An Embodied Way to Market and Sell During Uncertain Times

With emotions and hysteria flying high, this is a challenging time for all, entrepreneurs included, to focus on their businesses and sales.

These are the tips I’ve been giving to clients.

1. The Zen Master Mindset:

There’s a lot of talk about fear being the virus and enemy.

The truth about fear is, fear has no meaning. It’s neither good nor bad.

This isn’t bypassing, but the way our mind works is that, it is continuously assigning meaning to everything, filtered by our own belief systems which are part of the unconscious mind.

This means, each of us interprets the collective reality differently, based on our past conditioning.

Most people can not discern what is the individual reality, and what is the collective reality. They are plugged into other people’s reactions and timelines.

Decisions made from fear and panic (rushing to create a course to sell, pivoting to a completely different niche that you aren’t certain of, etc.) are poor decisions.

Poor decisions lead to poor circumstances.

The Zen Master observes what is around her/him, and responds, rather than reacts.

This doesn’t mean to stay passive and do nothing, but to act from alignment rather than panic.

Some tips on staying centered: meditation, breathwork, exercise, turning off the news, etc.

2. The Feminine Body:

Regardless of whether you are woman or man, the body is feminine.

A stressed out nervous system not only lowers the immune system, but also REPELS money.

Energetic and physical boundaries are important now, more than ever.

– Seeing posts that are gloom and doom? Unfriend/unfollow/block.

– News is giving you nightmares? Turn it off.

– Eating snacks that you usually only reserve for Christmas? Double down on fruits and veggies.

– Being stuck in front of the computer or on Zoom calls for hours? Exercise in your living room.

Establish whatever habits and boundaries you need to take care of your body, and relax your nervous system.

Our bodies determine how much money we can hold and receive.

Understanding how to open up its energetic channels is an integral part of business and money that most business strategists do not teach.

3. The Creative Consciousness:

The highest level offers and the most magnetic marketing from visionary coaches, mentors and transformational leaders do not come from constriction and scarcity, but inspiration and expansion.

If you’re still reading this, you probably know the difference between chasing after clients and money vs. magnetizing large cashflows into your field with ease.

I’ve been helping clients tweaking and repacking their offers, rather than completely pivoting.

We’ve also been working on positioning and messaging in a way that allows them to speak to their ideal clients, those who are ready to take action now.

If you have an amazing offer you’d love to sell now, adding your personal touch when you reach out to prospective clients coming from a place of care is more important than ever.

Here’s how to do it:

Make a list of 30 people, including your past clients, and reach out to them with a personalized message, with a genuine intention to connect (this has to be felt in the body).

Find out how they are doing, ask questions, and if you feel there is space for your offer, bring it up to see whether they are curious to learn more.

As uncertain as this time is for all of us, entrepreneurs are known to be problem solvers.

The key to continue to thrive in your business now, is to not just operate from the mind (have been saying this for years), but also to bring the awareness of your body and energy systems into it.

Ultimately, the transformational space is going through its own transformation, at this pivotal time in human history.

We are bridging two paradigms.

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur who is looking to stabilize your online business by mastering your energy and strategies during this time, join our free Facebook Group HERE.

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