I am Juliet Tang. I am here to show you how to illuminate your highest potential, and create the fulfillment and impact you desire in your life and business. 

Dear Creatrix, I am so glad you found your way here! 

Perhaps pushing, hustling and competing like a man has gotten you to the success.

Yet it's also depleted your life force, and disconnected you from God and your turn on.

You desire what you desire - RECEIVING, rather than chasing after the fulfillment of your big goals, while honoring your feminine body and time for yourself.

And, your golden standard calls for you to serve your highest level medicine - you want to see your genius amplified and received by your community and by the world.

Your definition of MORE is:

MORE God. More genius. More wealth. More health. More union. More grace. And more embodied Eros.

Without forcing. Without inorganic formulas. 

You are a woman CEO who is ready to be LED into easeful co-creation, by Masculine Divine.

If you're new to my world, I am Juliet Tang.

My medicine covers many aspects of what matter the most:

God and our relationship with all things masculine, feminine wealth, and decoding and liberating from the multiple layers of Matrix programming. 

I help women receive bigger without tripling their workload.

My magic involves supporting them to restore an original co-creative template, liberate from the matrix, and reunify with their masculine to receive more, in both group and 1:1. 

For a very long time, I associated money and success with long workdays and burnouts.

While I was able to create some results for myself, I was also exhausted. Somehow, those formulas that supposedly have helped others create 7 figure businesses felt like squeezing into shoes that cut my feet, leaving me bleeding and drained. 

Perhaps on some level, I believed being feminine meant being weak and passive, and the only way to succeed is to force our feminine body and mind to act masculine. 

The constant burnouts led me down a different path. 

In 2019, I entered the most significant love relationship of my life. I was initiated into healing my relationship with my masculine, and found my way into sacred union with him, and with God the Father.

My revenue more than tripled in less than a year. I began sleeping better and having more energy, rather than feeling like I was burned out all the time. "Manifestations," a word I seldom use, became so effortless that I ditched all my daily practices such as journaling positive outcomes and affirmations. 

Everything in my life began to take on a softened glow - with more inspiration, pleasure, discernment, and creativity. 

The same process has helped clients triple their income, heal their past relationships, come home to God, call in soulmates, etc. 

I believe every woman deserves to feel radiant, open, and embodied in her body.

She deserves to be provided for by Masculine Divine, without needing to choose between her health and wealth.

She deserves to operate from what has long been distorted in our reality - the original Hieros Gamos co-creative template.

A woman's relationship with her Masculine is the most important relationship in her life, regardless of whether she has a partner. 

This is a profound initiation into our womenhood, that our society does not offer.

Being an open, sensual, wealthy, and radiant vessel for God, and lover Queen to her King.

This is the medicine I am passionate about serving. 

Juliet's Background:

Masculine/Feminine polarity consciousness

Hieros Gamos code carrier

Archetypal embodiment

Business and marketing coach

Wealth psychology and archetypes coach

Quantum transformation coach

Psychedelic integration coach


Holistic health coach

Holy Fire Reiki master teacher

BA in Psychology

MA in Education

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