Awakened Leaders, Don’t Check Out

Awakened leaders…DON’T CHECK OUT. The world needs you.

This is common in plant medicine/spiritual community.

You awaken to your non-dualistic nature.

You become aware of this thing called mind that tells stories, and those stories have been dictating your self-image, choices, relationships, money, career/business, and everything in your life.

You realize your former life was built on other people’s expectations, beliefs, and priorities. You associated your worth with money, achievement, and status.

You convince yourself you must bypass this body, the human emotions, this moment, and this life – in an attempt to hold onto the inner peace you’re finally feeling, perhaps for the first time.

You taste Nirvana – and believe the non-dualistic and “accepting life as is” state is the ultimate destination in this life.

It can be.

But there’s more…for those who dare to venture out, and CHOOSE.

I’ve been there briefly years ago, the bypassing of the body and material living, so I know what it’s like.

My awakening occurred organically way before psychedelics.

I’m grateful that by the time I began working with psychedelics, I was already doing very similar work I’m doing today – empowering leaders to create their highest visions in this life.

Psychedelics, just like “spirituality” (a term I use loosely as it isn’t a thing, it’s more of an awakened state of consciousness), is NEVER meant to replace life.

If we only came to earth to bypass this human life, we wouldn’t have chosen to be here. Staying as the formless creative substance in the realm of the absolute would be more than enough.

Instead, we each CHOSE to be here and experience this world of polarity.

We CHOSE to take on a body, this thing called mind, and a set of collective programming so we could truly EXPERIENCE our infinite creative nature in the realm of duality, through CONTRAST.

It is true that there is no purpose or meaning in this life.

As a physical expression of an infinite creative energy, we have the power to CREATE PURPOSE AND MEANING.

Hint: this is the most powerful gift of us being here! To create!!

Living in a reality where what’s external is a projection of the internal, it means…

If you believe life is full of suffering, you will create exactly that for yourself.

If you believe you need to go from ceremony to ceremony every weekend because you have more to heal, you will create exactly that for yourself.

If you believe we are powerless to influence and co-create with the Field, and our entire existence is about lying down and taking it in the form of “acceptance,” you will create exactly that for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this, and there is ZERO judgment here. It isn’t anyone’s job to tell you how to live your life.

However, I want to share with you that we are born with the freedom to create our own realities, based on our CHOSEN PERSPECTIVES.

If you give yourself permission to feel into your heart, and…

Feel the beats.

Feel the love for this human experience.

Feel the expansion.

Feel that creative force within.

Feel the highest wisdom that is urging you to fully self-express, love, inspire, lead, and contribute.

You may just realize that there’s more to life than healing one more wound, suppressing one more desire, and bypassing one more human aspect.

I firmly believe our highest creative level calls for us to serve and uplift humanity. Each of us has come with unique gifts and talents to shift our current global paradigm, and make the world a more conscious place for all beings involved, and earth mother herself.

In fact, I channeled these messages from a psilocybin ceremony which you can read HERE.

With, or without “spirituality.”With, or without psychedelics.

There are no crutches in life. You are your own POWER SOURCE, period. You are what you’ve been looking for all along.

Yes, this existence is an experience of impermanence, some say a lucid dream.

So, given nothing is permanent, what do you want to make of the time that you are here?

A long time ago in a session with my mentor, after I spent about an hour telling her about how difficult my transformation seemed at the time, she said to me, ​

“Juliet, you do remember that this life is meant to be fun, right?”

I laughed.

As the dream, dreamer and everyone/everything in this dream, you get to CHOOSE how you dream and what you dream.

You activate your highest level, creation, and impact through CHOICE.

Your then allow yourself to…

Be fully anchored in this body as an embodied creator, enjoy self-expression, playfulness, and sheer beauty of this human existence.

Honor your innate SOUL NATURE – this desire of wanting to be more, experience more, and create more. This includes (and goes beyond) money, material goods, and experiences. Honestly, the world can benefit so much more from your wealth consciousness than your lack consciousness. Make your 7 figures and 8 figures if you desire so, and have fun with the process!

Have a bigger vision in life, step into your zone of genius, be intentionally ambitious and purpose driven, and leave your blazing trail behind.

Be of service, share your gifts, and contribute and lead with your heart. Give yourself permission to fully express your genius and inspire others to do the same!

Spirit and material existence are NOT mutually exclusive. Spirit has no way of experiencing itself without its contrast – which is being in this material world, and enjoying a bit of human messiness. 

I AM HERE FOR YOU. And it is my vision to lead you to your highest…

I’ve revamped my 8-week program with a divinely upgraded and aligned curriculum.

The Embodied Conscious Creator one on one coaching intensive is an intimate, cosmic, multidimensional and expansive experience coupled with real world strategies and action steps designed for you to quantum leap. Half of the curriculum has been given to me in a visionary state.

You will tap into your soul’s wisdom, your cellular memories, your self-mastery, as well as the energetic blueprint of the person you are destined to be, aka. your potential.

This is for conscious and motivated entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and creators who work with psychedelics for personal, business and spiritual expansion, and desire to expand personally and professionally – guided by their soul vision.

Those who desire to create their own versions of success and fulfillment IN ALIGNMENT with the higher wisdom within.

Those who are called to evoke and embody both the feminine and masculine creative energies of their multidimensional nature, become MORE, and create MORE not only for themselves, but also for their communities and the world.This is the NEXT LEVEL integration, embodiment and co-creation I deliver.

It is my passion to help you activate your magic, wholeness, and power.

It’s time for you to bridge vision and reality from the place of wholeness and expansion, from the union of body, mind and spirit, feminine and masculine, in service to your highest chosen purpose.

Find out more details about this offering HERE, it is the first program from the top.


There used to be a time when “spirituality” was all about chanting and meditating in the mountains, and people glorified being detached from the body and “mundane” matters of the world.

For me and many others, the global shift is DEMANDING us to show up more fully and powerfully as the next level conscious leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs of the new paradigm to OWN OUR IMPACT, and LEAD.

Don’t just enlighten. ENLIVEN.

LIVE as the glorious version of who you came to earth to be.

If these words strongly resonate with you, and you see yourself receiving this high-level and high-impact support, go HERE to explore whether The Embodied Conscious Creator 8-Week Intensive is exactly what you need to go to your next highest level and CREATE your life from this space.

Much Love,

Juliet Tang

Coach for heart-led and driven entrepreneurs, leaders, creators and conscious business owners

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