Calling All Visionaries

For the visionaries who are here to bridge worlds, trying to be normal feels like death to us.
Just the other day, this was shared with me by one of my mentors.
And, the breakthrough was immense. I began seeing where I was hiding, that I didn’t even know I was hiding.
I’ve always seen our highest level mentors as way more than “high ticket” coaches or strategists who teach us the next level sales and mindset.
They are mirrors that reflect back to us who we are becoming, when our genius is unapologetically unleashed.
I’m encountering more and more visionaries who are born bridges.
Part of our mission is to destroy the old ways by merging worlds that are deemed separate by society.
Spirit. Business. Impact. Money. Energy. Strategy. Ancient prophecies. New earth. 
Birthing visions and thoughts into form requires a high level of detachment and discipline.
Because we need to evolve quickly past our own creations, and at times destroy them, in order not to feel boxed in.
During the early years of my business, I remember always feeling unseen because I simply couldn’t fit into the conventional “laptop freedom lifestyle” coaching industry.
I’ve also never identified with the term coach, even though this is one of the skilllsets I’ve received training in multiple times.
There have been times that I absolutely had to kill a certain version of my business even when there was profit. Because it felt suffocating.
As I’m meeting more and more visionaries who are born bridges, I find we often reject our medicine because it is “too different” or “too much for people.”
We don’t fit into either world entirely – the purely spiritual, or the purely business. 
We often have mastery in more than one domain, because we’ve had to learn what it’s like to play in that domain before birthing a new version of it.
People see us as rebels, leaders, catalysts or activators. Yet we want to run away from all those identities.
When we try to dim our genius and play by others’ rules, even if we create extraordinary success and income, there’s a part of us that will always feel unexpressed.
And…we’ll be tempted to destroy that version of our businesses and ourselves until we come into the next level alignment.
Destruction and creation. Death and rebirth. Invention and reinvention. This is the gift we are here to anchor on this planet. 
  • When we have given ourselves the permission slip to just BE That, this is also when our highest level clients show up.
  • When we truly embody this, our work and us become the physical vessels for a new thought, wanting to be birthed on earth.
None of us can build a successful business on our own. No one who is serious about making an impact should attempt it – it’s a non-negotiable.
For these visionaries, it is even more crucial for us to be mentored by those who who can SEE and GET our magic, even when we secretly and unconsciously reject that part of us.
Otherwise, our creative genius will die in a box of other people’s “proven systems.”
To my visionaries who truly *get* this post, I am calling you!
Be willing to lose it all, in order to gain the universe.
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