I am Juliet Tang. I am here to show you how to illuminate your highest potential, and create the fulfillment and impact you desire in your life and business. 

Juliet Tang is a feminine business coach for conscious and ambitious women service-based entrepreneurs – coaches, consultants, holistic doctors, therapists, practitioners, healers, and transformational leaders.

She is the “go to” for those women entrepreneurs who not only want it all in lifestyle and income, but also are fiercely committed to embodying their highest selves, and are passionate about leaving their lasting impact in humanity.

While Juliet is a grounded entrepreneur and Chief Energy Officer of two businesses living in New York City, she is also a born channel and high priestess who works intimately with plant medicine.

Her mission is to combine soul and strategy to help women unlock their highest potentials. 

Juliet’s has dedicated over 17 years in personal development with an MA in education, and BA in psychology. Her unique Vision Embodiment Coaching System is derived from a wide variety of coach trainings including business and money coaching, transformational coaching, and quantum life coaching.

In addition, her methods incorporate multidimensional key elements from vibrational medicine (as a Reiki Master Teacher), hypnosis and past life regression, archetypal embodiment, ascension, wealth psychology, feminine leadership, and channeled teachings from her shamanic work. She was a master energy healing and spiritual teacher for C-level executives. 

Juliet's work has been featured extensively on different platforms such as Law of Attraction Magazine, Kelly Brogan's Vital Mind Reset, The Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, Wake Up World, etc. 

The Dalai Lama once said,

"The world will be saved by Western women."

I couldn’t agree more, except I’d love to substitute the word “Western” with “empowered” – empowered physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and sexually.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed and supported many women coaches, healers, and leaders who are awakening to their deeper desires and innate potentials.

These women are passionate about their callings. They feel they’ve been put on earth for a grander purpose – to not only create the lifestyles that allow them to thrive on every level, but also contribute to the healing of our world.

As an entrepreneur, I know just how powerful of a tool money is, as it is involved in almost every experience in our lives directly or indirectly. 

I never want a woman to say to me, “I can’t make that choice my heart yearns to make because I don’t have the money.”

The truth is, I was that woman.

I was that woman who quit her 9-5 with little savings in her bank account except for a higher calling, gave it all to make it work because she knew she was here to change lives. But no matter how many healing sessions I went to, online programs I studied, or personal development books I read, it just wasn't happening.

The panic sank in when I hit 18k in debt.

By then, I was already trained in multiple schools of coaching methods, in addition to hypnosis, vibrational medicine, etc. I did extensive self-work around spiritual awakening and empowerment. I was also working intimately with plant medicine, channeling teachings from my shamanic journeys.

The irony was, I felt there was so much brilliance within me, yet none translated to physical abundance. I was working long exhausting hours while secretly comparing myself to other successful women online, wondering what it was that I was missing.

I’ve received this over and over in my ayahuasca ceremonies:

The soul medicine we are here to serve the world is the very medicine we are here to master.

The months and years I spent in my dark night of the soul birthed a new awareness in me – wealth stems from within. It is a consciousness we must first awaken to, and embody before we can physically create it in our lives.

Through my personal wealth awakening and continuous investment in higher level mentors (averaging $50k annually) I was able to heal the deepest parts in me that were out of alignment; namely, my beliefs around worth, my sense of identity, my boundaries, my relationship with the masculine, as well as how much I allowed myself to be filled up by life.

I realized I can teach business and wealth as an ascension and empowerment practice, and this breakthrough completely transformed my Being, business, and bank account.

This realization also led to the creation of my unique coaching system – The Vision Embodiment System, as the missing link that I use to empower women entrepreneurs in creating their highest visions and possibilities.

What I am most passionate about this work is, while my clients are upleveling their businesses and income doing the work they love, they are simultaneously emerging as radiant and illuminated feminine powerhouses our world desperately needs. 

These women are the shakers and movers of our world – radiant, powerful, sensual, wealthy, intuitive, and deeply connected with their purposes and contribution. A new earth is being birthed through them. 

To me, the true gold is seeing the women they are becoming, and the impact they are having on our planet.

For heart-led women entrepreneurs, our income is a powerful (and sometimes brutal) mirror that reflects back to us our current sense of identity, values, and beliefs about our self-worth; a lot of those pieces remain unconscious until we learn to reprogram our minds, consciousness and energy which then leads to a different set of aligned actions and results.

I’ve seen this again and again, when a woman reclaims her wholeness, worth and soul genius, and gives herself permission to fully stand in her power and take her place in this world, her income uplevels as a result of that. 

It is my passion to take you on journey of reclamation - a reclamation of your highest self. And it is through this reclamation that you unleash your highest potential personally, professionally, spiritually, and financially.

Who am I obsessed about?

Global awakening, Amazon rainforest, supporting the rise of the Divine Feminine, psilocybin mushrooms, hiking, co-creating with conscious visionary leaders, beauty and luxury, gluten free and vegan desserts, kickboxing, swimming in the ocean, and golden retrievers.


  • My Unique Brilliance is I evoke divinity and feminine power.
  • I am an expert at empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to bridge their soul’s purpose with real life success.
  • I am a stand for women taking 100% ownership of their destinies.
  • I powerfully innovate conscious women entrepreneurs to alchemize their unique brilliance into transformational impact, feminine leadership, and legacies of love.

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