I never thought I’d work with psychedelic plants.

But if you're here, then you know what it’s like to burn all the rules and defy gravity.

I never thought I’d work with psychedelics.

But if you’re here, then you know what it’s like to burn all the rules and defy gravity.

Many years ago, my rock-bottom became my salvation...

One morning on my way to my soul-sucking job, I was staring at the blank expressions on the commuters holding onto their coffee on the subway in Time Square, and thought to myself in complete misery,

"Is this it? Is this my life? WHY am I here?"

I wasn't ungrateful as I had a stable 6-figure job, and lived a conventional lifestyle because that was all I knew. 

Growing up, I was taught to...

Go to college. Take out a loan. Go for your your masters. Get a job. Live your American dream. Collect your pension. Retire in Florida...

I was empty. I knew this wasn't the life I was born to live. I so badly wanted to experience more meaning, whatever that meant. 

I had a feeling there was more to life, but had no idea where to start looking. 

During those ten long years, I felt like a purposeless drone drifting through life. Relationships were unfulfilling, often downright distressful. I experienced constant anxiety and dissatisfaction without knowing what was wrong.

Later on during my spiritual awakening, I realized I unconsciously chose to remain stuck because I was terrified if I left my safety zone, I’d end up broke and possibly homeless. 

Ironically, my comfort zone was also the mental cage I desperately wanted to break free from.

Lesson # 1: Awakening Initiation- Until we awaken, we will always be playing the game of life based on what we think we should do, rather than what we truly want to do. 

My life was like the empty wine glass from those Saturday night go-outs.

As I desperately asked for help, the answer came as an invitation to work with a healer.

One week later, as I stepped into her crystal-filled healing space on the Upper West Side, I prayed to whoever and whatever was listening,

"Please God, just show me the way. I'll do whatever it takes."

I went with one intention only - to break free from the imprisonment I was in. 

I received exactly what I needed without knowing what it was at the time - a one way ticket to a spiritual awakening that completely shattered my world and existing paradigm.

Two months later, I took a giant leap of faith and handed in my resignation notice with a few thousands in the bank, and no backup plan.

On my last day at the job, I was shaking with both fear and excitement while obsessively repeating the song "One Day More" from Les Miserables in my head.

I had zero idea how I was going to make a living, yet my heart knew this was the best decision I've made in my life.

The miracle of life is, you never know where it leads you if you say yes, but it always takes you to exactly where you need to go.

It was my first lesson of trusting enough to jump without knowing whether I'd fly, or crash. 

For the next few months, I went through the most intense ego death that felt like a roller coaster ride. As I let go of each layer of mental and emotional conditioning, it became clear to me my path was to liberate others.

Lesson # 2: Power of Choice - Each choice we make sets profound consequences in motion. Each of us has the power to alter our course by making the next most aligned choice. That power comes from choosing from the soul rather than the mind.

Reiki Master Training - With William Rand in Upstate, NY

Over the next several years, I invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and financial resources to train with global leading experts in energy medicine, hypnosis and past life regression, spiritual growth, leadership and manifestation work, and transformational coaching. I also have been coached and mentored by some of the best in the industry. 

Combined with my background in psychology and teaching, I opened my private practice in Midtown Manhattan. I facilitated 1:1 and group transformation, and taught those who were ready to become healers a holistic energy system called Reiki. 

The road of entrepreneurship is a bumpy one.

I've put training and coaching on credit cards. I've faced and released a ton of mental limitations I didn't even know I had. I had to confront the little voice called "but what if I attract too much attention to myself" to give myself permission over and over to be fully self-expressed. 

But with each layer I peel off, I grow, I become, and I embody. The invaluable experiences have given me the tools I need to pass onto my clients so they can step into the most glorious versions of who they are. 

One day, my soul expansion led me to plant medicine...

Lesson # 3: Expansion and Alignment - The only way to create what we want is to first expand and upgrade our consciousness. Once we do so, previously hidden possibilities reveal themselves to us, resulting in the creation of different and upgraded outcomes. 

When I drank my first cup of ayahuasca, within one night, my entire universe shifted.

First light on the Andes - After a night of Creation, death and rebirth in Colombia

The plant spirit had awakened yet another dimension inside of me, the one that is deeply connected with my highest vision in this lifetime.

The interesting thing is, I had no intention to ever drink ayahuasca, I didn't even know what it was. A life coach I worked with casually mentioned it to me, and my first reaction was, "I'm never doing this."

But I knew to trust life, and to always say yes to its invitations. 

It is often said that we do not find teacher plants, they find us. One evening, I found myself sitting in a heavily saged maloka thousands of miles away from home surrounded by shamans serving that much revered and dreaded (foul tasting) cup of tea. 

Within one night, I finally understood...I understood everything I was teaching and coaching for those years. I experienced it all. 

The veil of reality lifted. All separation dissolved into One Energy. Past and future merged into an eternal moment of NOW.

At dawn, as I was standing on the mountain greeting the first light, waves of love and Oneness that no human words could possibly describe coursed through my veins like electricity. I opened my arms wide and took it all in. 

Death, rebirth, love, life, human, God, everythingness, nothingness, Creation, Oneness...each of us is the same Source folding and unfolding, expressing and experiencing ourselves as the eternal and infinite All There Is.

In multiple ceremonies since the first experience, plant spirits have shown me how intricately intertwined my destiny is with the destinies of the healing plants, of the awakened leaders that are called to collaborate with me, and of the rising of global consciousness.

Lesson # 4. Conscious Reality Creation - We are creators and creatrixes who have the power to activate and manifest the highest possibilities in our lives through first owning our worth, truth, and wholeness within. 

I have been shown some of the biggest WHY's in this life...

WHY I had gone through the years of struggle and "playing small."

WHY I have received certain gifts, tools, and encounters.

All and all, WHY my soul has chosen to be here, and what it desires to EXPERIENCE and LIVE through me that not only serves my highest good, but also the highest good of all.

I've also been shown how after working with something as powerful as psychedelic plants, most people struggle with making sense of their newly expanded awareness.

Upon coming back, they have difficulty integrating into "real life." Most of all, they do not have the support and tools to make necessary changes to let go of what's not working for them, and create the love, fulfillment, abundance and impact they want in their lives.

One day in Ceremony, Divine asked me,

"Are you ready? Are you ready to serve in a bigger way? Are you ready to channel the teachings you receive so those who are ready can awaken to the truth of who they are?"

I said YES.

Lesson #5: Soul Purpose and Potential: Each of us is born with a unique soul purpose, and a set of gifts to not only create an epic life for ourselves, but also be of greater service so that we can contribute to the collective awakening. 

The joy of being myself

I used to have a list of all my certifications and credentials on my site.

One day, I decided to let them go. 

Each of us is an expression of Divine. How can we truly define "me" when "we" are infinite?

Some of the elements of my work include: integration, embodiment and success creation coaching, transformational and business mentoring, hypnosis, past life regression,  archetype work, intuitive reading, channeling, energy healing...

My four primary archetypes that are shown to me again and again in my ceremonies are: shaman, high priestess, teacher and healer.

I paint (oil on canvas). I love medicine songs, classical ballet and Broadway shows. I enjoy being in the jungle by the ocean. I thrive being among those who are conscious and connected with their purpose and visions. I can't get enough of golden retrievers and coconut water fresh out of coconuts. I am humbled by pachamama that supports us unconditionally. I am inspired by the human spirit, and our courage to love no matter what.  

In the end, if I were to boil down the essence of what I have chosen to be in this lifetime...I am a channel.

I channel the universal truth from Divine so others can remember who they are, and channel their unique expressions and desires in this lifetime.

Lesson #6: Desire Redefined- The world has a disempowered relationship with desire. Desire, in the end, is the evolutionary urge within for us to become fully expressed versions of the who we are born to be. 

Over the years, I took all the tools and practices I've successfully used with clients, and applied to supporting heart-centered creators, visionaries and leaders who desire to ignite their highest possibilities. 

After years of supporting men and women in 6 countries and counting in awakening and personal transformation, I developed my own Vision Embodiment System™ and mentoring methods. This is the core framework of my Private Coaching and Mentorship.

The three pillars of my system are:

  • Alignment - The True You is this - a MAGNIFICENT expression of an infinite creative energy that contains every possibility. The fulfillment you desire is first activated from WITHIN. As a result of working with me, you will be ANCHORED in your wholeness, truth and sovereignty. This is the foundation for living an aligned life.
  • Purpose - Each of us has chosen to come into this life with a unique purpose that not only serves our highest good, but also the earth and humanity. Get clear on your WHY, your PURPOSE and your GIFTS. Receive clarity, strategies and guidance to follow your passion to lead from the heart, and create deeper fulfillment and impact.  
  • Manifestation - You are born with a powerful SOUL BLUEPRINT for success. But you've also been conditioned to believe desires, self-expression and channeling your brilliance are bad. Receive both the physical land spiritual support to redefine success, and learn to unleash your vision and authentic desires with joy and ease.

If you are seeking to apply the wisdom you've received from your psychedelic journey to “real life” and continue your transformation  – I invite you to access my 4 Day "How to Upgrade Your Life After Your Psychedelic Awakening" Audio Course, it’s my gift to you. 


  • My mission is to evoke the soul rememberance in heart-led and motivated men and women who feel they have a higher purpose in this life.
  • My expertise is in taking my clients beyond "just healing and integration" to embody their power, wholeness and purpose within, so that they can intentionally create fulfillment in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.
  • I take a powerful stand for conscious expansion, and raising global awareness through the wisdom of plant medicine.
  • I believe each of us is destined for greatness. Each of us has come into this lifetime as a key to contribute to the healing and shifting of the collective. We activate our greatness by the choice of always saying yes to embody our fullest potential. 

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