Beauty As a Form of Worship

When I was 17, I was enrolled in a famous fashion institute in NYC, believing my life’s dream was to design the most stunning dresses for women so they could look and feel beautiful.

God has obviously had other plans for me. But today, it is still part of my devotion to help women unveil their beauty.

Beauty is a much misunderstood and bastardized concept in our world. It is both internal and external. It is an appearance, a quality, an embodiment, and an experience. I find it impossible to describe feminine traits without placing beauty as an essential one.

My understanding of beauty deepened when I began exploring masculine/feminine dynamics, and eased into living from a perpetual frequency of being the beloved bride to a King – our most intimate Masculine counterpart.

No one can deny that a woman in love emanates the most captivating glow. Her gaze is soft. Her heart is open. And she is an inviting, vulnerable, and tender piece of moving art.

I remember there was this moment during my last group call with women. By then, they were deep in learning to know Him and love Him, having shedded some of the doubt and past hurt they carried around men in their hearts all their lives. I paused and thought to myself,

“You are so beautiful.”

I’ve often contemplated that moment when Eve was created by our Creator, the archetype of the first feminine being in this universe – lover and companion for the first man Adam.

I’ve taken myself back to that moment, wondering what was going on in the minds of all those who were present, watching in awe and admiration, when God finished the last touch on His final masterpiece during Adam’s deep slumber.

And it’s come to me over and over:

“You are so beautiful.”

The woman is created to offer love, and to be loved, admired, and cherished. But so many of us have forgotten this and have settled for living a mundane, beauty-less and loveless life. We let our work, our past wounds, our accomplishments, and the armor we put on ourselves dictate our womanhood and how we express it.

Lately, I’ve been called to visit my childhood memories a lot. I remember when I was a little girl, my dad often brought me pearls from his trips.

He said to me, “I want my little girl to look beautiful.”

If our imperfect human fathers want to adorn their little girls with jewels, just how deeply delighting is it to our Father God to showcase His lovely daughters as His beauty incarnate?

Bringing beauty to the world is a part of the original design for a woman. We are His love note, His poetry, and a way for Him to romance all His creations.

This is why we all yearn to be in love. To gaze at the sunset. To feel the gentle ocean waves on our bodies. To take long afternoon strolls in gardens. To listen to the rain. This is Him, romancing us and whispering to us,

“Isn’t my creation beautiful?”

I pray this is a reminder for every woman who reads these words to have the courage to bring a unique beauty to this world, that is unique to her.

There is a beauty in you that the world desperately needs. And you are the only one who can unveil it. But you must find it in you first.

How would you life transform, if you used beauty as a form of worship?

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