This 6-week course is here to walk you to:

  • Develop a personal relationship with the masculine principle - So that you release lifelong feminine wounding, deepen into union, and reconnect with the Father.
  • Learn to receive in faith - So that you always have clarity, and are provided for by God, without needing to force yourself to think positive all day or repeat boring affirmations.
  • Expand your body's capacity to hold more - So that you are in an organic flow of  opportunities, love, money, creativity, and grace, without putting in more work or time.
  • Become an open and radiant feminine portal - So that you source power from within, feel confident in bold self-expression, and own your sexual sovereignty. 
  • Release false spiritual teachings and practices that keep your energy in a loop - so that you ease into play, adventure, and childlike innocence as a devotional daughter to God.
  • And more.


Get crystal clear on:

  • What your skill sets, genius, experience and perspective are so you can attract your ideal clients.
  • What problem you’re great at solving, that will help people get the best results.
  • What are the hot people pay good money for.
  • And who benefits the most from your gifts.
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