Ayahuasca and Conscious Leadership — 3 Missing Lessons from Your School Curriculum

I was a school teacher for a decade.

I witnessed, and at times, unconsciously participated in just about every disempowering programming that goes into educating the youth until my own awakening occurred.

A child’s mind is in a constant state of hypnosis until cognitive processes are fully developed around age ten.

Unfortunately at our world’s current level of consciousness, the education system teaches messages centered around fear, lack, disempowerment, conformity, competition, as well as conditional self-worth.

When I woke up from the Matrix, I resigned within two months, and began pursuing my calling as an energy healer, hypnotist and spiritual life coach in my private practice in Midtown Manhattan. My work became empowering those who were in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to heal childhood programming, create meaning, and pursue their higher callings in life.

When ayahuasca came into my life years ago, it took what I knew and practiced at the time to a whole new level.

As an eternal student of life with an intense hunger to evolve, expand and transform cosmic teachings into everyday wisdom not only for myself, but also those I coach, I felt I hit the jack pot with this highly intelligent and advanced healing technology gifted by nature.

There is ample literature on ayahuasca’s healing ability online. Much of my work these days focuses on taking my clients further in their integration journeys to leadership and conscious reality creation, so I’m inspired to share how I use the lessons from the vine of the soul to apply to conscious leadership.

Lesson #1. There’s No One Outside of the Self

“There is no fixed physical reality, no single perception of the world, just numerous ways of interpreting world views as dictated by one’s nervous system and the specific environment of our planetary existence.” — Deepak Chopra

For many, the word leadership evokes the image of someone speaking on a stage and inspiring others.

True leadership, or conscious leadership as shown to me in my ayahuasca ceremonies begins, and ends with the self.

Ayahuasca, or any psychedelic plant is more than eager to show us this — the biggest illusion in this life is the illusion of separation; that is, we believe there are causes outside of our own state of consciousness.

The truth is, life doesn’t happen to us. It happens through us.

How we see others and how they respond to us has everything to do with what we are generating internally. What’s internal is our perception which consists of our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and emotions created from past experiences.

In addition, our brains are wired to continually look for evidence to validate our current set of beliefs, and dismiss those that don’t confirm our beliefs.

True leadership calls for self-mastery.

As conscious leaders who are devoted to inspiring our communities, our first commitment must be to our own personal, professional and spiritual growth.

For me, ever since plant medicine has entered my life, it means to go that extra mile daily to commit to my inner work to shed any perceived limitation in my thinking whether it is self-sabotaging patterns or fear of self-expression. I made the conscious shift to teach less, and embody more because after all, we can only lead by example.

Lesson #2. Be the Cause, and Do It with Intention

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge, both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” — Napoleon Hill

It’s easy for leaders to create movements fighting the wrongdoings in this world. When many of my clients first begin coaching with me, they come with a strong desire of wanting to “save the world” after having been awakened by ayahuasca or other psychedelic plants.

Is the state of our world today in dire need of change? Absolutely, but not in the way many think.

Of course, it’s terribly easy to notice everything that is wrong with the collective these days. One only needs to shout a command to Alexa to invite in a stream of global problems from government corruption to religious conflicts.

On the surface, it may look like an economic problem, religious problem, or environmental problem, but in the end, it all boils down to the only thing there is — a consciousness problem.

Ayahuasca dissolves all layers of separation to let us know this — if we can elevate our collective consciousness and come from the place of Oneness which is our ultimate truth, together as a species, we’d make very different choices that can lead to drastically different outcomes. As always, the only way to elevate collective consciousness is through elevating the individual consciousness.

One of the harder lessons ayahuasca has given me is the lesson on amplification and mindfulness which I have elaborated in my post published on Wake Up World. In a world where energy alchemizes into matter, what we focus on manifests, so mindfully and intentionally choosing what we focus on determines the businesses and impact we create.

Conscious leadership for the new paradigm invites us to take a powerful stand for expanding global consciousness, and creating and leading from the highest truth and wisdom within.

Rather than fighting corruption, a conscious leader embodies integrity.

Rather than condemning separation, a conscious leader stands in Oneness.

Rather than resisting darkness, a conscious leader radiates light.

On the outside, perhaps nothing we do changes. But what causes the shift is who we are Being, and the energy behind our Beingness that we bring into what we do, what we create, and how we lead.

Lesson # 3. Life Is a Dance Between the Divine Feminine and Masculine

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.” — Carl Jung

The systems in our world have been primarily built on the energy of the shadow masculine highlighting competition, control, lack, judgment and rigidity.

Many modern day movements aim to suppress the shadow which is an incomplete picture because we live in a universe of polarity. Where there is up, there is down. Where there is light, there is dark. Ayahuasca is a master teacher that shows us how to embrace and see through the shadows.

The cycle of life is an eternal and intricate dance between yin and yang, and feminine and masculine. No one aspect of Being is more important than the other which also means…rather than suppressing the shadow, a conscious leader leads by embodying the divine feminine and masculine within.

Traditionally, the mind is seen as more masculine and the heart more feminine. The mind has definitely earned a bad rap thanks to the various misinterpretations of many spiritual teachings that condemn the ego.

I spent years looking to denounce the mind until I realized the mind is always going to be here, and there is a more inclusive and conscious way to create which comes from choosing to work with our multidimensional nature.

Knowing when to use the mind to execute, and when to listen to the heart for guidance is an art that involves vulnerability, trust and openness. Of course, grandmother ayahuasca generously shares these lessons with all those who come across her path.

Conscious leaders for the new paradigm embrace all aspects of our being with the knowing that we can always choose from the higher power.

Rather than leading by force, we give ourselves permission to open up and share our journeys, and celebrate our own successes as well as failures knowing when we grant ourselves permission to be the fullest expressions of who we are, we are liberating all those that come into contact with us.

Not surprisingly, this has led to the creation of the widely used term “heart-centered leader” in this day and age.

As we allow ourselves to surrender to the wisdom of our hearts and souls, it is my vision that more in this world will choose to redefine success and leadership in ways that honor conscious collaboration and empowerment for all.

Some say we don’t need anything to access the wisdom within, and that is accurate. As Consciousness, we are already whole, complete and perfect.

However, most of us will also agree that radical changes are needed to shift our planetary consciousness so all can claim their birthright of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Sacred plant medicine from Gaia that has birthed and nurtured us is eager to assist in humanity in this mass awakening so we can transition to the next stage of our evolution.

It is my choice to collaborate with plant teachers, and with those who have heard the call to contribute in ways that are aligned with our highest purpose and truth within. Not all will understand this path, and it hasn’t been an easy choice as I’ve been tested more times than I could remember. But in the end, we must all continue to give ourselves permission to say yes to what our souls have chosen in this life, knowing our highest purpose here on this planet is to serve.

How are you embodying your conscious leadership? What does that mean to you? Find me on Instagram and let me know!


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