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A FREE 4-Day Audio Course “How to Upgrade Your Life After Your Psychedelic Awakening” with POWERFUL TRAININGS offering you tips for bringing the insights into your personal, professional and spiritual life ($200 in Value), plus 2 bonuses.

The 4 Audio Trainings Focus On:

  • Mastering Transformation – Change is uncomfortable? Slipping back to old ways? Find out what transformation really is, and what to do next to make it last.
  • Navigating Relationships – Here's how to shift the toxic or draining relationships that are in your life after your psychedelic experience.
  • Wisdom for Work and Wealth – Find out why many feel the desire to leave or transform their work after the awakening, and what psychedelics can teach you about wealth consciousness and creation.
  • Soul Purpose and Spiritual Expansion – Learn more about your soul's urge to shift, expand, and step into your higher purpose and potential in this life. 

Hi there, I’m Juliet Tang - creatrix, priestess, intuitive, coach and entrepreneur. I support heart-centered transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and business owners in embodying wisdom from their psychedelic journeys and higher selves into their personal, business and spiritual expansion.

By the time I drank my first cup of ayahuasca, I had already spent several years empowering my clients to navigate their spiritual awakening, and create more joy, fulfillment and alignment in their lives.

After my first ayahuasca retreat, I realized the immense power of plant medicine and its ability to instantly expand our consciousness.

But even more importantly, I realized there was a great need to help others integrate and embody this rapid internal shift so that they can step into their highest power, purpose and potential.

A psychedelic experience can be exceptionally powerful. However, most people don’t have the necessary strategies, expert support and guidance to use that knowledge to upgrade their personal lives and businesses.

I've seen this over and over: once the bliss fades, people get sucked back into the old patterns and blockages, resulting in frustration, overwhelm and stagnancy. 

As a result, they end up spending more time, money and energy going to more ceremonies, hoping to chase after the high without first doing the internal work. 

This Realization Changed Everything

Over the years, my priority has been to expand my own consciousness so I can help others fulfill their highest visions. I invest about $40k annually into personal and professional growth with the intention to empower my clients to take the necessary steps to make sustainable changes, and create desired and aligned results in their lives and businesses. 

When plant medicine came into my life, the spirits revealed to me my highest destiny in this life - to use my existing knowledge and experience to help others in upgrading their personal, spiritual and professional lives after plant medicine.

Every powerful leader and creator I’ve encountered has one thing in common... they take action from this one powerful knowing:

WE ARE THE CAUSE. The journey of awakening and soul remembrance allows us to restore power where it belongs – the Self.

From here on, you get to DECIDE what you desire to create in this life, as well as the impact you have in this world.

What is your NEXT MOST ALIGNED STEP in embodying your greatness and potential?

I give consent to use this information to send me additional emails as described in your Privacy Policy.

What Others Are Saying

I love all your videos and advice you bring back from your ayahuasca ceremonies. Thank you for being a part of my life's journey. Thank you for helping raise the earth's consciousness. 

Horatio // California

Juliet’s messages are structured beautifully so each builds on top of one another. Her sage advice only added to my increase in trusting the universe and myself.

Allie G // NYC