Mindset and Transformation

Don’t Hate the “Spiritual” High Achiever

Spirit is WHOLENESS – wholeness encompasses the frequencies of perfection, grace, appreciation, love, gratitude, abundance, and radiance. If you create your personal and professional results from this state, aka. your Highest Self, there is no room for scarcity, fear, hate, competition, greed, jealousy or poverty – unless it is your choice.

How to Override Self-Doubt and Step into Your Next Level Greatness

Are you frustrated because self-doubt is crippling you from achieving your big goals and the type of success you desire in your personal, professional and spiritual life? One of the most common struggles that shows up for my clients who know they are meant to unleash their greatness is…self-doubt.

Awakened Leaders, Don’t Check Out

It is common for a spiritual awakening, whether from plant medicine or meditation, to lead many to a state of complete passivity and “accept life as is.” So, is there more to life? Do we have the power to create our own realities?

Why Your Future Is Determined By Your Willingness to Let Go

Have you ever said to yourself, “I will only let go of that only when the conditions are right?” In truth, this is a very common ego trap many fall for. We refuse to let go of something that no longer serves us even when it is blocking us from our growth, success, and happiness.

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