Activation Call


It is no coincidence that you have been guided here. I celebrate your willingness to embody the next highest version of you.

Here are the steps:

Please take a few moments to answer all the questions with mindfulness and heart (from your desktop is ideal).

Take a few minutes to ground your energy, and shift into the future version of you – the YOU who is already living her/his deepest desires, fulfillment, and vision. Your honest answers will allow me to get a much better sense of who and where you are.

Know that all information you share is treated with sacred confidentiality. It is ONLY between you and me. 

If I feel we will be a great fit, I will reach out within 48 business hours to schedule a free 30-minute conversation via Skype or Zoom video.

Much Love,

Juliet Tang

Coach and Mentor for conscious and driven visionary leaders who are willing to JOURNEY BEYOND

Full Name:
Your City and Country
Skype ID:
Links to your site and social media (website, personal FB account, and Instagram) if applicable.
Tell me more about you!
What is your current business or professional role, who do you serve, and what is your mastery?
Where do you want to be 6 months from now? What aspirations or experiences do you want to see fulfilled in your personal, professional and/or spiritual life? WHY is this important to you?
What specifically are you interested in gaining from mentoring with Juliet? What do you believe having these outcomes will do for you?
What’s the #1 obstacle you feel has been holding you back from creating these outcomes on your own?
On a scale of 1-10, how important is it for you to transform that obstacle?
What have you already invested in (mentors, programs, modalities, etc.) to resolve this obstacle? What worked and didn't work?
Are you ready and willing to invest in yourself and your success (4 figures), with empowerment payment option available?
Do you need to consult anyone (partner, family, etc.) before making a decision in investing in a mentoring relationship?
I only work with clients who are fully committed and are ready to go all in to take charge of their lives. How driven and committed are you, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and financially in your up-level? With 1 being "not really," and 10 being "I'm fully in NOW."
Almost there!
Are you currently working with a coach/mentor right now? If so, what is the commitment?
What is your experience working with psychedelics, plant medicine, and/or microdose? Please answer N/A if you do not work with them.
If accepted, how soon are you ready to start?
How did you hear about Juliet? What about her messages/style are you drawn to?

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