplify our genius, there is ultimate congruence in Who We Be and what we do. 

Just like that, Sovereign Wealth™ - my unique methodology that combines both energetics and sales to take entrepreneurs to 6-figures and beyond, was birthed. 

Truthfully, it gets to be easy, if we allow ourselves to burn some serious rules.

It gets to be easy, when we build our businesses around our body's rhythm and feminine creativity, that honor both our ambition, as well as Eros.

Are you ready for this dance?

What am I obsessed about?

Co-creation with other conscious and ambitious leaders, nature, hot yoga, beauty and luxury, gluten free and vegan desserts, plant medicine, Central and South America, kickboxing, swimming in the ocean, and golden retrievers.


  • My Unique Brilliance is I evoke the highest version of Who We Be.
  • I am an expert in igniting powerful transformation in clients' vision and business.
  • I am a stand for conscious entrepreneurs amplifying their impact through unleashing their brilliance. 
  • I powerfully innovate conscious entrepreneurs to become wealthy in mission, bank, and legacy.
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