Sometimes, what you've spent your entire life looking for, is right in front of you the whole time. 

The alpha male or female identity has gotten you the success you always wanted, but you are ready to go deeper.

Something's missing - love that stirs your soul, greater freedom, spontaneity, adventure, deep personal connection with God, bliss that lasts after that ayahuasca ceremony, and the spark of excitement that makes you so grateful to be alive. 

Your want MORE:

Of course more can be more wealth, more success, more affluence, and more impact.

But your spirit knows the next level MORE for your personal and professional life, is an inner heart-opening journey of home coming. 

The rest...achievement, money, and opportunities, are just the happy side effects. 

If you're new to my world, I am Juliet Tang.

I spent years mentoring men and women leaders and entrepreneurs to create more: more mastery, more success, more money, more luxury, more turn on, more mystical experience, etc. I operated from the belief I am the ultimate creator of my life. I played God as a high performer in the personal and spiritual development space. 

My thirst for more mastery of life took me from investing $50K per year in coaches and healers, to drinking the shaman's brew of ayahuasca in South America where I experienced myself as one with the cosmos. 

Despite the frequent breakthroughs I had, something was always missing. The fulfillment I got from glorification of big goals, success, and experiences was never sustainable, which created an insatiable hole inside of me that constantly demanded more - another psychedelic journey, another conference or retreat, etc.

In 2019, the journey of healing my relationship with my inner masculine brought me home to Jesus and the Father. 

My body, mind and spirit went through a humbling purification process, which also resulted in miraculous healing of several conditions, including chronic asthma. 

There is deeper love and intimacy in my relationship, my revenue has gone up, and there is a level of freedom and creativity in my work that I've never had before, even when I was into biohacking and microdosing.  

I realized, I'd been trying too hard. All of us have been trying to hard.

We all desire more happiness, love, money, influence, etc. They are simply side effects of us LIVING IN GOD'S TRUTH, and being, doing, and creating from restored spiritual wholeness within us. There's simply zero need to manipulate, hustle, or run our bodies to the ground in order to "manifest more."

We aren't here to play God. We are sons and daughters of the Creator, and when we live in His kingdom and keep our eyes on Him, what we receive is always 1000 times more glorious than what our little minds can come up with.

I believe our world is in dire need of a different type of leadership, that goes beyond "you're the master of your reality."

Next-level leadership transcends leading from just mindset mastery and personal will, and places us in the hands of Divine.

Living from the ability to give and receive deep love from the heart, walking in humbleness in God's truth, operating from wholeness and inner union, and creating profit and impact from being of service that can benefit millions, is the revolution we bring to our communities and planet.   

If this is speaking to your heart, I invite you to book a call with me.

My work combines masculine and feminine polarity integration mentorship which is key to a fulfilling intimate relationship/marriage, personal leadership, energy mastery, Father wound healing, and support for you to reconnect with God.

After years of trying too hard, I want to show you this:

It can be easy. And blissful. 

Juliet's Background:

Masculine + Feminine polarity integration/Hieros Gamos

Healing the masculine

Spiritual mentorship based off of the word of God

Archetypal embodiment

Business and marketing 

Wealth psychology

Quantum transformation 

Psychedelic integration 


Holy Fire Reiki master teacher

BA in Psychology

MA in Education

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