Restoration from Our Fall from Grace

The victim-perpetrator-savior program, in addition to many other programs, softwares, archetypes, implants, and holograms, are designed and implemented within our matrix for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual enslavement.

The Bridge Archetype

The Bridge Archetype is a rare archetype that is here to bridge the polarities in this world.

The Prostitute’s Shadow

Energy leaks are detrimental to our health, pleasure, and money. And, operating from the prostitute archetype’s shadow greatly impacts our business and income.

Women’s Awakening – How to Reclaim Your Creatrix Self and Magnetism

Our ability to allow ourselves to shine from the inside out, and hold this light, is the KEY in our self-image, our relationships, our sexuality, our self-expression, our physical and emotional health, our businesses or careers, our financial freedom, our leadership, our sacred service, and our legacy of love.

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